International Delegations Visit TCV school Upper


8th March, 2019. A group comprised of delegations from Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Italy, Taiwan and Slovakia visited the school in the morning.

After a short campus tour, the delegation met senior students and teachers in the auditorium. The delegates were escorted by the Present of TCV School. All the delegates took a few minutes to extend their good wishes and express their admiration towards rich Tibetan culture and tradition.

Every word they said was motivating and inspiring. Mrs. Lucia Nicholsova from Slovakia briefly narrated the history of her country which was very much similar to Tibet’s history. She hopefully reassured that Tibet would be free one day like Slovakia. All the delegates unanimously put across the same message in their talk, “Never Lose Hope! You are Not Alone, We are With You!”Their visit and the address sow the seed of hope in the heart of every audience.



18 March, 2019. A day long refresher course on Lesson Planning and Life Skill was given to teachers by Mrs. Vijayam Kartha.

She is the trustee and Vice Chairperson of the Kerala Public Schools Trust in Jamshedpur. She is recipient of many prestigious awards including the National Award (President of India’s Award) for teacher.

 The morning session was on teaching of Life Skills. It was attended by teachers of class VI to X. Mrs. Kartha brilliantly made crystal clear why teaching life skills is crucial in school and recommended us very simple tips to inculcate the life skills not only in students but also teachers. The afternoon session was joined by junior teachers and PGT teachers. Her talk on lesson plan was even more enriching and motivating.

She delivered a fascinating talk on planning of daily lesson with several interesting anecdotes. Teachers in group of six planned a lesson following the format suggested by Ma’am. The session ended with sharing of the lesson plan which was made in group. Ma’am won the heart of many passionate teachers!

Mrs. Yeshi

School Opening Ceremony of 2019

1 March 2019: Students of class VIII and above in their neat school uniform sat in followed by teachers and home mothers in Tibetan traditional dress for the opening function with high spirit. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. Karma Sangay, the Secretary of Department of Education (CTA). The function commenced at 9.30 am with a musical performance by a small group of students

The school director gave an introductory speech highlighting the five action plans for the new session; preservation of Tibetan culture and tradition, upgrading of our Tibetan language, inculcating good moral ethic in students, improving health and hygiene of students on campus and strengthening of riglam knowledge/skill of students and teachers as well. He took the opportunity to thank those who have volunteered to teach life skills to students who had remained in school during winter vacation.

On behalf of the school he extended his gratitude to Mcleod Shop Association and other donors for their generous contribution for making the winter holiday memorable for those students who spent their holiday in school.

The unique feature of this year’s opening function was the dance and musical presentationby the students who stayed back in school.The next was the talk by the chief guest in which he appreciated the action plans the school has adopted for the year. He urged students to focus on their studies to fulfill the farsighted vision of the His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He further extended his appreciation to the retiring staff members and to those who are resigning the school. The function concluded with some important announcements.

Parents’ Day

5th March, 2019. Parents’ Day is celebrated each year on 5th March in all the Tibetan schoos in India as a tribute to the mother of His Holiness the IV Dalai Lama, DickyiTsering who was fondly called ‘Gyalyum Chenmo’. Students above class VIII, staff members and members of McloedParents’ Association attended the function. The chief guest on the occasion was Mrs. Rinchen Khando Choegyal founder and the former director of Tibetan Nuns Project. The event began with a minute silence to honor Tibetan martyrs and lighting of the lamp by the chief guest. To pay homage Parents and staff members offered scarfs to the portrait of Galyum Chenmo while chanting prayers.

The school director greeted the audience and the guest of honor. In his opening speech he reinforced the need of strengthening teachers and parents’ relationship. He urged all the parents to contact teachers to enquire about their children’s progress and attend annual parents-teachers meeting.

He declared his plan to ban junk food in school and sought parents’ cooperation. There was a written statement from the Department of Education in Exile government which was read out by Rev. Tsering Khando.

Next was the most awaited speech by Mrs Rinchen Khando la. In her speech she shared insights of Gyalyum Chenmo with some inspiring anecdotes.

Next was a half an hour talk by Mr Gyaltsten la on parenting and teaching approach. He pointed out five important way to influence our child positively; setting good example, inculcating reading habit, understanding child’s feeling, right to make choice,  avoidance of reward and punishment strategy.

