Class X (batch of 2022) Graduation Day Ceremony

22nd March, 2023: The school organized a graduation function for the class X  2022-2023on 22nd March, at Dickey Tsering Hall after lunch. One hundred and forty students are graduating class X from Upper TCV school. It is indeed an important day for all as many students will leave the school for +2 in their chosen stream.  The graduating students, the Head Office managerial team,  members of village management committee , concern teachers and home mothers had the farewell lunch together in the hall. The brief graduation function took place in the afternoon . The chief guest for the occasion was the President of TCV, Mr. Sonam  Sichoe honored all the students with a traditional scarf as gesture of good luck and gave a  touching speech in which he stated that it is the day to remember the kindness of  sponsors, teachers and all who contributed to make what they are now.

Stressing on the value of gratitude students were advised to have always the attitude of appreciation and thankfulness to the person or the organization from which they are benefitted. The village director reiterated the same in his speech. The program ended with the principal’s talk in which she urged students to act according to the advice of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for a smooth and successful academic journey ahead. She also made some important announcements with regard to their next academic session.  The ceremony ended with class wise group photo session.                                                     


Himachal Police Drive against Cyber Fraud and Drug Abuse

20th March, 2023: As a part of Himachal Police Drive in community, the additional Superintendent of Police, Kangra visited the school for a talk on the most emerging crime of concern– cyber fraud and drug abuse.  Mr. Mayank Chaudary the additional SP and IPS officer, Mr. Rinku Suryavansh, SHO Mcloed and their entourage were escorted by the school director and the principal.  Six hundred and forty-two students and teachers of senior section attended the talk in the afternoon at 2.30p.m. The program was launched to create awareness in school about the issues and to curb the rising number of frauds and crimes in society.  Mr. Mayank talked on three issues – cyber fraud, drug abuse and motor vehicle rules.

 He stated about the prevalence of many types of Cyber fraud, further explained what it is and possibility of one getting trapped in it on Social Medial Account especially senior girls. All are urged all to be extra cautious at all time and requested to call police if they suspect a fraudster.

He expressed his concern over the increasing number of drug abuse case in Dharamsala. He pleaded all to stay away from drugs. He said if we are on the right path we can nurture the society on the right direction.  

With regard to motor vehicle rules he said Helmet wearing while biking and putting on seat belt while driving is very mandatory by law to save oneself from any life threatening injury.  Obligation to follow the rules for safety in a society was stressed all through the talk.  He cited a couple of messages by His Holiness the Dalai Lama with regard to the responsibility of every individual to foster and practice kindness for a happier society.

There was Q and A session where both boys and girls participated. He encouraged students to study hard to make your career and be a good human being. On behalf of students and staff members, the school director Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee thanked Mr. Mayank for the interactive talk which was indeed a first of its kind in the school. As a token of appreciation and friendship, the school principal, Mrs. Nawang Lhamo offered the team with a souvenir.

SEE Learning Orientation for Teachers

18th March, 2023: Social Emotional and Ethical Learning workshop was organized on March 18, 2023 at 9 a.m. 2023 at Dickey Tsering hall. The school director, teachers and non-teaching staff of all three sections,  Mcloed Day school and principal’s office  attended the workshop making it a total of ninety-seven participants.  The program was initiated by  the school SEE Learning Committee aiming specifically to deepen the ‘ teachers’  understanding of the SEE learning framework and familiarizing them with strategies  and ideas to make SEE Learning class an impactful one.  

The resource persons for the workshop were Geshe Wangdak la, the school Tadrup Lopon, Mr. Tenzin Samdup, SEE Learning facilitator at Mewon Tsuglag Peton School and Mr. Kalsang Tsewang , SEE Learning facilitator at Upper TCV.

SEE learning is all about educating the heart and mind.  It became vibrant a couple of years ago in TCV schools like other Tibetan schools in exile. It is proven to be the best life skill that this generation must be equipped with for the well being of self and others.  

Following the introductory speech by the Principal, Mr. Tenzin Samdup gave a talk, emphasizing the framework of SEE Learning and how it is based around three dimensions -Social, Personal and System and how they incorporate the three domains – Awareness, Compassion and Engagement. He brought in his own success experience of teaching children SEE Learning principles in classroom as to motivate the participants.

