75th Independence Day Celebrated Amidst Heavy Downpour

Mr. Kishan Kapoor, the chief guest being welcomed by the school Director and the Principal (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

15th August: The school celebrated India’s 75th Independence Day bearing the torrent rain that remained throughout the day. This is the day when the entire nation celebrates and remember the sacrifices of the great freedom fighters and the fore fathers who had laid down their lives for this beautiful India. The Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi ji addressed the nation today from the Red fort for little more than 80 minutes. Here in our school, the function began in the afternoon in Hermann Gmeiner hall which was beautifully adorned with a Hindi lettering wishing India on its 75th Independence Day and scores of doves soaring in the open sky with the Indian Tri-color at its background. Shri. Kishan Kapoor, an honourable member of the Lok Sabha was the chief guest along with the local dignitaries, the general secretary Mrs. Lobsang Tsomo la, the school Director, the principal, the staff members and the students of class VI and above. The function began at 3:10 pm with everybody standing up and singing of the Indian and Tibetan National anthem.

A glimpse of cultural presentation by the students (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

The master of the ceremony (MC), Mrs. Sapna Pathania, the Hindi teacher welcome and spoke about India’s 75th Independence day honouring the freedom fighters. After that, the true spirit of celebration began as she presented the cultural programs one by one including the dance and patriotic song, skit etc. The guests and the audience were served traditional sweet rice, tea, snacks and sweets while they enjoy the cultural programs. Almost all the classes except the primary classes participated and all the items were highly commendable and their hard work and the teacher’s effort could be seen in their presentation. That was a musical tribute to India starting from the patriotic songs, to the local pahari dance and finally the Bollywood dances, a complete package.

The chief guest Mr. Kishan Kapoor receiving the souvenir from the general secretary Mrs. Lobsang Tsomo la (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

Before the program concluded, the general secretary of TCV school, Mrs. Lobsang Tsomo la presented the chief Guest Mr. Kapoor traditional scarf and a souvenir. While accepting the scarf and souvenir, he addressed the gathering and lovingly requested the children to fulfill the wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. After that, he had to leave because he had another program to attend. So, he was given a big round of applause for his presence and good words. After that, all the local dignitaries were called on the stage and offered scarf and souvenir. That was a great gesture from the school for the generosity and the support given to the Tibetans by both the central, State government and the people of India.

A beautiful Independence Day event captured in the lens (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

After that, two more songs and dances were presented. All the cultural programs were very colourful and they all were in a very festive mood. The entire auditorium was overflowing with the rousing sound of happiness and applause. Last but not the least, the school Principal gave her vote of thanks in Shudh Hindi language congratulating India on its 75th Independence Day and then thanking the guests, the performers, teachers, refreshment teams and all those involved in making this Independence Day celebration a grand success. Come rain or shine, Independence Day celebration must go on.

SEE Learning Awareness Program

Education Director Ven Tenzin Tsenlek taking a session of SEE learning workshop (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

6th August, 2022: A program on SEE Learning (social, emotion and ethical learning) was organized to create awareness and acquire deeper understanding of SEE Learning concept and implementation of the curriculum.

Teachers of all three sections attended the program from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. at Dicki Tsering hall. The panelists for the program were Geshe Tenzing Tsenlek la, lecturer at Sahara College of Tibetan Studies, gen Tenzin Tsenlek la, the Education Director of TCV, Mr. Tenzin Ngodup la, science teacher at senior section and Mr. Kalsang Tsewang, the school counselor.

Science Teacher Mr. Tenzin Ngodup la taking his session on SEE Learning Workshop (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

Mr. Tenzin Ngodup started the first phase of the program with a short check-in grounding activity. That was followed by a panel discussion where the first speaker gen Kalsang la briefly explained how the concept of SEE Learning evolved over the years and how urgent it is to integrate in teacher’s daily lesson plan. Geshe Tsenlek la briefly introduced the three skills and domains of SEE Learning. Gen Tenzin Tsenlek clarified what Self Compassion is in the context of SEE learning.

