Talk by former Katri prof. Samdhong Rinpoche – July 25th

Talk by former Katri prof. Samdhong Rinpoche – July 25th


We are very fortunate to have former Katri prof. Samdhong Rinpoche visit us and gave a very penetrating and scholastic talk pertaining to the propitiation of Dogyal. This was the outcome of the volley of questions posed to the speaker Mr. Penpa Tsering and Sikhong Dr. Lobsang Sengye during summer teaching. It looks increasingly apparent that many youngsters do not have the clear understanding of Dogyal propitiation and incessant problems in our society because of Dogyal connections. The most respected and learned Samdhong Rinpoche focused his delivery on those unanswered questions which left many in the cloud of mystery. Rinpoche with his vast mine of knowledge tackled these doubts and questions with historical and legal prospective and made all of us in the hall undoubtedly pristine clear and shed all our doubts. One and half hours of talk followed by another hour of question answer session was without an iota of doubt very clear and penetrating.

DSCN0996 DSCN0999 DSCN1001

Those who wish to read more please click on this link.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Advice Concerning Dolgyal (Shugden)


WORKSHOP ON COMPUTER & INTERNET SECURITY FOR SENIOR TEACHERS: 14th & 15th April  IMG_1947 Under the direction from the Education Director, Mr. Phuntsok from TCV head office conducted  the workshop on ‘computer and internet security’ for the senior teachers  for two days on 14th  & 15th April from 4:30pm -6:30pm at Old CRC. The Principal, the headmistress and the teachers took keen interest in learning how to keep computer safe from misuse and e-fraud. The workshop also highlighted on the use of internet for profession and work -related matters.

TIBET-OUR-COUNTRY: 30th APRIL Upper TCV School observed a month long Tibet-Our Country dedicated to the ‘year of gratitude to His holiness the Dalai Lama’ during which teachers and students put their best efforts to showcase to make it fun and learning experience. Students and staffs of the senior section under the guidance of the headmistress organized various programs such as

  1. Incorporation and teaching of certain portion of Lhek-shay lo-sar  ming je, Shae-Tring and Re-Dhak kyi –Tam to all the classes.
  2. PPT on Substance Abuse in Tibetan language on 29th April.
  3. Humorous Talk on 21st April.
  4. Quiz on’My Land and My People’ on 30th April.
  5. Distribution of the 13 chapters to class IX, X, XI and XII. Every Tuesday 3 students from each class presented their allotted topic during the morning assembly.
  6. Students to self –evaluate their daily action in accordance with the ’10 virtue and 16 code of ethics’ framed by the 33rd king  Songsten Gompo of Tibet. At the end of the month, respective class teachers to collect the students self-evaluated data and submit it to the headmistress’ office.
  7. Tibetan verses and Buddhism terminology   from the religious text and other sources to be displayed in the school campus.

On 30th April, all the section staff and students assembled at the Basketball ground along with  section heads and the Principal to observe the Tibet –Our –Country Programme. Mrs. Sonam Dolma ,the Education Director,  presided over the function as the chief guest. The function was also graced by the presence of Head Office dignitary. The School principal, Mr. Namdol Tashi gave the introductory speech which was followed by the presentation of section-wise report on their Tibet-our-Country. Master Tenzin Dorjee of class XII and Gule Tharchin of class XI presented a humorous talk on how our Tibetan spoken language is facing a tough challenge  in our society. The Morning program was concluded with a Sang-sol. During afternoon, senior section students visited to see the classroom displays by the junior and middle section. At 7:00 pm at the New Hall, Quiz contest was organized by the senior section on the ‘My Land &My People’ among four groups, each group consisting one student from class xi, x, xi and xii. Mrs. Sonam Dolkar, the Education Director, as the chief guest for the quiz function appalled the quiz organizer and suggested that its very important to learn not only for the participants but also for the everyone form such quiz function

Tibetan Debate on World Biodiversity Day: May 22 On May 22th 2014 which was considered as World Biodiversity Day, we whole heartily collaborated  with Tibet Policy institute under direct Kashag authority we held debate title on  “Is climate change good for Tibet? “ in the presence of Chief Secretary of DoE as chief guest with three outside judges. The team of Class XI was declared the winner.