The program ended with a lunch at the basketball ground

After a short tea-break, parents and staff members attended a talk by Mrs Tenzin Palmo la on Junk Food. With a power-point presentation, she convinced the audience to say no to junk food.

Orientation for Teachers

28 February, 2019: Orientation for the teachers and home mothers was held on 28th February at 9 O’clock. The school director extended his welcome wishes to all the staff and introduced the resource person Geshe Jamphel Dakpa la. After a short briefing on the MDC meeting resolutions by the director, Geshe la gave a talk for an hour on training of mind; the benefits of being compassionate, selfless and significance ofinstilling in usa positive attitude.Section meeting followed by department meetings were held after lunch at their respective section


“Alone we can do so little- Together we can do so much”- Helen Keller

PTA is an educational partnership between teachers, parents and the students. It aims to foster self esteem, motivation and fulfillment in our student.  It is a day for the parents to enquire about performance, the contentment or the behavior of your son or daughter in the school. It is also an opportunity to resolve concerns over the student’s specific academic or behavioral issues with the teachers.

TCV School, Upper Dharamsala had it’s first Parent Teacher Meeting (PTA) for the year 2018 on 14th July, 2018. The function of the first PTA was held on the above mentioned date in Dekyi Tsering hall from 9 am to 10.30 am. Around 300 parents attended the function.  The School Principal welcomed and thanked all the parents who came to be a part of the day which she said is one of the most important events of the school. Since His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been focusing on the promotion of human values, the parents were enlightened with the term ‘Secular Ethics’ and methods a parent must adopt to promote human values in our children by Geshe Ahaten and Geshe Ngawang Delek; philosophy teachers of our school.

Senior School PTA Meeting was held in two phases instead of one to do better justice and give better individual attention to the students. The first phase was held on 13 Jul 2018 in the afternoon for the staff students and residential students.The second PTA meeting was held on Saturday, the 14th 2018 for the day scholars and local parents whose wards were in the school. Despite the inclement weather on that day, scores of parents turn out to attend the morning presentation and meeting with the respective teachers in the class thereafter. As expected, there was positive involvement from both the parents and teachers. It has helped many students and the parents to know about their children’s academic performance and involvement in the school activities. As a follow up to PTA, the school counselor have also taken an initiative to organize peer tutoring programs in the evening and organize extra classes during the holidays and consultations with the respective subject teachers  during the breaks between and free hours.Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.”–  Bob Beauprez

Chophel (Mr.)

UTCV Class VI to VIII Tibetan Elocution Contest 2018


Inter Class Tibetan Elocution Contest for class VI to VIII took place on 11 July 2018 at Herman Gmeiner Hall at around 7 p.m. in the evening.

The contest consists of three different categories .i,e. Class VI poetry recitation, class VII speech delivery  and class VIII will perform any dramatic enactment. It is an annual feature and many students participated in it. Since each class has to select and send two to three representatives they have to undergo lot of preliminary contest in their respective classes. Once the respective classes finish their selection, they had to face audition test before the Tibetan teachers who will finally select and train the best four students from each category for the grand finale. The students with best reading skill and fluent in Tibetan language were selected as Chairperson to host the evening contest.

Miss Tenzin Dechen from VIII D who was the Chairperson of the contest welcomed the Chief Guest Mr. Dorjee, the Assistant Head Master of the Senior School. The contest began with poetry recitation followed by speech delivery and dramatic enactment. The judges had tough time to assess them as all the participant from three different categories did very well to outdo each other with their terrific performances. Anyway, the first prize from Poetry Recitation Category went to Miss Tenzin Choezom from VI D whereas from speech category it was none other than Miss Tsering Dolkar from VII D who got first prize. We saw stiff competition amongst the participants from dramatic enactment but by virtue of better script, confidence, and execution, the prize was finally shared between Miss Sangay Choezom and Mr Pema Namgya lfrom VIII D.

Besides giving handsome prizes and certificates to the winners, a participation certificate and consolation prizes were also given to all the participants including the Chairperson. In nut shell, the contest was stiff and it was worth watching as every participant took it very seriously and executed very well. The respective class teachers and the concern Tibetan teachers deserve equal credit for working so hard and for setting the standard higher.

Choephel (Mr.)