Teachers Carrying out the SEE Learning Activities during the workshop(Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

After a brief discussion among the facilitators, Gen Tsenlek la took us further into understanding System Thinking. Considering the five points of learning experiences gen la explained what system is in the context of SEE Learning. A short deep breathing and visualization activity was conducted followed by presentation and insight activity where participants observed the visuals and expressed their opinions. The presentation on the system allowed the participants to realize the nature of interdependency and appreciating it.

The School DIrector Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee la offering scarves for the facilitators (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

As a part of the activity, teachers were formed in different groups and were instructed to prepare a lesson plan integrating any domains of SEE Learning. Keeping in minds the five suggested learning experiences guidelines, the participants had a short brain storming session and drafted their plan. After the short tea break groups presented their lesson plans one by one. Everyone listened to the group presentations attentively to see if the lesson plans had effectively integrated any key skills and domains of SEEL in their plans.

A Lively Break-Out Session during the Workshop: School Director seen Interacting (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

The last talk was delivered by Geshe Tenzin Tsenlek la on Emotional Literacy. In his talk he stressed on how one can navigate emotion. He demonstrated how we should be mindful of Emotional Episode Timeline when an atrocity hit us in our real lives and how negative appraisals give rise to negative emotion and behavior, whereas looking at the stimulus from brighter perspective puts us in a resilient zone. Geshe la reminded all to be aware of our fluctuating emotions and restrain ourselves from reacting violently which ultimately disturbs our mental state and others around.

The program ended at 1.30 p.m. Gen Wangchuk la, the senior section headmaster on behalf of all attendees thanked all the facilitators for giving their insights into SEE Learning and urged all to cultivate social, emotional and ethical competencies in students. Traditional scarves ‘Khata’ were offered to all four resource persons as token of gratitude.

Examination Underway

“No Matter How Engaged One is in His or Her Exam, One Never Forgets to Wish Others “All the Best” (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la FB)

25th July, 2022: It is exam week at TCV school Upper. The first term exam began today; 25th of July, 2022. Student above third grade sit for the examination. The Tibetan papers for class III to V are common. Students of class five appear for the common exam in the main subjects: Math, Tibetan and English where as eighth graders write the common exam in Tibetan, English, Math and Science. The maximum mark of the question papers is eighty.
Exam for Junior section is scheduled to end on Thursday; 28th while the exam for senior section would be over by 30th of July. Students settle at their assigned exam center at 9.15 a.m. and start writing at 9.30 after a cooling time of 15 minutes. The duration of the exam is from 9.30 to 12.30 p.m. It is self study time for all in the afternoon.
Seating arrangement for the exam is planned and fixed by the section headmaster and the class teachers set the seats accordingly. Teachers on duty make sure that the students write the exam honestly. We wish them success!!!

Geshe Lhakdor la’s Visit

Geshe la in the Primary Class escorted by the principal and the two headmasters (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

Geshe la in the Senior Section Staffroom (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

Geshe la visiting the Junior Section Language Room (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

Geshe la talking to the students of class VI and above in the hall (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

Geshe Lhakdor la talking to the staff members in Dekyi Tsering hall (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

TCV President Mr. Sonam Sichoe la offering scarf and a souvenir for Geshe Lhakdor la (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