His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave a two-day teachings on The Heart Sutra( Sherab Nyingpo) and Praise to the Intelligent One ( Manjushri Prayer gang loma) to the young Tibetans studying in TCV schools, CST Sambota and colleges in India and abroad in Dr Hermann Gmeiner Hall in the mornings, His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave teachings for more than two hours. In the afternoons, from 1 pm to 2:30 pm the participants had interaction session with highly learned venerable geshes, which proved to be an intellectual elevation for the young minds. In the afternoon session,from 3pm to 4pm  Mr Penpa Tsering, Speaker of the Central Tibetan Administration  gave effectual talk on Dorjee Shugden. It ended with good discussion with participants. The next day, On June 5, 2014 morning, at the end of His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s teaching Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay, presented documents to His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Middle Way Policy campaign and in the afternoon session from 3pm to 4pm, the participants had discussion with Sikyong about Dorjee Shugden and Middle Way Policy. On June 6,2014, His Holiness conferred the Avalokiteshvera Initiation( Chenresig wang) and it was held on the basket ball ground where maximum number of local Tibetans were also able to attend. Every one was very fortunate to have been blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Kagyur Recitation: June 11 and 12, 2014 The school organized Kagyur recitation for two days June 11 and 12, 2014 during Saka Dawa, the fourth lunar calendar of the Tibetan calendar. The saka Dawa is observed as one of the most important festivals of Tibetan Buddhist as it is very auspicious celebration of three important events in Buddha’s life-Birth, Enlightenment (Nirvana) and Death. It is believed that virtues that are collected during this month will have 1000 manifold effects. Keeping this in mind, the school arranged the Kagyur recitation program. Before the recitation, as a part of the sacred tradition of Tibetan Buddhist, Class XI students led by three Religious Instructors of the school and the student council Circumambulated the school campus carrying 101 volume of Kagyur scriptures from school temple to the Senior Section. The recitation was held in Dickey Tsering hall and in Classrooms but unlike the previous years, this year class VIII and VII students participated in Kagyur recitation along  with all students from Class XI –XII and senior staff members including some teachers from other sections took part in Kagyur recitation.  Everyone recited the Kagyur with great seriousness that the recitation was completed in one and half days. The School Cultural Committee headed by Mr. Dhondup Gyalpo, Headmaster of the Junior Section accompanied by two school cooks served the students with salt buttered tea, snacks and juices with great sense of devotion and satisfaction. The students expressed a heightened sense of blessing while reciting the Kaygur and felt it was worth attending and reciting the Holy Scriptures

DOE Resource Talk: June 26, 2014 As per the guidelines given by the Department of Education, the Upper TCV senior section organized the resource talk on 26th July 2014 in the New Hall. Mr. Kalsang Tsewang la, Guidance  Counselor of  TCV Gopalpur was invited as the resource person. The students of Class XI and XII attended the program that began at at 2.45 pm and ended at 4pm. The topics covered were career planning process and options after Commerce stream. The students interacted well with the resource person during the question answer session.

