Saka Dawa the most holy month in the Tibetan calendar

Saka Dawa the most holy month in the Tibetan calendar

Saka Dawa is considered the most holy month in the Tibetan calendar as the month coincides with three important events of Buddha’s chronicle: Birth, Death and Enlightenment. Buddhist all over the world especially Tibetans make deliberate attempt to accumulate merit by doing good deeds: abstaining from eating meat, reading Holy Scriptures, visiting temples, prostrating and giving alms to the needy. It is believed that the merit thus accrued will be multiplied thousand times. In the light of this belief it is very moving to see our little children thread the path of compassionate acts and the whole atmosphere is very pious and positive.


During the entire month there were series of programs to enrich your life with the genuine concern to be of some help to others living literally and embracing our school MOTTO: “Others before self” to our heart and action.  The scripture reading by class VII and above was organized in the class room. Staff and hermits did Kagyur reading in the main Village temple.  Over two hundred volumes of Kagyur and Tangyur reading was completed within three days. Before we began opening the scripture, senior students made a complete round of the whole compound with the Holy Scriptures led by our religious instructors blessing the whole area.

IMG_1438Kagyur reading was concluded with thanks giving offering of Tsog with participation from our hermits numbering about thirty. Staff members and our senior students joined for the offering on the main square of our temple.


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Dialogue with USIP Youth Leaders – Dharamsala, HP, India – May 3, 2016

Dialogue with USIP Youth Leaders – Dharamsala, HP, India – May 3, 2016


Through the courtesy of US Institute of Peace – the Youth leaders from thirteen countries after a very productive dialogue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama paid a brief visit to TCV. The youth leaders had a very meaningful discussion with our senior students forming small groups consisting of few of our students and youth leaders from various counties sharing and discussing on various topics. After a very insightful discussion, few of the senior youth leaders shared their experience gained through their discussion with our children to the entire team.  The visiting youth leaders were impressed with the depth of knowledge and personal experience our children shared about their arduous journey across the border leaving their family behind and living in exile with strong determination to prepare for the day we return back to free Tibet.


To give a brief glimpse of our rich aspect of our tradition and culture our children presented a group song and two dance items which the visitors liked and applauded with great appreciation. As these youth leaders are from various conflicting troublesome countries, the main idea of their visit was to train these youth in leadership at the time of calamities and troublesome. They were together only for a while and yet they were able to present a group song and dance in their own vernacular languages. A lady shared a beautiful song and made whole of the participants in the hall sing the choir which she led. After the formal cultural exchange the visit ended with friendly basketball match between the youth leaders and our students.


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Conclusion of the project: Tibet Our Country

 Conclusion of the project: Tibet Our Country


After a month long study duration on “Tibet Our Country” the program was concluded on 29th April with grand ceremony with participation from all our staff and children. Since the pioneering of this very important annual program focusing on very rich Tibetan content area it has been one of the most beneficial scheme of work to make our education meaningful to our children with strong feeling of bondage with our root. The program covers various Tibetan components according to the level of their standard from K-12 plus.


This year the main theme of our focus for all our activities is on ethical and moral enhancement.  The program Tibet Our Country also concentrated and addressed on moral development.  Each class did an extensive study on moral issues and came up with skits and dramas. There was drama competition among all the classes and the top drama presentation from each section was shown to all the students and staff in Hermann Gameinner auditorium on the concluding day of project “Tibet Our Country”.


The concluding program was organized on Saturday the 30th April on the main basketball ground with massive Sangsol prayers followed with traditional circular dances choreographed by our Amalas. The concluding formal function was organized in the hall with presentation of the dramas by Infant, Junior, Middle and Senior section.


As part of the program focusing on moral development our religious instructors were requested to organize teaching on the eight verses on the training of mind by Langri Tangpa. The interested teachers took active interactive discussion with our Geshe Las.

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The Commerce stream of Class of 2016 gave their last paper on 31st March and on 1st April we arranged a very impressive graduation ceremony on the main basketball ground. All the students and staff members took part in the graduation ceremony. The main basketball was filled with our children and staff under the canopy. The graduating students in traditional dress and graduation cap were our main guests. This was their last school function after which they walk out to join colleges and training centers. As was customary we invite one of our former students as the guest speaker for the occasion. This year we are very happy to have Mr. Tenzin Tsepak who is the principal interpreter to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Mr. Tsepak graduated from TCV in 1983 and off tracked from the main course to take up studies in Buddhist philosophy in the Dialectic school under the tutorage of late Geshi Lobsang Gyatso. This kind of decision is very rare among our students. His self-motivated decision landed him to take up a very challenging task to be the interpreter for His Holiness on Buddhist teachings and philosophy.

