Senior School English Elocution Contest 2018

Senior School English Department has organized Inter Class English Elocution Contest on 12th April, 2018 at Dekyi Tsering Hall .The elocution contest consist of students from class VI -VIII. After several days of coaching and practice by the respective class teachers and the language teachers, two to three representatives from each classes were selected for the semi -final round where four best elocutionist each  from poetry, speech and dramatic extract were selected for the final round. A total of 13 students took part in the final competition. Mr Tenzin Lodoe from VI D won first position in poetry recitation category, Miss. Tsering Dolkar from VII D was adjudged as the best speaker from speech category and Mr. Sonam Tsering from VIII D enthralled the entire audience with his terrific performance by playing the role of Convict from the famous play entitled “The Bishop’s Candlesticks”. Sensing the opportunity, many students from the floor came upand tried to give their best performances in order to outdo or excel the others on the stage.

All the participants walked away with handsome gifts, certificates and a traditional white scarf round their necks. Mrs. Tenzin Choekyi, the Head Mistress of Senior School who was the Chief Guest on that day was very impressed with the overall standard of the English Elocution Contest and lauded all the participants and the concerned teachers for their team work and enthusiasm shown in the smooth and professional conduct of the contest during the next day morning assembly.

Mr. Choephel


Emergency First aid course by St John, Cymru/Wales to Class IX and X students

Emergency first aid course for UTCV School was conducted by St John, Cymru/Wales at Dickyi Tsering Hall on 9th April, 2018. The objective was management of an incident in which people have been injured or have been taken ill and taking care of them until medical help is available. It was attended by staffs and the students from class IX and X. This is their third visit to our school. The two hours workshop on first aid was led by Rev. Des Kitto and eight other members from St John, Wales, England.

Mrs. Nawang Lhamo, the Principal, gave a welcoming speech and introduced all the volunteers. The workshop comprised of activities like introduction to first aid, emergency plan, recovery position, CPR and bleeding/bandaging techniques. Rev. Des Kitto, the Head of the group gave a short speech on how to deal and react during emergency situations. He hopes that all the participants would pick up at least one or two above techniques to save someone’s life. Other volunteers followed him and gave demonstrations on three main actions during an emergency, using three p’s (Preserve Life, Prevent Injury and Promote the casualties recovery). The participants were introduced on how to provide CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), Recovery Position and bleeding/bandaging techniques.

Every participant got the opportunity to practically experiment the above techniques to ensure management of an emergency situation/incident. In short the workshop was executed successfully and was very effective for the students.  Lastly Mrs. Nawang Lhamo thanked the volunteers from St John’s, Wales for conducting the workshop for three consecutive years by offering traditional white scarves as a mark of gratitude and appreciation.

Reported By: Choephel (Mr.)

An Interactive Session on DE Addiction of Drugs and Alcohol with Former Drug Addicts

4th April, 2018: An interactive session on De addiction of drugs and alcohol with former drug addicts cum members from Addiction Free India Association was held at Dekyi Tsering Hall on 4th April 2018. In consultation with the school head, Addiction Free India Association organized this session. It is a new NGO initiated by Mr. Chemi Dorjee, the Counselor cum Head of the AFIA. Their mission is to Save Life and Say No to Drugs and Alcohol.

Mrs. Nawang Lhamo, the School Principal gave a welcome speech followed by Mr. Chemi Dorjee who gave a brief introduction of AFIA and its related activities. Master. Devanash, Mr. Kapil, Mr. Abhishek, and Mr. Chemi Dorjee are the members of this organization. Unlike other speakers, they are not scholars or experts but they are all former drug addicted victims who have undergone unimaginable problems in the prime of their life. But by dint of their strong determination and good guidance, all of them managed not only to quit the drugs but they came forward to share their experiences so that they could save many people from the jaws of death and miserable life. There was pin drop silence and the students listened with rapt attention when each member started sharing their grueling experiences.