Feedback from participating students: “Yesterday’s presentation was very good. I got lot of knowledge on career. The counselor did great job in bringing awareness among those youths who do not have proper guidance towards their life. He also advised us to do well for the betterment of our life ahead. He presented the power point very well ad described clearly.” Palden Tenzin XI com A “It was wonderful that proved useful and gave meaningful ways to plan our career in the future. So I would like to thank you, Genla “ Tenzin XI C “Thank you for coming here. You gave us ideas and information about many topics like importance of having aim and career planning etc. But I felt the time went beyond the scheduled time. So the time management is very important. Otherwise we enjoyed your talk and you have good way of communication that attracts audience.” Choenyi Sangmo XII Com A. 2014 Senior Section Inter-Class English Debate-July 1 IMG_4722 IMG_4770 The Senior Section Inter-Class English Debate between Class XI and XII was held in the evening of 1 July, 2014, in the Hermann Gmeiner Hall. The School Principal, Mr. Namdol Tashi, was the Chief Guest at the event which was attended by all the students and teachers of the section. The motion under debate stated ‘That the Internet has Benefitted Society.’ The Class XII debaters were on the proposition team and the Class XI team debaters on the opposition. The debate was chaired by Master Migmar Tsering,  a student of Class XII Commerce ‘D’. The three judges for the evening were  Mr. Dhondup Gyalpo, Headmaster of Junior Section,  Mr. Lhakpa Tsering, Math teacher at the Middle Section,  and Ms. Tenzin Choezin, an alumnus of the school who was a volunteer at the Senior Section at the time. The  ‘Best Speaker’ title was bagged by Master Tenzin Thinley of Class XII Commerce ‘B’.  Master Tenzin Dhondup of Class XI Commerce ‘C’ came second, followed by Master Rabten Namgyal of Class XI Commerce ‘C’. As a team, Class XI won the debate. It was evident that the students in the audience enjoyed the arguments, and could connect with the motion which is very apt for today’s times. When the actual debate was over and the platform was open for the audience, many students from the floor came up to voice their arguments for or against the motion.

Resource Talk: June 26, 2014 As per the guidelines given by the Department of Education, the Upper TCV senior section organized the resource talk on 26th July 2014 in the New Hall. Mr. Kalsang Tsewang la, Guidance Counselor of TCV Gopalpur was invited as the resource person. The students of Class XI and XII attended the program that began at 2.45 pm and ended at 4pm. The topics covered were career planning process and options after Commerce stream. The students interacted well with the resource person during the question answer session.

Feedback from participating students: “Yesterday’s presentation was very good. I got lot of knowledge on career. The counselor did great job in bringing awareness among those youths who do not have proper guidance towards their life. He also advised us to do well for the betterment of our life ahead. He presented the power point very well ad described clearly.” Palden Tenzin XI com A “it was wonderful that proved useful  and gave meaningful ways to plan our career in the future. So I would like to thank you, Genla “ Tenzin XI C “Thank you for coming here. You gave us ideas and information about many topics like importance of having aim and career planning etc. But I felt the time went beyond the scheduled time. So the time management is very important. Otherwise we enjoyed your talk and you have good way of communication that attracts audience.” Choenyi Sangmo XII Com A.

POWER POINT PRESENTATION CONTEST- June 25 The Commerce Department conducted the Power Point Presentation Contest between Class XII and XI commerce on 25th June 2014 in the Hermann Gmeiner Hall. The contest started at 7 pm. The main objectives of this contest are mentioned below: (i)                To provide opportunity for the students to display their learning via power point presentation. (ii)              To deliver new ideas, styles and innovations in their power point presentation. (iii)            To enhance their confidence, public speaking skill, and creativity.   Eight contestants, four each from Class XII and XI were selected. The interested students turned up for the selection round in our tutorial room during long break on 12th May 2014. The topic for the presentation was declared 17th May as ‘IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON BUSINESS’All the participants have taken active part in this Power points presentation apart from being so busy with their regualar classes as well as extra classes. They tried hard to perform their best. Their confidence of facing the public has immensely improved. This presentation really turned out a very meaningful program. The participants came up with different styles, ideas and innovations in their presentation. In PPT Dechen Wangmo(4646) of class XII earned first position, followed by Tenzin Tsomo Kelsang(7802) and Tenzin Kelsang(11756) in second and third postion respectively. Overall result of this year PPT competition was seized by class XII participants. We can conclude that the audience remained very attentive, enthusiastic through the program and had gained lot of knowledge out of it. This has been indeed a very successful and fruitful presentation.

