Tibetan Warrior – A film by Loten Namling Ex-TCV

Tibetan Warrior – A film by Loten Namling Ex-TCV


Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF) has chosen TIPA as the location for showcasing about 22 fiction and documentary films from the best of Indian and world cinemas. Amongst the entries selected by the panels is “Tibetan Warrior” by Doro Hunziker and the main cast of the film is Mr. Loten Namling – one of our former students. This is a true story of one man’s fight for freedom. Like many Tibetans outside everyone is disturbed emotionally by the deteriorating situation in Tibet resorting to all kind of violent expression of the anger and desperation. Loten a musician of repute gave up all his comforts of the life and resolved to bring the deteriorating situation of self-immolation to the attention of UN Human Right Wing in Geneva. His lone walk from Burn to Geneva with a coffin is very touching and is very innovative to represent the self-immolators with their coffin. The lone walk took him about 53 days in sunshine and rain as well as very challenging weather. His lone walk was no doubt very tedious but attempted to bring this to the notice of all those he met on his journey. His final journey ended with a fiesta of music right in front of the UN building.


In his desperation he travelled to India and met with several leaders and non-government organizations and was confused with the actual situation in Tibet and our reaction. Like many young blood there is a violent outburst and wanted to react to express ones pend up feelings of anger and desperation. But on reality on the ground we do not have any means and ways to resort to violent actions.

 loten 3

While he visited India he came to TCV to visit his Home where he grew up as a child. He also met with several old staff and students. The scene getting the remains of his late mother and dispersing in a spring is very moving and like any devoted son he performed the last rite with prayers and choked himself when he dispersed her remains.


Finally when he had an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama his desperate reaction to the deteriorating situation was highlighted and His Holiness brought Loten to senses and made him realize the practical solution to our situation. From then onward Loten was very sure and comfortable to react with doable and result oriented actions thereafter.


Loten made it sure to have his maiden premier show to TCV – his alma mater and touched the hearts of all those who watched his film in Dekyi Tsering Hall on 13th November. Thank you Loten La. TCV is proud of you.


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English Book Fair (13th November, 2015)

English Book Fair


This is the second time that the “English Book Fair” is being organized under the guidance of our English language consultant and mentor Mrs. Tenzin Palmo. Dekyi Tsering Hall wears a new look like a country fair. Children are very excited and confident to share the book that they have read. The book fair program is a very powerful tool to improve their language through careful reading followed by book review in written form as well as oral explanation.  Book review program addresses all the components of language learning modes: reading, writing and speaking.


The program is systematically drafted with very careful studies of children’s reading habits with suitable reading materials. Children are properly guided for the selection of books according to their level, standard and areas of their interest. The joy of reading comes only when you have the right book of your interest and feel comfortable reading with understanding.


Once the selection of the right book is done children are then guided to acquire proper reading habits. The language teachers make sure that children read honestly with understanding and for pleasure. They are then required to submit a written book review along with the titles, authors and publishers.


The book fair program is finally concluded with book review and oral explanation to other children about the book that they have read. Each stall invites staff and children to listen to their review. This indeed is the right method to make our future leaders readers and we encourage having such program regularly.




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Tibetan book fair

Tibetan book fair



Our Tibetan teacher mentor Mr.Migyur La with the team of junior Tibetan teachers innovated a reading program in Tibetan.  October month was devoted for reading Tibetan books and children were encouraged to read various books in Tibetan. Reading materials are suitably selected according to their standard. By the end of the month children were encouraged to prepare a review of book that they liked with summary and illustrations. This is no doubt a very powerful way to instill in children the reading habit. Reading is the primary tool to learn and improve. It is the only through this powerful tool that you educate and empower yourself. Those with reading habit have better grasp of everything and are in better positions than those who hate books and never spend any time for self-improvement through reading.  Mark Twain rightly said, “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”

 DSCN6650 DSCN6653

The Tibetan book fair program was open to students and staff on 4th November. There are several stalls to visit, not to make purchase but to hear the abridged version of the book that are on display. Children were very confident and eloquent to explain about the book that they read with pride and pleasure. While listening to several students I came across Tsewang Lhakey – a nun student who explained me in minute details about the story of the book she read and am quite taken aback. Two years ago when she joined from Lahual Spiti she could hardly speak any Tibetan and was kept in accelerated learning program which we call (Opportunity Class). Starting from basic alphabets she progressed in leaps and bounds and was promoted to class four after about six month in the same year. This year she is in class five and has come to the standard where she could eloquently make a summary presentation of the book she has just read.