After the tea break, the program was continued by the next speaker Mr. Kalsang Tsewang speaking on the benefit of having a well planned lesson sticking to the five learning experiences. He presented the sample lesson plan on Different Emotions. Making children know different emotions and recognizing their current emotion are the objectives of the lesson.  Step by step, Mr. Kalsang la showed us how we can effectively make SEE Learning class productive and interesting.  He added that teachers could incorporate SEE Learning concepts in their day to day lesson plan as a part of professional development plan.

Next was the insight activity, where the participants sat in groups of five and chose a topic from the list. Sticking to the five learning experiences, a lesson was prepared in each group and shared by the group representative. Interdependence, forgiveness, kindness, gratitude, mindfulness and creation of compassionate class were topics chosen for the lesson plan. After a quick debriefing, Mr. Kalsang la stated that the lesson demonstrations depict participants’ fair understanding of SEE Learning and their enthusiasm to implement them in classroom.

The next speaker was Geshe Wangdak la. He enlightened the participants about Secular Ethic by highlighting concepts like – appreciating interdependence, recognizing common humanity and compassion. Through examples and excerpts from His Holiness’s books and speeches, he reiterated how important it is to cultivate the powerful human values in the heart of young generation for a peaceful world as His Holiness the IV Dalai Lama advocates in his speeches and books.

Mrs. Nawang Lhamo la gave closing remarks by highlighting the key messages of the speakers in short.  Gen la urged all participants to keep enhancing their knowledge on SEEL and secular ethic by reading books like – Ethics for a  New Millennium, Beyond Religion, Seed of Compassion.  She thanked all the facilitators for sharing insights into SEEL and attendees for their active participation.

 ‘Home for Humanity’ Award Ceremony at  Upper TCV School

14th March, 2023: It was a proud moment for TCV family to receive a prestigious award ‘Home for Humanity’ from a non-profit association based in France- ‘Home for Humanity’, founded by Dr. Rama Mani and Prof. Alexander Schieffer on International Peace Day, 21 September, 2019.The official award ceremony was hosted during the morning assembly at 9 o’clock at the Hermann Gmeiner Hall which was attended by student body and staff  members.  Home for Humanity is a movement of change makers of diverse cultures, backgrounds and ages across all continents who feel called, in this time of suffering and systemic breakdown. The movement believes that every single individual, whatever their circumstances and context, has a vital role to play in co-creating a better future, and making our Earth a true ‘home’ again for all life.

Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee la gave the welcome speech in which he introduced  Home for Humanity team and expressed how honored TCV feels to bag the most deserved award.  Following the opening speech, Dr. Alexander briefed about history of Home for Humanity and what kind of work it does and  impact it had made across globe. He congratulated TCV School on being the recipient of the award. He added that he was thrilled and contended that their movement was blessed  and deeply appreciated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama during the private audience on 13th of March.  Dr. Rama Mani, the co-founder lifted the spirit of the audience by dramatizing the work that Home for Humanity undertakes. She took us on an imaginary journey across the globe, visiting and experiencing the Home for Humanity especially in the conflict-affected states like Israel and Palestine.   She recommended TCV to collaborate with Home for Humanity in the movement to co-create ‘Home on Earth.’

Next was Dr. Meera Sethi, a former senior Executive of the International Organisation for Migration, Geneva.  She is one of the many passionate participants of Home for Humanity movement.   She briefly shared her interest and experience in assisting refugees to receive decent treatment in the foreign land and seek asylum for quick resettlement.

 Next was Dr. Eda Elif Tibet, a renowned documentary film maker for Turkey-Switzer land.  She contributes her expertise in movie making for the same cause. In her short talk she shared the reason for keeping Tibet as her surname. She recounted how curious she was about Tibet when she was a child.  

On behalf of entire TCV family, the school captains, the TCV General Secretary(External), the school principal, the director, and Tadrup Lopons received the award.

While receiving the award, we couldn’t help being grateful to the two sisters of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, Mrs. Tsering Dolma la and Ama Jetsun Pema la for their selfless efforts to have  well established homes for destitute and orphans fulfilling the visions of His Holiness. TCV had been a safe home for thousands of children and is still a home not only for Tibetan but also for Himalayan children.  Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee,  the school director  and Mrs. Nawang Lhamo, the school  principal in their closing remark, expressed their gratitude for honoring and recognizing  TCV as an exemplary ‘Home for Humanity’. The team was on the campus till four o’clock interacting with the senior students and experiencing the home atmosphere of TCV.  