Educational Trip to Kangra Flour Mill (Class XII Commerce): June 27

On 27th June 2013, the students of Class XII commerce were taken for educational tour to Himachal flourmills Pvt. Ltd. Kangra and Norbulingka Institute. This educational tour was organized with the motive of enhancing students’ knowledge and understanding on the nature and significance of business studies textbook. It was also aimed at helping the students in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge in classroom and application of that theoretical knowledge in real life situation in business organization. The objectives of this tour are to learn the following: a) To enable the students to know the importance of management. b) To help the students to recognize the functions of management. c) To know how business enterprises survive in a competitive market. d) To classify Workload Analysis and Workforce Analysis in business enterprises e) To know the application of principles of management.   As a whole, this educational tour proved productive as well as a good learning experience to our commerce students. The knowledge and experience that they have acquired in the field will help students in preparing their business project mandated by CBSE.

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A very innovative program to encourage our children reading is organized by the Middle school on 19th June. Children were assigned to read books of their choice and are required to make a book review and at the same time share their reading material orally with their friends. This serves a duel purpose of getting into the habit of reading as reading is an essential part of language instruction at every level because it supports learning in multiple ways. Reading material is language input. By giving students a variety of materials to read, instructors provide multiple opportunities for students to absorb vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and discourse structure as they occur in authentic contexts. Students thus gain a more complete picture of the ways in which the elements of the language work together to convey meaning. Improving your reading skills will reduce unnecessary reading time and enable you to read in a more focused and selective manner. You will also be able to increase your levels of understanding and concentration.

These skills are very prominently revealed when they had their BOOK FAIR. Students are instructed to invite other students and staff to listen and interact with them. They feel very confident in explaining the gist of what they have read. Many of us listened to them and feel proud to see a big leap in their reading skills.

This would definitely be a trend setters for other educational institutions to improve our children’s reading habits.

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Summer teaching as has been christened by His Holiness is one of the most valuable and productive annual events in TCV. His Holiness has very graciously consented to give introductory teachings of Buddhism to the youngsters since 2007. From basic introduction to Buddhist teaching he delves deeper into the actual crust of Buddhism. The number of participants is snowballing every year. This year we have not only students in plus two levels from all the schools in Himachal but also about 100 students from various Sambotha and CST schools totaling about 3500 school children and students from various colleges.

With the basic introductory to the Buddhist thought and philosophy for several years, this  year His Holiness explained on the text of Wisdom of Heart Sutra which is the foundation for Buddhist thoughts. In congruence with Quantum Theory and theory of relativity Heart Sutra delves  on inter dependency and no independent existence of matter and energy. Understanding of such a philosophical thoughts generates compassionate thoughts to rid of all our sufferings that encompass us because of wrong views and misconceptions. In order to have a clear understanding of such a rich philosophical thoughts His Holiness very kindly explained on the text of “Praise of Manjushri” which generates in us intelligence and perseverance to empower us.

His Holiness expressed his strong concern on the degeneration of youngsters that distance themselves from our traditional learning of our rich language and Buddhist thoughts. The treasure that we have should not be in the shrine and monasteries but be a part of our life.

We are indeed very fortunate to receive Avalokiteshwara initiation on the third day of the teaching. In order to accommodate more people, the initiation was arranged on our main basketball ground. It was such a delightful sight to have every inch of the space being thronged with students and public.

His Holiness gave time for the students to interact with them in the question answer session. In the afternoon his teaching was further clarified by learned Geshe Las.Honorable Sikhong Dr. Lobsang Sangey and the speaker of the House Mr. Penpa Tsering were invited to give talk to the assembly of youngsters on the current misunderstanding and problem with Dogyal propitiation. Department of Information and international relations chaired by Kalon Dicki Chhoyang along with Sikhong inaugurated the official web pertaining to Middle Way and abreast the participants on the theme of Middle Way Path.

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Annual Inter-house song and dance competition is designed and conceived back in early eighties to imbibe in our children our rich cultural performing arts.  This is one of the mega events involving a vast majority of students participating and getting such a rare opportunity to learn about our performing arts. Children participate in learning and practice not only performing arts but also traditional musical instruments. The preparation of colourful performance by all the houses builds in themselves many personal qualities and traits that would otherwise not be able to unfold. Teamwork involves in them participation and contribution based on your own latent talents. Through such activities we are able to discover and surface varied talents that many individual students have that would not be possible to surface and notice had we no such massive participation. For many of our students this activity gives them a lasting emotional and confidence in their life. We have several of our former students who are in the forefront in the Tibetan musical world and all give credit to such activities in the school. To name just a few artists in our society: Pemtse, Phurbu T. Namgyal, Lodelek, Tenzin Choegyal and many more. We hope many will follow suit.