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TCV 55th Anniversary – 23rd October 2015

TCV 55th Anniversary – 23rd October 2015



TCV anniversary is one of the most important events in Dharamshala. Residents schedule their events for the year according to TCV anniversary; auto riksho and taxi owners look forward for the brisk business, most of the Shapten Khang remains closed to attend the anniversary. On the anniversary day Mcleod Ganj remain lifeless as the majority of the public converge at the main football ground and fill the valley.


We are very fortunate to have been blessed with the presence of Gyalwa Karmapa as the guest of honour. The speaker and his team of Chitoe along with the representative of Sikhong and Kashag attended the function. We have the silver jubilee class of 1990 and twenty years’ service awardees from all our branches. Many of our friends and sponsors also scheduled their visit to coincide with our anniversary.


After the former function our little tiny toddlers from Infant and Junior section presented a beautiful chorus followed by anniversary cultural presentation by the present class eleven students. The main show of the anniversary was the callisthenic display by about 500 students which filled every inch of the main ground and formed various formations: figure 80, Tibet Climate Action, Peace is powerful and other traditional symbols.


After serving lunch to our guests, TCV Chauntra presented opera on the life of Milarapa and won the heart of all the audience with their beautiful presentation. In the evening we had extempore declamation contest amongst six speakers from plus schools of TCV in Himachal. The secretary of Department of Education Mr. Topgyal was the chief guest and presented trophies to the winners and spoke very highly on the standard of the children.

DSCN6498 DSCN6526DSCN6506

One of the highlights of the anniversary was the athletic meet amongst four Houses. After a month long rigorous trainings in the evenings and early mornings the athletes displayed their best and set many new records. We are very fortunate to have Mr. Ngudup Tsering – Education kalon who witnessed the event in the entire morning and had to leave because of his other pressing engagement. Nyatri house stole the show with a big margin.


In the evening we were entertained with beautiful presentation of Tibetan dances from all our regions by the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA). With a daylong involvement of our students in various shows and activities the evening gave us a sigh of relief and entertained all of us. The auditorium echoed with the applauses of appreciation for their wonderful performance.


The anniversary concluded with thanks giving event of Sangsol. One of the highlights of the anniversary was meeting with silver jubilee batch and 20 years’ service awardees. The informal discussion with the management team made our bondage stronger and cemented our relationship with a real feeling of home with the alma mater.DSCN6607

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Preparation for anniversary

Music class



DSCN6130Co-curricular activities are very important components of education in TCV. Our main emphasis is on holistic development of the children along with three R`s. The children are in the midst of preparation for our annual anniversary learning different skills-music, dancing and callisthenic. This makes our education in the school level complete making them fully equipped with strong root in Tibetan cultural aspects. Many of our students who seriously took active part in such activities outshine themselves when they leave the school with many skills that they have acquired while they were in school. In the exile music world our former students like Pemtse, Lodelek, Phurbu T. Namgyal, JJ brothers and many more are icon for youngsters in the musical field today. Organizations of varied co-curricular activities have positive psychological advantage of instilling in them the sense of achievement as well as confidence.

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Swachch Bharat Abhiyan (2nd October)

Swachch Bharat Abhiyan (2nd October)


The 154th birth anniversary of the father of the nation Gandhi was celebrated with a very befitting program of cleanliness campaign. Gandhi was particularly very concerned about personal habits and even considered “Sanitation more important than independence”. Swachch Bharat Abhiyan was coined by Prime Minister Modi and was replicated with very serious note and concern. Swachch Bharat was launched with combined morning assembly and deliberated everyone to make a difference with our clean-up program as a mark of respect to the Father of Nation. The Environment club distributed the whole area from Dal Lake to Tibet Charity Animal center with excellent logistic plan. The majority of the area for clean-up was off the campus. It was painful to note that because of dearth of dumping facilities the residents as well as shop keepers in the localities had no choice than to dump their refused on the hillside making the area infested with dirt and plastic covers. Students and staff with green T-shirts did an excellent job collecting plastics, domestic refused and pads. The welfare Office made the truck available for us to clear the refused we have collected from the hillside. After several hours to picking all the rubbish from the hillside, it was made spick and span and spotless with natural surroundings. Unfortunately all the natural surroundings will once again be infested with dirt and plastics.  Our long time solution would be to have dumping facilities near Dal Lake and below White House. The Municipal Cooperation and Settlement Office should make such facilities available, only than it surely will make a difference in the life of so many residents. This kind of clean-up is ongoing and unless people change their habit it is no solution.