Parents’ Day Celebration at Upper TCV

5th March, 2023: Upper TCV school celebrates Parents Day on fifth March, 2023 with a function in the morning at 10 a.m. at Dekyi  Tsering Hall. The ceremony was attended by students of class VII-IX, staff members and parents. The chief guest for the day was Mr. Choeying Dhondup , TCV General Secretary.

The day commemorates the birth of the Great Mother of H.H the fourteenth  Dalai Lama,  Dekyi Tsering. On this auspicious day we remember and adore the genuine loving compassionate nature of Galyum  Chemo towards all being and unconditional love and sacrifices made by mothers at large.  

The function began with screening of a documentary titled Compassionate Mother of Tibet.  It’s a true inspiration to allmothers.  To pay homage to Gyalyum Chemo, staff members  offered  Khata at the altar, where the portrait of H.H the Dalai Lama and Gyalyum stands.

The school principal Mrs. Nawang Lhamo la presented the letter issued by  Education Minister CTA,  Mrs. Tharlam Dolma on the occasion. Highlighting one of the messages, she appealed all parents to spend quality time with their children; understanding their problem and creating favorable environment for a healthy growth. She further stated that apart from learning other key subjects, Tibetan children can experience and learn unique Tibetan culture and ethics in Tibetan schools in exile.  Therefore Tibetans are expected and urged to send their children to Tibetan school.

The chief guest Mr. Choeying la expressed how indebted we are to Gyalyum Chemo and His Holiness the Dalai Lama for inspiring us to be a good human being.  He further illustrated with a couple of incidents of the Great Gyalyum for being so generous towards beggars, hospitable to neighbors and strangers.  One can sense of deep admiration and respect to Galyum Chemo  in the hall. He also stressed in his speech, the significance of studying Tibetan language. He voiced his concern over the deteriorating standard of Tibetan language and made an urgent call for extra effort towards further strengthening of the language at all capacity.  He added that Children in Tibet are barred from learning their native language (Tibetan) in their own country. It is one of the Chinese strategies to gradually eradicate Tibetan identity. Gen la, encourage especially students to study Tibetan Language with interest considering the fact of the language being under threat of extinction.  He reiterated that when a language dies out, future generations lose a vital part of the culture that is necessary to understand completely so it becomes important to preserve it.

The school director gave the closing speech in which he expressed his gratitude to home mothers for playing the role of a mother for many children all through the year. Taking inspiration from Gyalyum chemo, he urged them to continue their noble service of nurturing children with kindness at the home away from home. It is evident that mothers have potential to sow the seed of love and compassion in the heart of every child.

  Tea and snacks were served at the basket ground to all the guest and staff members.

Upper TCV School Reopens for New Academic Year – 2023

2nd March, 2023: The school hosted its opening ceremony on 2ndt of March at 9.30 a.m. at Dickyi Tsering Hall. The function was attended by Mrs. Lobsang Tsomo , TCV General Secretary(external), staff members and students  class IX and above. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. Kunchok Migmar la, the Welfare Officer of Dharamsala.

 Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee la the village director gave the opening speech reminding all, the four commitments of His Holiness the Dalia Lama and elaborated how they should be integrated in school activities and daily actions at home too. He further said that goal-oriented people use targets to stay motivated in their work.

Following the director’s speech, there was introduction of the committee members – Welfare Committee, Health Committee, Advisory Committee and Games Committee. The new staff members are also introduced and offered a Khata as a gesture of warm welcome to the school.

 Mr. Kunchok addressed the gathering intimately with some very encouraging quotes – “Today is hard, tomorrow is worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine,”  Carrying positive attitude withsteadfast spirit was the key message of his talk.

The school principal, Mrs. Nawang Lhamo gave the closing speech, in which she talked about the obligation of aligning all school activities with the four commitments.  Ma’am extended her gratitude to the chief guest for the motivational talk to students and staff members on this very first day of school. In her talk she also highlighted few key resolutions passed in the last EDC Meeting held in November, 2023. As per the resolution, a new subject: Tibetan Cultural Studies is introduced for class 6 to 8 with effect from the academic year 2023 in all TCV school. The initiative aims to enrich students with adequate knowledge on the rich Tibetan culture heritage.