We arrange to organize cultural mega program focusing either on our traditional opera or tradition Tibetan song and dances depending on the availability of resource person from Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. This year we focused on traditional dance and songs. Each House is required to present four items: Historical dance item, Duet, Solo with background track music and an optional dance.


The grand finale was organized on Friday the 30th May and we are very happy to have Mr. Lobsang Jinpa – the chief secretary of Gaden Phodrang Office, Secretaries of Education Department, directors and principals of all our branches as our esteemed guest. The presentation by all the four houses kept all of us in the hall spell bound for over two hours. The competition was neck to neck and it could have been any body’s show.  Finally when all the marks were tallied we have TRISONG HOUSE winning 2014 inter-house song and dance competition. The chief guest presented the trophies and in appreciation of team work and involvement by so many children he declared the next day holiday and everyone applauded merrily.



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Tibet Our Country

Tibet Our Country


Tibet our country is a very rich educational program that has been started way back in early eighties in the junior school when Mr. Tsewang Migyur Khangsar was then the headmaster.  The program gained a lot of popularity because of the benefit the children get from such an innovation and project oriented field of studies. This month long program requires children to do serious research and project by class and study in depth one of the components of Tibetan culture, tradition and historical facts that is passed down from generation to generation. Tibet Our Country has spread far and wide and today it is implemented in all the TCV schools. It has picked up momentum and has become a very important part of our curriculum to align our instructional pedagogy with Educational policy.

This year we began our “Tibet Our Country” project in all our sections on the 1st of April. The theme for this year is expression of our gratitude to His Holiness.  All the classes have covered various components to make their learning experience fully personalized and have become very articulate and conversant on the topics that they have done detailed studies.


Tibet Our Country was concluded on 30th April with participation from all the children of  four sections. The chief guest for the occasion was Mrs. Sonam Dolkar Samkhar – education director. The president and all the managerial staff from the head office graced the occasion. Each section presented a brief summary report of the project and concluded with sangsol. Each section arranged exhibition of the project in their respective locations. We have senior school quiz this evening pertaining to Tibet Our Country project.

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2014 Senior school activities since school opening ceremony


The orientation program for the teachers and staff were held on 8th March at Dekyi Tsering Hall. The program was held in two sessions. During morning session at the Dekyi Tsering Hall, Mr. Ngodup Wangdu, the Village Director , addressed the teachers and staff members and briefed  them about the matters relating to the 36th TCV MDC meeting outcomes. After a short tea break, Mr. Namdol Tashi , the School Principal, briefed the staff members on the 28th TCV Education Development Committee Meeting’s resolutions. A special welcome lunch was served for the staff members which was followed by school sections’ meeting. The section meeting was chaired by the respective section heads and discussed with the teachers about proper implementation of school rules and regulations and also on the execution of school programs stated in EDC resolutions.


The school opening function was held at Dekyi Tsering hall on 9th March. Students from senior section and all the staff members of the school attended the function. The function started with one minute silent in honour of the brave Tibetan self-immolators and martyrs. Mr. Namdol Tashi , the School Principal, gave the opening address which was followed by the introduction of new staff   and committee members for 2014. Special recognition award were given to Ama Dechen Dolma of home 20  for her 40 years of selfless service and dedication to the TCV.  The ceremony was graced by Mrs. Dolma Tsering, ho’ble member of the TPIE, as the Chief Guest.  Mrs. Dolma Tsering la underlined the importance of education and ethics in the daily life of the students. Mr. Ngodup Wangud, Village Director gave a stimulating concluding speech and thanked Mrs. Dolma Tsering la  for her kind consent to be the chief guest.