DSCN6033 DSCN6043 DSCN6047 DSCN6048 DSCN6056 DSCN6070 DSCN6072

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The annual Class XI vs Class XII English Debate is an important literary event in the school calendar. This year’s debate was held on Tuesday, 1 September at the Hermann Gmeiner auditorium. Over the years students have debated on various topics ranging from corporate social responsibility to the role that the internet plays in our lives today. Every debate has always been a learning experience for the debaters and the audience.

This year we decided to debate on the use of capital punishment also known as the death penalty in dealing with criminals. The motion was ‘This House believes that capital punishment should be abolished in every country.’ Capital punishment is an emotive and a divisive subject and while there is a growing number of people calling for it to be universally abolished, there is also a vocal group of fierce defenders who argue that it is the best way to deal with criminals guilty of horrific acts such as terrorism, rape and child murder. The recent hanging of Yakub Memon, one of the accused in the Mumbai bomb blasts of 1993, polarized the Indian people over the use of the death penalty and brought forth fresh arguments for and against it. This spurred us to take up the subject and frame the motion for this year’s debate.

The students of Class XI who supported the motion argued passionately with relevant examples and data to support their points and deservedly won the debate. Tenzin Sherab of Class XI D was excellent and received the award for Best Speaker while Tenzin Phentok of Class XI C was second runner-up.

The Class XII students who opposed the motion also put up a spirited fight but found it difficult to sustain an argument FOR death. However, Lobsang Choedan of Class XII B did a splendid job and received the runner-up award. The other participants Tenzin Kunga of XI C, Youla Dolma of XII B and Tsetan Dolma of XII C, who also did very well inspite of this being their first public debate received certificates of participation from the school principal Mr Namdol Tashi la who was the chief guest. The audience took a very keen interest in the subject judging by the number of students who came up from the floor to share their views. All in all it was a productive evening and one is certain that next year’s debate will be just as good!

 SCIENCE DAY – September 21 & 22

The department of Science & Mathematics of senior section has organized two days ‘On stage Science Exhibition’ before the assembly  on  21st and 22nd of September  2015 to mark the ‘Science Day’. Every year we celebrate science day in our school in an effort to achieve following aims and objectives


  • Enable students to enhance scientific temperament and presentation skills.
  • Enable students to become independent learner and develop confidence.
  • Enable students to discover new mechanical skills.
  • Enable students to initiate discoveries and improve their general awareness.
  • Enable students to enjoy learning science through research, simple discoveries and learning by doing or experimenting.
  • Provide students practical experience in using scientific methods.


Science Day Programme: The events include two days on stage Science Exhibition, displays of important scientific and mathematics facts at various notice boards lying outside the classes and an open quiz competition for every student from class nine to twelve.

On Stage Science Exhibition

Science exhibition is a platform for the students to promote practical experience in using the scientific methods and help stimulate their interest in scientific inquiry. This year we had introduced ‘ON STAGE LIVE EXHIBITION ‘     in which eleven selected groups have given live demonstrations in front of the senior assembly in two shifts .The show was well crafted with the skilful live shots taken by Mr Lobsang Tenzin la  with the use of technologies. The program was well received by the audience with great interest. We had the presence of our school principal Mr. Namdol Tashi la to witness and as one of the judges of the exhibition. He has graciously given some feedback at the end of the final ‘On Stage Exhibition.’

  1. The key aspects of the project were:
  2. Any participating individual or team prepared an exhibit/project/model.
  3. The exhibit/model was either: – a working model                                                   – an investigation based project -a demonstration
  1. Preliminary Science Project selection rounds:

We had 16 participating groups from class nine and ten, each having four or five students who came to grasp the opportunity and got registered for the science project competition on 31st August, 2015.  There were around 50 students who are involved in the preliminary round.  The preliminary selection round was done jointly by science and maths teachers in the staff computer lab.  They sacrificed their time after the school. We are particularly proud of the students who came to join the preliminary round as our key focus is to reach out to the students. However at the eleventh hour, we had to drop our idea of organising this project exhibition in school hall due to some inconveniences which are likely to happen due to  the busy after school extra classes . So we have made up our minds to do on stage live exhibition for which we did another round of selection among the 16 participating teams on 18th of September who would enter in the final actual competition. So after the second preliminary selection round, the following eleven projects qualified for the final ‘On Stage Science Exhibition’

  1. Bouncing egg and growing ice (XD)
  2. Magic Balloon(IXB)
  3. Quick sand and hot air lamp(XP)
  1. Why sun appears red during sunset and sunrise?(XD)
  2. Electricity from salt solution(XG)
  3. Centre of gravity(XB)
  • Volcanic eruption(IXS)
  • Bernoulli’s Principle and water rocket(XS)
  1. Time taken by brain and reading without glasses(IXP)
  2. Hydro-electricity (XB)
  3. Understanding the power of friction(IXB)

Display of Science and Maths facts and Mathematical Quiz Round:

Mr. Lobsang Tenzin la has taken extra effort in preparing some interesting facts related to earth and astronomy which were displayed on the outside notice board and many students were seen attracted to this information.