22 nd July, 2022: The Director of Office of Tibetan Education Council CTA, Ven Geshe Lhakdor la visited upper TCV School on 22 nd July 2022 at 9 o’clock. He was received by the education director Ven. Tenzin Tselek la, village director gen Tsultrim Dojee la, the principal, Mrs.Nawang Lhamo la and the headmasters of three sections. The objective the inspection was to have proper understanding of the academic standard of students and the resources available for productive teaching and learning process.
Geshe la’s visit started from the infant section block where he observed the teachers and students at work. A brief interaction with infants was followed by a short visit to the TCV Cultural Centre and inspected the wide collection of Tibetan books for all grades. This centre was specifically established to focus on preservation and promotion of Tibetan culture.
Next visit was at junior section. The headmaster Mr. Dhondup Gyalpo la guided Geshe la to the junior library and labs. He observed the teaching and learning process by observing classes after which students had brief interaction with Geshe la.
Geshe la’s final visit was to the senior section block. The Headmaster Mr. Wangchuk la
showed Geshe la and his team to ICT room, the teachers reading corner, computer lab and the senior library. Several classes observation was also done. On the way from senior section, Geshe la paid a short visit to the EDRC (Education Development Resource Center and had interaction with the mentors with regard to the resources they publish in Tibetan language to enhance the standard of Tibetan for primary level.
At 2.30p.m. Gheshe la gave a talk to students of senior section for one hour. Mrs. Nawang Lhamo briefly introduced Geshe la to the audience. In his talk he emphasized how human beings are unique from other animals and advised all the students to make use of the talent for constructive purposes. Students were reminded of the significance of understanding the nature of life and looking at things from broader prospective. With short stories Geshe la elaborated the wonder of instilling positive attitude towards nature of life. At the end students were given opportunity to put up questions.
The final program of his visit to Upper TCV was Geshe la’s talk to all the staff of the
organization at 3.30 p.m. in the Dicki Tsering auditorium. Almost all the staff the members of TCV including the managerial staff of TCV Head Office headed by the president Mr. Sonam Sichoe attended the talk. In his speech Geshe la applauded the amazing contribution of TCV over so many decades and expressed his gratitude for executive members and staff members for their dedication and hard work. Geshi la touched briefly upon the four principle commitments of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and elaborated little further on the essence of SEE Learning, and he shared couples of stories relevant to promote of human values and ethical behavior. He stressed that as Tibetan the value of our Buddhist culture and how it can contribute for global peace and happiness in today’s troubled world.
The talk session was concluded with a vote of thanks speech by the village director and
Geshe la was presented with a Tibetan white scarf and a souvenir gift from the school. The school had arranged tea and refreshment for all present at the talk.

Trungkar Duechen Celebration

Happy 87th Birthday His Holiness the Dalai Lama

6th July 2022: Trunkar Dhuechen, the birthday of His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama of Tibet, the spiritual leader of Tibet, the genuine epitome of love and compassion, Tenzin Gyatso used to be one of the most awaited day for all the peace loving followers especially the 6 million Tibetans. As usual, a special day-long, event packed program was arranged across all the three sections of the school.

A glimpse of students enjoying the party games on His Holiness’ 87th Birthday Celebration

The senior students above class X and the student advisory committee members braved the light early morning shower and went to attend the official Birthday function at Tsuglakhang in their traditional dress. The rest of the students and the staff members of senior section held their own celebration in Dr. Hermann Gmeiner’s hall. The junior and infant sections had their own celebration in Dekyi Tsering hall.

Senior Students in Hermann Gmeiner Hall celebrating His Holiness’ Birthday

The main function began at 9:30 in the hall with the offering of scarf to the portrait of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the lighting of butter lamp with the students reciting lifelong prayer of His Holiness. The headmaster welcomed everyone present and called the teachers one by one to offer scarf. This was followed by the serving of ceremonial sweet rice and butter tea by the students of class IX and their teachers. The whole auditorium was overflowing with the hue and cry of happy children all looking excited.

Incense Burning Ceremony on His Holiness’ 87th Birthday on the basketball ground

On the other side, the younger children had their incense burning ceremony followed by the presentation of songs and dance. After that, the students were treated with sweets and juice. There was a big and genuine smile on the faces of each and every child as they nursed their sweets and drinks in their hands.

