International Delegations Visit TCV school Upper


8th March, 2019. A group comprised of delegations from Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Italy, Taiwan and Slovakia visited the school in the morning.

After a short campus tour, the delegation met senior students and teachers in the auditorium. The delegates were escorted by the President of TCV School. All the delegates took a few minutes to extend their good wishes and express their admiration towards rich Tibetan culture and tradition.

Every word they said was motivating and inspiring. Mrs. Lucia Nicholsova from Slovakia briefly narrated the history of her country which was very much similar to Tibet’s history. She hopefully reassured that Tibet would be free one day like Slovakia. All the delegates unanimously put across the same message in their talk, “Never Lose Hope! You are Not Alone, We are With You!”Their visit and the address sow the seed of hope in the heart of every audience.

His Eminence, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche Visits TCV Upper

22nd November, 2019: Students and staff members of TCV Upper had been blessed by His Eminence, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche’s visit on 22nd November 2019. Rinpoche is a well-known Tibetan Buddhist meditation master and best-selling author. At 10 am, the school heads received Rinpoche and his escorts and took them around for a brief campus tour.

At 11 am, students and staff members of senior section gathered at the school auditorium for Rinpoche’s audience and teaching on meditation.

Rinpoche made the act of meditation so simple and interesting for students. He began his teaching by explaining the immediate and long term benefits of meditation in our real life. Students enjoyed practicing the three simple methods of meditation and selecting the one that they like. Rinpoche reiterated the very nature of human mind, and how it could be successfully tamed through regular meditation.

The Q and A session after almost two hours of teaching paved a way to clear doubts about the meditation and simple Buddhist principles.

In the afternoon, students and teachers of junior and infant section; kindergarten to V, had separate audience of Rinpoche and rare privilege to learn and exercise the simplest approach to effective meditation and practice mindfulness. Rinpoche’s teaching on meditation for young children was extremely fun and interactive yet powerful and motivating.

Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee la, the school Director proposed a vote of thanks speech and presented a clay cup made of soil from Tibet, as a souvenir. Everyone was given a chance to pose for a group photo with Rinpoche.

Mrs. Yeshi Dolma

Children’s Day celebration

14th November, 2019: As a tribute to India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, Children’s Day is celebrated across India on his birthday; 14 November. It is indeed a much awaited day for the children in our school.The day began with the morning function at the Hermann Gmeiner Hall at 9:15 am. Students from kindergarten to class XII and staff members attended the function. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. Tenzin Tsepak la the translator of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

 Mr. Tenzin Choephel la, the infant section headmaster being the master of the ceremony, welcomed all to the function and wished all the children a very happy Children’s Day. Soon after the introductory speech by Mrs. Tenzin Kelsang la, the out-going school captains and prefects of junior and senior sections were honored with a certificate and a khata (a traditional white scarf).Geshi Ahaten la the senior tadruplopon conducted the oath taking ceremony with the newly elected prefects and captains amidst the entire gathering.

Students were thrilled to watch their teachers and staff members performing on stage to entertain them. The school captain Miss. Jetsun gave the vote of thanks speech in which she extended her gratitude to school and staff members on behalf of all students.

In the afternoon, there were two programs arranged simultaneously; a class wise mini athletics organized by junior section at the basketball ground and a movie screening in the Hermann Gmeiner Hall for students of senior section. The movie was titled ‘My son Tenzin.’ Directed and produced by Tashi Wangchuk. The hall was pin drop silent until the Q and A session in the end.

Every home has their never ending entertaining programs and special treats organized by home amalas in the evening.

Workshop on the Understanding of Learning and Behavioral Issues of Students

November 8, 2019: Special Educators from the University of Massachusetts, Professor Michael Krezmien and his specialized team from Amherst, USA were here on campus to provide a week long workshop on the understanding of Learning and Behavioral issues of students in the school. The workshop was attended by counselor sand Headmasters of TCV School located in the state of Himachal. The main objective of the program was to help teachers in identifying the students with learning difficulty and behavioral issues in their class. On the last day of their week long observation and analysis, the team met all the teachers of class VI for two hours sharing the objectives behind their visit and the findings of their observation. They shared in great detail, the possible factors that give rise to problem they have discovered with the five students selected for the case study. The school is welcomed to approach them any time regarding the follow up programs.We appreciate the Education Director of TCV for making this program possible!