TIBETAN UPRISING DAY: 10th  MARCH                                                                     

55th Tibetan Uprising Day was observed at Tsuglakhang in presence of Dr. Lobsang Sangay, the Sikyong, Mr. Penpa Tsering, the speaker of Tibetan Parliament in Exile along with many other dignitaries and supporters of the Tibet cause. Upper TCV students of class IX,X and XII along with thousands of Tibetans gathered to commemorate the day. Dr. Lobsang Sangay and Mr. Penpa Tsering addressed  the gathering on the prevailing dire situation in Tibet because of the repressive policy of the Peoples’ Republic of China and on the importance of education and its relevance to the Tibet Cause. Later that day, students, lay persons, foreign supporters, nuns and monks took part in the protest march organized by Tibetan Non- Government Organisation from Tsuglakhang to Kacheri


The much awaited School’s annual spring fete was held amid much funfair and color at Basketball ground on the 22nd March. All staff members enthusiastically and actively performed their duty at the respective stalls assigned by the Games Committee. Students, parents, ex-students, staff, local Indians and Tibetans actively enjoyed at the stalls, games and restaurant set up the different house and sections.  Senior section teachers were assigned three stalls such as pyramid, open flash and try your luck.

IMG_8111 IMG_8132


  WORLD TB DAY: 24th March

Upper TCV ‘s Health committee organised a resources person talk on 24th March at Dekyi Tsering  Hall at 7:00 pm to observe WORLD TB DAY. Students of class IX, X and XII  along with staff members of senior section attended the enlightening   talk on TB by Miss Tenzin Tseyang  from Health Department of CTA. Miss. Tenzin Tseyang’s systematic power point presentation helped students to broaden their knowledge on TB. The question-answer session at the end proved very fruitful as students actively asked questions to the resources person. Mr. Namdol Tashi, the School Principal , offered a Tibetan Traditional white scraf to Miss.Tseyang as a token of thanks for her great effort to create awareness on TB.


As an outcome of 28th TCV EDC Meeting Resolution, yoga is to be introduced in  all the TCV Schools to develop a sound physical and mental health among the students. The yoga session for the senior section is scheduled on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was due to start on 24th March but because of the rain the actual yoga practice had to commence on the 26th March.  All the students from Class IX, X and XII and the respective class teachers assembled at the basket ball ground at 6:00 am. The senior Physical Education Teacher Mr. Kalsang Phuntsok taught surya -namaskar from 6:00 am to 7:00am.  The school principal, Mr. Namdol Tashi, supervised the yoga and gave a short talk on the importance of yoga to the students.

IMG_8548 IMG_8550 IMG_8553 IMG_8562


A group of artist from Tibet theatre presented different theatre programme  highlighting on the different prevailing issues in the Tibetan society particularly on the substance abuse. Students from class X and XII led by school principal, Mr. Namdol Tashi, assembled at the Dekyi Tsering Hall. The theatre programme is based on the ‘Don’t Trust, Modern Hell, Don’t Insult and Wrong Doing’.



His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave a sermon on the ‘ Medicine Buddha’ as requested by the Tibetan Doctors Association at the Tsuglakhang. Upper TCV  students accompanied by  the home mothers and  staff members along monks, nuns, local Tibetans , foreigners and many others made their presence  to receive the blessing. On seeing the large number of students, His Holiness spoke on the ‘Introduction to Bhuddhism’ and ‘Secular Ethics’.


30th Annual Upper TCV Graduation was held at Basketball Ground on 2nd April. Students and staff from all the sections assembled at the venue led by Mr. Namdol Tashi, the principal, Mr. Ngodup Wangdu, the village director along with the section head masters and head mistress.  Miss. Tsering Dolma, chief Officer of Bir Tibetan Settlement, graciously accepted as the Chief Guest for the ceremony. Miss. Tsering Dolma spoke to the out-going students on the importance of being a responsible Tibetan and education for one’s own life and for the society. Mr. Rinchen Wangyal, the school prefects, spoke on behalf of all the out-going students .