Primary class children enjoying on Trungkar Duechen with their teachers

A glimpse of Trunkar Duechen held in primary school

The primary section also had theri own birthday celebration in their classroom. The headmaster, the teachers and the children offered scarf and sang song for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. They cut the cake and wished His Holiness long life. The birthday cake was cut by school gompa’s Kunyenla while the Tashi Delek Radio’s special Trunkar program was played as background music during the cake cutting. The entire students and teachers joined in unison to the birthday song of His Holiness and solemnly wished him a happy 87th birthday. In few minutes, everybody was seen enjoying their share of cake and the juice. After that, there was the long awaited party games reserved for all the 4 classes present there. The teachers gradually introduced the games one by one and called the classes one by one. The entire game session was thoroughly enjoyed by the. After that, some of the students presented their songs and dances which were again received well by the audience.

Children praying for long life of His Holiness

Thus, His Holiness’ 87th Birthday was celebrated graciously like every year. Not far from the school, in the courtyard of Tsuglakhang, the program remained vibrant even after the end of the official celebration. There were songs and dances presented by different groups and associations.

Movie Screening by Tibet Museum

Screening of a documentary film on His Holiness Reincarnation by The Tibet Museum (Photo@ Gen Tsering Chodon la)

4th July, 2022: A team of Tibet Museum personnel visited upper TCV School for screening an animated movie on the search for the reincarnation of the thirteenth Dalai Lama. The movie was screened in Hermann Gmeiner auditorium during the morning assembly for the staff and students of senior section. Before the screening of the film, Mr. Tenzin Topdhen la, the Director of the Tibet Museum gave an introductory talk about the museum and the purpose of this film screening. He and his entire team extended their gratitude to the school heads for the screening time in spite of the examination preparation going on in the school at the moment. In the midst of excitement over the movie, the team started playing the movie. The film was only 14 minutes and short yet it totally captured the imagination of the students about how the present Dalai Lama was recognized following centuries old methods of choosing the right reincarnation.  The main purpose of the Tibet Museum’s visit is to teach young students about how the present Dalai Lama was found. At the end of the screening they gave Tibet Museum souvenir to the school Principal and the headmaster, and donated two pictorial books for the school library.

Students showing keen interest in the exhibition of His Holiness’ life (Photo@ Tenzin Dhargyal)

The Tibet Museum team had the plan to visit all Tibetan schools in India this month to commemorate the 87th Birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and educate the public about His Holiness. Their visit today was their first endeavor. The short film captured the attention of entire assembly of about seven hundred students and kindled their curiosity to learn more about H.H the Dalai Lama.

Students visiting the Photo Exhibition of the Tibet Museum in Dickyi Tsering hall (Photo@ Tenzin Dhargyal)

The team arranged a photo exhibition at Dickyi Tsering Hall from morning till 4 p.m. on the same day. All the students and staff had the opportunity to visit the exhibition and learn some new facts about His Holiness’ life. The photos speak volumes about His Holiness’s early life in Tibet followed by the beginning and later part of his life in exile, travelling around the world and meeting of world leaders.  The exhibition also provided the audience a glimpse of the numerous prestigious awards he had received for his efforts for world peace. The last part of the exhibition displays His Holiness’ four main commitments. The students were seen taking notes and discussing over some important events in His Holiness’ life.

World Drug Day Observed

The resource person, Mr. Prasad interacting with the students on “World Drug Day” (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

27th June 2022: Upper TCV School observed the International Day against substance abuse & illicit drug trafficking (World Drug Day) on 27th June (Monday) The highlight of the program was creating a mass awareness among students and capacity building in dealing with substance related issues. Prior to the day’s program, we held a inter-class drawing contest on the theme “Stay away from substance and Choose a healthy life”. Total of 53 students participated in the contest with classes ranging from VI to XII. We have divided into two categories (VI – VIII) and (IX-XII).

The school counsellor Mrs. Tsering Chodon la speaking on World Drug Day (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la )

The day began with introductory address by Mrs. Tsering Chodon La, Senior Counselor on the day’s significance. This was followed by a short talk by Tenzin Tseyang La, volunteer on her experience working with Kunphen. She told students the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  Next, Mr. Prasad, an Addiction Counselor from Ladakh gave a detail power point presentation on Addressing Drugs Challenges in Health and Humanitarian Crisis. He touched on types of addiction, addiction quotas, how we can protect our youth, knowing the truth, healthy brain and addict brain. He also performed a small exercise in committing oneself to stay away from substance. The session was found very informative.