TCV president – Mr. Tsewang Yeshi offered traditional scarves to the graduating students to wish them success. There were one hundred and seventy graduating students of class XII Commerce this year and we expect a very bright result which will be out by May end. Our principal Mr. Namdol Tashi offered his last words of caution to the graduating students to be in close alignment with the morality that we practice in the school. The graduating student representative and ex- head boy master Tenzin Dukda shared his experience of his school life and expressed gratitude to all the staff for their contribution in making a strong imprint in their life. The chief guest Mr. Tsepak shared his thoughts on the expectation of His Holiness and focused on the ethics as propounded by His Holiness. The function concluded with the parting word of farewell from the director.
A luncheon was arranged to all the outgoing students and all the staff joined to express our family ties and bondage with our students.images

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Soon after reopening of the school for a new academic year we organize Spring Fete every year in March. This is one of the most active events with full cooperation and involvement of students and staff. While we are in school it is not just the three R’s that we teach our children but our primary focus in our education is instilling in our children a sound and strong foundation in character development. Many of the desirable personality traits are not taught but caught when we have a right environment and amble opportunities for social interaction where your involvement comes with your heart with right motivation for cooperation, team work, planning strategies and operation. Organization of such a big event requires a lot of logistic planning and involvement for the actual execution. Our desirable objectives are to become self-reliant and self-sufficient to bear all our expenses for our sports and games event throughout the year. The practice of organizing Spring Fete has been in our must do list for many years since we first came up with idea of dividing all the children amongst four houses to have all sporting events in the school. Expenses incurred for equipment, uniform, costumes and activity costs are all raised through SPRING FETE.


The school wears a very festive look with plenty of stalls for various games, entertainment and food stalls. Depending on your own interest and peer pressure all our stalls are crowded with our children as well as many parents and friends. Many of our children are involved in running these stalls very efficiently by putting their heart and soul to generate income for their stalls.

Spring fete 2016 had to be rescheduled twice with the expectation to have a fine weather. We in fact chose the right day as the weather has been very favorable and the day has been full of fun and joy.

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Winter program 2016

Winter Tour to nearby schools and monasteries.

gurtoe gonpa

The purpose of having this tour is purely educational.  We start our tour on the 19th Jan 2016 at 9.00 AM from school to Gutoe monastery and the monastery head explain us about Gutoe school.  After that we had tea and snacks in the monastery which was sponsored by monastery.

lunch at Manchaa

We reached Gopalpur zoo at around 11.00 AM and children really enjoyed to see these wonderful animals and spend some time in the zoo park. It is a small zoo but these kids had wonderful time. Some of them had never seen a zoo.


At the bank of Mancha river we had our packed lunch and children are little bit tired in the bus so I asked them to take rest for an hour. The water is very cold so we asked them not to swim. The school prepared a very delicious pack lunch with sweets and fruits.

lunch at TCV gopalpur

At around 3.30 PM we reached Sherabling monastery and we planned to stay there overnight and the monastery prepared rooms for children and they served us dinner, tea and snacks and breakfast. Sherabling is a huge monastery and all the monks are preparing Cham for the coming occasion. We organized one hour religious talk by Geshi la. The kids asked lots of interesting questions and Geshi la was very pleased to hear these inquisitive questions. His talk was very down to earth and very real. The school gave them pocket money of 500 Rupees each during the local tour.

On the 20th Jan 2016 we tour to Bir Tibetan Settlement, Chuntra Tibetan settlement, Zongsar  monastery  and then to TCV Chuntra school.  We tour the school and they prepared tea and snacks after touring the school campus.

While coming back to school, we went to TCV Suja and then to TCV Gopalpur school.  TCV Gopalpur served us a very delicious and homely lunch. The Director Mr Tsultrim Dorjee welcomes all of us to his school and he came and had lunch with us.  We are very pleased to see TCV Gopalpur surrounded by beautiful tea gardens.

A day picnic for little kids in Strawberry Hills.


On the 25thJan 2016, the little kids went out for picnic at Strawberry Hills in our school bus. We were 109 little kids with five staff members. We really enjoyed the day with lots of games and fun activities.

The school prepared special breakfast, special lunch and special tea and snacks. They all had a great day.

Strawberry Hills is not far from our school, it’s a beautiful place to go for picnic. We stayed there till 4.30 PM. What a wonderful day we all had.

Closing ceremony of winter program.

On the 31st of Jan 2016, we organized the closing ceremony of winter program and on that day we request all the office staff to participate in the event and all of them came with love and concern. The Director thanked all the volunteers who participated in the winter program and at the end we organized a short culture show by those students who stayed here during winter holidays. The school arranged a special dinner for the children and it was really a special dinner. The closing ceremony was a grand success.

This year 185 students left back during winter holidays and all of them participated in our winter program.







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57th Tibetan National Uprising Day – 10th-March-2016

57th Tibetan National Uprising Day – 10th-March-2016


The 57th Tibetan National Uprising Day was organized in the main temple to commemorate the brutal and illegal occupation of Tibet by the Communist China. This was the day to remember the fateful day in 1959 when Tibetans- young and old, monks and nuns formed a chain of human shield to stop the Chinese  from entering Norbu Lingka to abduct His Holiness on the pretext of inviting His Holiness for a cultural show without security personnel.DSCN7288

The official function was organized on the main temple. TCV band occupied the center stage to welcome the Sikhong and Speaker along with the entire civil service officials and public in Dharamshala. Class IX and above attended the function and provided band and led the choir for the prayer of truth. The official function concluded with the speeches delivered by the Speaker and Sikhong.DSCN7363

The memorable part of the commemoration of the day was the protest march from Tsug-lag-khang to Kachari shouting slogans and attended the function on the main square near DC office. The protest march and function was organized by five non-governmental organizations.DSCN7388

After a very satisfying participation and protest March students and staff were provided a relishing lunch at Gandhi park.

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