IQ maths quiz questions were posted on the outside board, two questions on the first day and two questions on the second day.  This enabled the maximum number of students to participate.  Twenty-two students answered the questions correctly.


Three judges were requested to mark the different aspects of the exhibition as per the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Scientific principle
  • Technical skill
  • Utility
  • Presentation

Every student who participated in’ on stage science exhibition’ was given a certificate and the two students who won the top exhibition were given certificates and a trophy.  All the students who gave correct response for the puzzle quiz were honoured with a pen.


On 24th  September 2015, 181  students of Class XII commerce along with 7 concerned subject teachers visited Kangra Fort, Himachal flourmills Pvt. Ltd.  at Kangra , Gyutoe Monastery and Norbulingka Institute as part of this year educational tour. This educational tour is being organized with the motive of enhancing students’ knowledge and bringing business studies textbook along with the real life experience. It helps the students in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge in classroom and application of that theoretical knowledge in real life situation in business organization.

The objectives of this tour are to learn the following:
a) To enable the students to know the Importance of management.
b)  To help the students to recognize the functions of management.

  1. c) To know how business enterprises survive in a competitive market.
    d) To classify Workload Analysis and Workforce Analysis in business enterprises
  2. e) To know the application of principles of management.

In order to make the tour more fruitful, students were divided into groups so as to submit a project per the guidelines of CBSE.


The School celebrated its annual Staff Day with great pomp and show as usual All the Staffs and Students above class 9 were gathered in very beautifully decorated Hermann Gmeiner  hall at 9 am to celebrate Staff Day.  The Students had prepared different songs and dance to express their gratitude towards all the staffs and even cooked delicious lunch, which shows their skill and competence in cooking along with singing and dancing. There was a function on the basketball ground The Staffs were happy to see lots of fresh faces on the stage participating in program. There were also games organized among the staffs on the basketball ground, where all the teachers heartily participated with fun. Day ended with delightful and memorable program.


The annual Class XI vs Class XII Tibetan Extempore Debate was held on Thursday, 10 September at the Hermann Gmeiner auditorium. There were five participants each from Class XI and XII. The Participants were given topic on the spot and each debater had to speak for five minutes to support or against the motion. All the participants argued passionately with relevant examples to support their points.

The prize for the Best Speaker was awarded to Tamdin Wangyal of Class XII C

The prize for the second position was awarded to Tenzin Tseten of Class XI C

The prize for the third position went to Kunchok Sonam of Class XI C

The school principal Mr Ngodup Wangdue presided over the function as Chief Guest. It was a productive evening.


This year’s TPG concluding day was held on Saturday, September 26, 2015 in Deckyi Tsering Hall. All the staff members from four sections gathered at 2p.m. The School Principal gave an introductory speech with an inspiring short movie clip. The Middle Section, Science Department shared lesson study of class VI Chapter “Composting” and the math department of Junior Section shared lesson Study on “Word problem applying four basic mathematic Operation”  A group of Senior Section teachers shared Book Reading- “Khache phalu’s Advice” which contains  relevant advices worth to be shared to the staff members. The TCV Mcloed Day school teachers dis a review on the book titled ‘The Book whisperer’.

The programme ended at  6:00 p.m. with a speech from the chief guest, Mr. Sonam Sichoe, The Education Director of TCV School.


Like last year, this year also we observed Riglam month in the month of September under the Guidance of our Religious Teachers Geshe Atenla, Geshe Lobsang Gyaltsen la and Geshe Ngawang Gelek la.  Three Teachers spent their evenings with the students who voluntarily enrolled for Riglam practice scheduled from 4:30p.m. to 5:30 p.m.for the whole month. The Students also got opportunity to visit Dolma Ling Nunnery on September 11 and Shugseb Nunnery on September 22. They saw how Riglam is being practiced in the Nunneries. The students practiced the Riglam with utmost interest and dedication.  Khen Rinpoche of Namgyal Monastery who was invited as the the Chief Guest on Riglam Concluding Day  appreciated the students taking interest and participation in Riglam The students of three different levels of classes presented Riglam at the school basket ground on the concluding day.

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