Distribution of prizes for the winners by the resource person, Mr. Prasad (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

Later, a volunteer from Kunphen gave his perspective on benefit of staying away from substance and how one can live a substance free life. He particularly mentioned about not getting into smoking habit which is also gateway for drugs. The different physical, mental and emotional problem related with substance is explained in detail. The session was well received by the students.

Ms. Tenzin Tseyang la talking to the students on World Drug Day (Photo@ Gen Tenzin Lhawang la)

“I got a lot of information about drug addiction and its deep rooted problem from this sharing session. I think such awareness program on various addictions would definitely help the younger generation and create awareness”, said Tenzin Choezom a student of class X D. Another student, Tenzin Choezin of class X P shared his personal experience after attending this Drug Day Program, “This expert talk on substance abuse gave me lots of new knowledge. The experts talked to us like a friend. They said that drugs will eventually kill us. I really see the importance of organizing such program in all the schools so that our youngsters will know the pros and cons of such substance abuse. I would like to thank our organizers”.

The last part of the program was prize distribution for winners of the inter-class drawing contest followed by consolation prizes for remaining best five drawings. Vote of thanks was delivered by Counselor Mr. Kalsang Tsewang la. Submitted by, Mr.Kalsang Tsewang la, Counselor and Mrs. Tsering Choedon la, Counselor

School Welcomes Class XI Students

The school director, Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee la talking to the class XI students in Dekyi Tsering hall – 2022

The School principal Mrs. Nawang Lhamo la talking to the students of class XI in Dickyi Tsering hall – 2022

30th June, 2022: The school extended a warm welcomed for the students of XI for their new academic year 2022. A total number of around 97 students from different schools including Upper TCV itself had reported and at 6.30 p.m. an orientation meeting was held in Dicki Tsering Hall. The meeting was attended by a new batch of class XI students, hostel wardens, school guidance counselor, their teachers and advisory committee members. The school director, principal, and the headmasters of senior section made their presence at the meeting as a mark of great respect for this welcome event.
The program began with the welcome note by the principal, Mr. Nawang Lhamo la and
introduction of the teachers and members of the Advisory Committee. In her speech, she advised all to be more responsible of their studies and conduct. She reminded all about the importance of producing good academic results to get admission in good colleges in this competitive world.
Mr. Tsultrim Dorje la the director spoke about the codes of conduct that has to be observed at hostels at all times. The next speaker was the chairperson of the Advisory Committee Gen Tsering Khando la. She familiarized the students about the major school rules and possible penalties for the breaking them with the help of PowerPoint presentation.
There was tea and sweet rice ‘Desil’ served to all to mark the meeting special and auspicious. Mr. Wangchuk la the senior section Headmaster thanked all staff members and school prefects for making the event successful. He wished the new batch of class XI student good health and success.

Action-packed Social Day

The members of Social Science Department, Quiz participants with the school principal, headmaster and assistant headmaster (Photo@ Kadol and Lobsang Wangmo Class X)

29th June 2022: Annual Social Day was observed on 29th June by the Social Science Department of Upper TCV School chaired by Mrs. Tenzin Choekyi la in Hermann Gmeiner hall with the presentation of a short didactic play on “Consumer’s Rights” followed by felicitation of students who had excelled in various activities held a couple of days’ back by the chief guest. The chief guest for the morning program was none other than the Education Director, Rev. Tenzin Tsenlek la who was on a day long inspection of the senior section. Others present were the school Principal, Headmaster, Assistant headmaster, teachers and students. The short play was beautifully executed; dialogues were well articulated; and their final message about consumer’s rights was loud and clear. After the play, the chairperson of the Social Science department distributed the prizes for the winners of various activities conducted a couple of days’ back. The chief guest congratulated the winners and gave them the prize. The headmaster thanked the Social Science teachers and the students for their hard work and dedication.