IMG_8311 IMG_8349

 EARTH QUAKE DRILL : 4th April    

Earth quake has brought lots of devastation but it is the lack of  knowledge on safety procedure  that has killed more people. Since Dharamshala is highly prone to  earthquake, therefore school management has decided organize the earthquake drill at Basketball and football ground on 4th April. Group of  Students  gave a demo   on “Drop, Hold  and Cover” during morning assembly.  Medical teams and rescue team from each class were formed along with the team of nurse from the village health center. At 11:00 am a drum was beat for 2 minutes after which all student came out in line from their classroom covering their head. After a roll call of  each class by their respective class teachers, section headmistress gave a debriefing to the students and teachers on the drill.

IMG_8443 IMG_8485


The orientation for the class XI was held at Dekyi Tsering Hall on 7th April at 6:30 pm along with the respective subject teachers, religious and career counselor, hostel matron, warden and home mothers. A total of around 215 students reported for the orientation. The section headmistress, Mrs. Nawang Lhamo  introduced the students to the actual functioning of schools, systems and procedures of school, rules and above all she spoke them about the good manners. Mr. Losang Tenzin, the chairman of the advisory chairman, familiarized the students on the different rules and regulation.  The school principal and the village director stressed in their speech regarding the importance of hardworking and proper usage of facilities available to them. The director also advised students on the substance abuse and its devastating effect on their life.

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GeoHazards Society: Earthquake drill on 4th April




Name of the School: Tibetan Children’s Village School, Dharamsala  Cantt.

Current Contact Details

Contact Person: Principal

Tel No: 01892-221266                    Email

Address: Tibetan Chidren’s Village , Dharamsala Cantt. District Kangra H.P. India

Number of students who participated in the drill:             1899

Number of teachers who participated in the drill:              130

Time at which the drill was conducted:                                 11a.m.

Steps taken to execute the drill:

  1. The school Management Committee in its meeting set the agenda on the earthquake drill and unanimously decided to conduct the earthquake drill in class rooms. During the meeting, Mr. Ngodup Wangdu, Village Director and Mr. Namdol Tashi, School Principal gave strong directions to the section headmasters and headmistress to make this drill effective through necessary preparations. The school doctor was asked to depute a medical team for the drill.
  2. The section headmistress and headmasters assembled all the class IX and X monitors in the office for the preparation of Medical and rescue team.
  3. The teachers and students were informed about the procedures and their respective role in the drill.
  4. All the necessary arrangements were done such as making charts on precautionary measures during earthquake, making improvised stretchers, formation of rescue teams and first aid medical camp.
  5. On April 4,2014 at 11 a.m. a total of 1899 students and 130 staff members  of all sections: Senior, Middle, Junior and infant sections  took part in the drill
  6. The drill began with a drumbeat for about 2 minutes, all the students practiced Drop, Cover and Hold on under their  table in their respective class. After the drum stopped, all the students came out of their class rooms covering their heads.

Was a head count done after evacuation to safe assembly areas? Yes, they assembled in three locations: Basketball ground and football ground  where medical camps were set up by the school health Centre and the senior first aid club. Teachers and students assembled in these  locations depending upon proximity from their classroom. The class teacher incharge in eachclass  was asked to take the roll call to check if all the students had been evacuated safely.

 8 Were any other activities done after the drill? Students from each class volunteered to be a part of a rescue team and acted as injured students for the drill. The rescue team evacuated the injured persons to the medical camp where they were provided immediate basic treatment.

  1. Was debriefing done after the drill? The headmasters and headmistress thanked the teachers and students for their cooperation and also emphasized on the need to take this exercise more seriously in future for their own safety measures.
  2. Number of photographs being sent to Geohazards:
  3. Mention three things which can be improved in the drill: The entire drill was stimulating as students responded well to the drumbeat and this has helped in developing survival skills as students gained awareness about the basic survival skills.

i)                 The drill should  involve a precise plan for evacuation plan for each class inorder to avoid stampede.

ii)                Homes are more vulnerable and prone to earthquake especially at night and in the early morning. Hence creating awareness and organizing separate workshop for home mothers on earthquake Safety measures in required.

iii)                The drill should be conducted more then once particularly in the area prone to earthquake, old homes and class rooms.

DSC05118 DSC05128 DSC05133

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