School -wide Cleaning Drive organized on Gandhi Jayanti

2nd October, 2019: The school joins the nation in celebrating 150th birth anniversary of the father of  Nation, Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October by carrying out a mega Cleanliness Drive in and around campus at 9.30 am. The cleanliness campaign was joined by students above class V and all the staff members on campus. The program aims to create awareness about the importance of maintaining cleanliness at home and surrounding for a healthier and fresher environment

Workshop on Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

September 9, 2019: The teachers of TCV senior section attended a day long Workshop on ICT from 9:15am to 4 pm organized and funded by the Department of Education of Central Tibetan Administration. The main objective of the workshop is to assist the teachers in integrating ICT in their teaching  and learning process. Despite facilitating five ICT rooms, CTA took a great initiative in conducting a workshop on ICT for the teachers. The workshop was of great benefit for the concerned teachers in applying ICT in their work.

The resource persons of the workshop were Ms. Tsering Tsamchoe from Mevon Tsuklag  Peton school Dharamsala, and Ms. Tenzin Youlo from Department of Finance(CTA). The actual workshop began with a pre-assessment on ICT.

Through activities the participants were made to have deeper understanding of the various theories and methods of teaching and learning.

There were also power point presentation highlighting the benefits of integrating ICT in teaching:-

  • ICT when used into the curriculum, it revolutionized the learning process.
  • ICT keeps students engaged in their learning using powerful tools and became creators and critics instead of just a consumer.
  • It is a necessity of today’s students to have 21st century skills

She further made very clear what is not ICT:-

  • ICT is not a computer learning class
  • It is not a substitute for teacher
  • It is not a teaching tool-e.g.- teaching using a Power-point presentation to teach
  • It is not learning parts of computer machines as chapter.

Throughout the workshop they reminded the teachers to design constructive learning activities and allow students to use technologies to create or construct something out of the lesson they are learning.

Both the resource persons explained how integrating of Information and Communication Technology in education helps our students in developing higher order thinking skills like analyzing, evaluating and creating.

At the end of the session, teachers seemed to have found the workshop enriching and convincing. The post assessment scores also showed that the participants have well digested ICT. The average score was 7out of 8.

Mrs. Yeshi Dolma

73rd Independence Day of Indian

15 August, 2019: The school celebrated the 73rd Independence Day of India on August 15. To mark occasion a function was organized in the new auditorium at 2 pm with colorful patriotic performances dedicated to those who sacrificed lives for the freedom of India.  Staff members and students above class VI attended the function. The chief guest for the occasion was Shri Narendra Dhiman the director of district food and the other guests of honor were the managerial staff of TCV Head Office. The program started with a warm welcome speech by Mrs. Sapna Patanian (Hindi teacher of school) the MC for the occasion, and singing of Indian National anthem.

Students representing class XI and XII delivered speeches given by Indian freedom fighters both in English and Hindi. Patriotic songs and dances were showcased by students of class V to X.

To show our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the people and government of India, the Chief Guest and other Indian guests of honor were honored with a framed portrait of H.H the IV Dalai Lama of Tibet.



  • To impart knowledge and awareness about menstruation and hygiene.
  • To avoid fear and emotional disturbances on the onset of menstruation.
  • To seek help from doctor if one faces irregular problems during menstruation.
  • To take care of oneself during menstruation.

Gyen Ngawang Tenzin la (Science Teacher) gave talk on Menstruation and Hygiene to the Upper TCV School girls from classes VI – X on the following topics:

  • Signs of puberty in girls.
  • Menstruation.
  • Quality of menstrual blood.
  • Menstrual cycle.
  • Amount of blood loss.
  • Menstrual flow pattern’
  • Emotional and behavior changes.
  • Pre-menstrual syndromes.
  • Length of Menstrual cycle.
  • Causes of irregular periods.
  • Remedies for irregular periods and menstrual pain.
  • Menstrual Hygiene.
  • Nutrition.
  • Myths and Taboos.

CONCLUSION: The Health and Environment Committee of Upper TCV School organized this talk to the girls. They listened   enthusiastically and enjoyed the talk very much. It’s worth organizing such a talk in the school. I hope they have gained a lot of knowledge from this presentation. 

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