After the function at eleven o’clock, students and teachers assembled at their respective section. Class teachers took the responsibility of carrying out cleaning drive in and around classroom. The classrooms are now set for learning with a proper seating arrangement.  From 2 p.m. to 4p.m. distribution of textbook and notebook was carried out by the concerned teachers.

Being the very first day of school everyone appeared to be in mixed emotions as they meet their new classmates and teachers.

Orientation on CTA’s Guidelines on Prevention, Prohibition and redressal of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) for Tibetans in exile

28th February, 2023: It was the second day of orientation program. Teachers attended a talk on CTA Guidelines on Prevention, Prohibition and redressal of sexual and gender based violence in Tibetan community. The event was initiated by the Women’s Empowerment  Desk. WED aims to create awareness about gender equality, sexuality, and sexual and gender- based violence across the exile Tibetan communities.

Time                                  Morning Program

9 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.           Senior teachers (44 attendees)

Time                                  Afternoon

1.30 – 5 p.m.                    Junior, infant and TCV Day School teachers (34 attendees)

After a short introductory speech by the school Principal Mrs. Nawang Lhamo la, WED spokesperson,  Mrs. Tsering Kyi  began her talk by introducing  Women’s Empowerment Desk  which is under Finance Department CTA.

She further spoke about inception of WED  and how it evolved over time. With a PowerPoint presentation, she paraphrased the guidelines for Prevention, prohibition, and redressal of Sexual and Gender-based violence (SGBV) for Tibetans in exile launched officially by CTA in 2018.

Tsering Kyi la briefly explained the key contents of the guidelines; essential steps to redress the matters and respond to the survivors and victim.

Through interactive group activities, Tsering Kyi la and her team succeeds to educate what gender based violence at workplace is and how best it could be resolved. The school is advised to form of an Internal Committee (IC) of workplace for timely receive and redressal of complaints of any sexual harassment.

There was mixed reaction from the audience when it comes to redressing grievances as the matter is very subjective. It was felt that more open discussion based on the framed scenario would embolden folks to talk about the issue which is still considered taboo.

On the whole the session was empowering and insightful!

In the afternoon teachers of senior section sat in the staffroom department wise and   prepared charts with welcome messages and quotes as the new academic year starts on 1st of March. Soft boards in and outside the corridors were decorated with posters loaded with comforting notes.  Teachers of infant and junior section had their classroom decoration done in the morning.

Upper TCV School Orientation Program, 2023

February 27, 2023: The school is all set to start its new academic session 2023. The first day orientation program for teachers was hosted on 27th February, 2023 at Dicki Tsering Hall at 10a.m. Section headmasters and the school Principal presided over the program. Teachers of all three sections and Mcloed Day school attended the event.

Mrs. Nawang Lhamo la the school Principal extended warm welcome note and good wishes to the teaching faculty for a fruitful year. Gen la highlighted the resolutions passed and other takeaways of the 37th TCV-EDC Meeting which was held in November 2022 at Youth Hostel Delhi.

Gen la began by summarizing SWOT analysis of Upper TCV which was conducted last year as directed by the Education Director. Later gave the summary of TCV school SWOT analysis with a help of Power Point presentation. Gen la further talked about the goals that the EDC had set for three years (2023-2025). The SMART Goal Statements of TCV school- S-specific, M-measurable, A-achievable, R-relevant, T-time bound.

Keeping those goals in mind, every faculty is expected to take steps more professionally to cater children with quality education. Time and again teachers were reminded to be strategic in their own way for more productive outcome and impactful teaching-learning experience.

One of the takeaway was the need of appropriate implementation of SEE Learning education in all TCV school. The SEE Learning committee members are expected to work on more structured course of teaching the theme laid out in the SEEL Manual appropriately at all grade.

To make difference in students’ life, change is needed. A short animation film title ‘Iceberg is Melting’ was screened.  It is a business fable about penguins who learn to work together to deal with a dangerous change to their environment. Considering the strength, opportunity and threat of the school, all the staff members are encouraged to work together as penguins until the school set a mark in the community.

A special wel come lunch was served to all the staff members on the basket ball ground at 1.30p.m.

At 2.30p.m section meeting was held chaired by the headmaster. Key section matters were discussed and timetables were distributed.