Parent-teacher Meeting

May 18, 2019: TCV School Upper hosted its first Parent-teacher Meeting of the year on May 18 at 9am. The meeting started with morning function at Dekyi Tsering auditorium. Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo la the school principal ushered the chief guest for the program Mrs. Donka Wangmo, the chief counselor of Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration onto the stage. The other guests of honour were the secretary of Mcloed Parents Association and the section heads.  Parents and relatives residing in and around Dharamsala attended the function and the meeting as requested.

The host of the occasion Mr. Tenzin Choephel  la extended warm welcome greetings and introduced the chief guest. Next was her talk which was about being Mindful and Positive Parenting. In her address she explained some effective ways to deal with changing behavior of a child at different stages of physical, mental, emotional and cognitive development. She said parenting is not only disciplining a child, but also about creating friendly space for his sound holistic growth. She said setting good example at home and school is the key factor in shaping a child’s behavior. Parents were urged to be aware of their way of parenting because he learns from what he sees and hears every day. She reminded all about the significance of maintaining close parental bonding with their child, which can only be possible through trust and respect. Frequent nagging damages parent-child relationship. A child would either fight or flight. Parents were warned to be extra careful in dealing with their troubled child.


Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo la gave the closing speech in which she announced the result of class X and XII CBSE Board Exam. She stated that in this fast growing world parenting has become very challenging, thus parents and teachers must work collaboratively for the holistic development of their children. Parents were made clear the new class X CBSE assessment structure, so that they too can play some role for the success of their child.

She thanked the chief guest for the illuminating talk and extended her deepest appreciation to all the attendees. After a short tea break the actual Parents-teachers meeting started at their respective sections. The meeting ended at around 2.30pm. 


His Eminence Ratna Vajra Rinpoche visits TCV School Upper

May 16, 2019: It was an auspicious moment for the school to have the first ever visit by His Eminence Ratna Vajra Rinpoche on May 16. His arrival at around 11am was welcomed by the school heads and students of junior section at the basketball ground. He and his entourage visited the junior school library and the Culture Centre.  At 1.30 pm, Rinpoche addressed the assembly of students above class VI, staff members and retired staff members at Hermann Gmeiner Auditorium. Rev Tsering Khando the host of the occasion gave a brief insight of Rinpoche’s background and the history of TCV School.

Rinpoche addressed the gathering for almost an hour where he stated the significance of imparting modern education with moral ethics.  Students were advised to be passionate and focused when it comes to their studies. To make their learning meaningful, he said students must inculcate ethical values. He explained that His Holiness the Dalai Lama and our elders could not carry any belongings when they fled Tibet, but what they could bring was the knowledge and wisdom, values that they were inherited with, helped in establishing exile communities and further strengthening and restoring Tibetan culture in foreign lands. Students were urged to avoid jealousy and pride while studying, instead develop compassionate heart and genuine respect to all their fellow students. The real purpose of education is served if ethical values are taken into consideration in the process of learning in school. It’s certainly was a memorable day for all!!


25th April, 2019: The annual school wide Tibet Our Country Project was concluded on 25th April with various activities. The month long project was aimed to impart knowledge about the history of Tibet, to make students aware about the relevance and importance of Tibetan Buddhist principles and practices in one’s life, to explore the unique culture and tradition of Tibet. In the nutshell the sole objective on having this annual event is to make students feel that they are Tibetan and the preservation of Tibetan identity is our duty. The chief guest for the day was Mr. Lekshay Tenpa la, a former director of the school and some school sponsors as guest of honor.

The function began at 8:30 am with a sangsol (Incense burning ceremony) at basketball ground.  All the students and staff members of school attended for the same in their Tibetan traditional dress. After the prayers Tibetans tea and sweet rice were served to everyone presented, followed by presentation of Tibetan children songs and traditional sports by class I students. Everyone enjoyed the events very much, for some time everyone was sent back to the pastures of our homeland.

From 11 am the second part of program for the day was hosted at the Hermann Gmeiner Auditorium. The program started with the introductory speech by the school principal, followed by series of Tibet oriented presentations and performance of songs; the students of class XII gave talks on how to make water offering and prostration and merits of these actions. These are the two events every Tibetan does at home on daily basis. There was a song on Tibetan alphabets and vowels by students of infant section. The students of class II presented zaloo and tampae (Zalo is recitation of popular poetic conversation in verses and tampaes are Tibetan sayings) and the students of class 6 and 7 presented Tibetan songs. A students of class X staged a play on Being Trustworthy. The last item of the program was the traditional dress presentation by the students of class IX. They demonstrated the unique dresses of the three provinces of Tibet. The function ended with talk by the chief guest. The classes were resumed after lunch.

Workshop on Smartclass

April 17, 2019: A workshop on smart-class was arranged for the teachers of TCV Upper Senior section during 4th and 5th period in the smart classroom. The session was also attended by the Principal and the section heads of both Senior and Junior. The main objective of the workshop was to encourage teachers to use smart class facility for more effective teaching and learning environment. The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Suheel, who is a trainer of EBix smart class. He gave a vivid introduction on the contents of the smart class package and showed all the features of the program. He talked about the advantages of using smart class in their daily teaching – how it saves time and facilitates teaching more realistic and fun. At the end of the session Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo la, the school Principal thanked the resource person and urged all the teachers to make maximum use of the smart class facility the school has.  The workshop has definitely made the teachers more confident and inspired to adopt smart class as one of their teaching aid.


A school wide Earth quake drill was conducted in Upper TCV on 4th April, 2019.

In Senior Section, around 850 members including students and teachers under the guidance of Social science department, a brief presentation and demonstration on DO’S and Don’ts during an Earthquake was done before the drill.

After the presentation, the actual drill was conducted and practiced during the third period under guidance of all section staff members and students in collaboration with school medical members. To create more awareness, pamphlets were stuck at different zones with the message of DROP, COVER and HOLD strategies to escape from the disastrous consequences.

At 11.30 am, the first wave came during which all practiced drop, cover and hold. At the second wave, students and teachers came out to open area on the football ground. Roll call was taken by the respective class teachers after which the rescue teams led by teachers went in search of injured students.

In Junior Section, 499 students and 33 staffs participated in this Earth Quake Drill with the practise of Drop, Cover and Hold. 35 students played the role of injured. The school doctor and a nurse came to help the injured students.

Infant section and the office members also practiced the drill and gathered at basket ground. As always, this year’s drill was also a success and the school hopes that the students have learnt something out of this drill.


April 6, 2019:  As per CSBE direction, Upper TCV School arranged a talk on POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) on Friday for all the teachers. The aim of the program was to create awareness among the teachers, management and other employees about sexual exploitation in school so that our children are better protected. 

The speaker invited for the event was Mrs. Ngawang Tenzin la from the Mother and Child Care Desk under the Health Department CTA. 

With PowerPoint presentation, she spoke in detail  about the various aspects of child abuse and negligence; how to spot the signs and signals of child abuse, reporting procedures, tips for talking to children about child abuse, preventive measures and legal consequences of child abuse.

She urgently called for setting up of a POCSO committee in school to carry out awareness program on POCSO Act in the campus. The talk was an eye-opener to many staff members!

. Yeshi Dolma (Mrs.)