Class XII Social Day Quiz in Dickyi Tsering hall (Photo@ Kadol and Lobsang Wangmo Class X)

In the evening, there was a quiz contest for the students of class XII in Dickyi Tsering hall. In the midst of the beautifully adorned stage, Mrs. Tenzin Choekyi la, the chairperson of the Social Science Department welcomed the audience once again on behalf of her department members. She then called the 12 participants who had been selected from preliminary rounds, by their names and put them into four groups named after the four layers, Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere and Biosphere. The quiz masters were all female and thus the quiz mistresses took the rounds namely General Knowledge round, Cartography round, Buzzer round and Rapid Fire round. The entire quiz session was very informative, interesting and exciting too. Everybody in the hall thoroughly enjoyed the quiz which was time bound and well prepared collectively. The quiz ended with the final round i.e. Rapid Fire round which saw a rapid rise and fall in the scores.

A Play on “Consumer’s Rights” on Social Day (Photo@ Tenzin Kalsang VIII S and Tenzin Chonden X)

Before the result was announced, the chairperson presented a video showing social day activities like painting competition for class VI students, map work, CTA quiz, exhibition etc. assigned to all classes from VI to XII for the past few days. The short video spoke a volume about the cooperation, leadership, planning and hard work of the entire social science department. The video received a huge round of applause from the audience for providing various activities and opportunities for the entire grades.

TCV Education Director Rev. Tenzin Tsenglek la with the winners (Photo@ Tenzin Kalsang VIII S and Tenzin Chonden X)

Finally, team Atmosphere came out triumphantly scoring more than 200 points. The chief guest of the evening program, Mrs. Nawang Lhamo la, the school Principal gave away the prizes for the winners and the consolation prizes for the remaining participants. She spoke highly of the kind of work and preparation undertaken by all the members of Social Department headed by Mrs. Tenzin Choekyi la for many weeks in advance. She also thanked the members on the floor for maintaining the decorum of the program. Mrs. Tenzin Choekyi la extended her gratitude to all her colleagues for their cooperation and support. She also thanked each and everyone involved in making the Social Day programs and activities successful.

Dr. Gmeiner Cake Tournament

Staff and Student team with the Headmaster on SOS Day. (Photo@ Gen Kalsang Phuntsok la)

23rd June: Twenty third June is celebrated all over the SOS villages and schools as the SOS Day remembering the birthday of Dr. Hermann Gmeiner who founded the SOS children’s villages. Every year, the day is celebrated with great pomp and show in various SOS schools all over the world with school remaining closed for the day. Pre-Covid times, there were programs like painting competition, outdoor activities, cake tournament, sing a song nite for children. This is the day each and every children look upon as they present song and dance on this day. Unfortunately, due to the recent pandemic and lockdown, the day had lost its charm everywhere especially when gathering of large people was curtailed.

A specially ordered Gmeiner Cake on SOS Day (photo@ Gen Kalsang Phuntsok la)

Nevertheless, this year a special football match was arranged by the school PET Mr. Kalsang Phuntsok la, whose appointment in the school had seen lots of games and activities lately, the most recent being the farewell basketball match between the staff member and the out-going class XII students a couple of weeks’ back. The regular cake tournament which would last for a little more than a week had to be reduced to mere single friendly match. So, on 23rd June, a football match was arranged between the staff team and the student team to commemorate the SOS day. The friendly match ended with the cutting of cake as customary.

Dr. Hermann Gmeiner was an Austrian philanthropist and the founder of SOS Children’s Villages. He was born on 23rd June 1919 in Austria .He died on 26th April 1986 in Austria. He is lovingly known as the father of SOS children’s villages. It is also a time to pay gratitude for the philanthropist who nurtured millions of orphan and semi-orphans.