Their messages were loud and clear. Master Devansh said “ I didn’t know how things ran out of my hand. I was in my own world, own thought. Luckily, after many efforts, I was able to come out of addiction like a proverbial “Even after the darkest night, there comes a full moon” Drugs aren’t cool. Respect your near and dear one and people around you”. Kapil, the only and the spoiled child of the rich family said, “I had multiple addictions.  I was often out of mind. I couldn’t work, eat or play. I was often on liquid diet. I took several treatments but I never got cured because I didn’t get right guidance, teacher or a dieticians. Finally, through meditation, I was able to quit addiction. I am feeling free and fine now.  Even if I can help one person from you, that will be my spiritual help.” Abhishek, a medical student who was obsessed with multiple drugs for many years said “I was so obsessed with drugs that I can’t live without it, I can kill anyone for drugs. Half of my body was damaged. After several treatments, I was cured. Remember, drugs are not cool. It will lead you to a painful death.”  Mr. Chemi Dorjee, the founder of the AFI said “I was into drugs for 13 long years. I was infected with TB two times and I was away from my children, wife and parents for many years. Much to my annoyance, I couldn’t fulfill my father’s hope and aspirations in me. I was considered as the black sheep of the family. It hurted me immensely. But today I am here and I want my message to get across you. The pain which I have been through may not be experienced by you all. So please share our experiences of pain so that many people can get long time gain. Save Life and Say No to drugs and Alcohol.”

We saw good interaction between the organizer and the students. Mr. Chemi Dorjee wrapped up their talk by highlighting on important and specific topics like causes, signs and symptoms, treatments, hopes and messages on how to deal with the drug and alcohol addicted people. The presentation came to an end with a video clipping on “A Spiritual Perspective On Consumption of Alcohol” by SSRP Production.

In appreciation of their meaningful talk, Mrs. Tenzin Choekyi, the Head Mistress of our school profoundly thanked Mr. Chemi Dorjee and his team and implored everyone to learn from their experiences. Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee, the Director of the school did  the honour of offering traditional white scarf and a handsome gift money to the organizer. The awareness campaign on drug and alcohol addiction came to an end with photo session with AFIA members and the school Heads. In nut shell, the talk proved very meaningful and practical which is very much evident from the level of participation from the audience.

Reported by: Choephel Shonsang (Mr.)

Upper TCV on Earth Quake Drill


On 4th April, earthquake drill was carried in all the sections of Upper TCV.  The drill was aimed to enhance one’s knowledge on earthquake and to prepare oneself mentally when such disaster occurs. Thus, on 4th April, the day started with a presentation by Class X D students on the topic ‘Earthquake’. During the morning assembly, the students demonstrated on “Drop, Cover and Hold” under  the guidance of social department members.





At 11:00 a warning bell was rang.  The students under the supervision of their respective teachers practiced ‘DROP, COVER, HOLD ON’ after which they quietly moved to the school ground which is the safest place.

There, roll calls of the students were taken by the respective class teachers. The students who were missing were reported to the rescue team which comprised of teachers who went in search of the missing students and brought them to the ground where they received first aids from a team of teachers and health department.


Around 1340 students and more than 91 staff members participated in the drill and all the participants gave their full support during the drill and gained knowledge. The drill ended well on a satisfactory note.


Class X Graduation Ceremony, 2018

To honor and to bid proper farewell to the graduating class X students (2017-18), a Graduation lunch Cum Ceremony was held/hosted at Dekyi Tsering Hall on March 29, 2018 at around 1:30 P.M. The event kicked off with a celebratory lunch for the students and the staff which was jointly organized by the school Management Committee and the school Student Council.

We are very lucky to have Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Harold Sharmen as our Guest of Honor who have been a very good friend and generous sponsor for TCV school over the years.  The actual ceremony began at around 2:30 pm where the graduating students were presented with the traditional white scarf by Mrs. Nancy. As a mark of appreciation, Certificates of Participation for the participants of the DOE Leadership Workshop and school community service were presented to the respective students by Mr.  Harold Sharmen.

The school Principal Mrs. Nawang Lhamo, began the speech by notifying the students about the rules governing the class XI stream choices and related requisite documents. Besides that, she advised the students to study hard and be a good ambassador of our school. It was followed by a short speech by Mr Tsultrim Dorjee, the Director of our school, where he implored every student to study hard so that they can contribute meaningful service to our community and the world at large. Before the entertainment programme, a join photo session was done as a mark of remembrance and gratitude. The felicitations ended with a wide variety of entertaining programmes consisting of performances by the graduating students as well as games conducted by the school Student Council.

In a nutshell, the ceremony was simple yet memorable for the class X graduates. We wish them successive success in their future endeavor.

Mr. Chophel

AES Mini Workshop to the School Prefects

Mini course 2018 (American embassy school)

On 16th march, eight of the class 12 school prefects left for American embassy school, NewDelhi. On reaching there we were escorted to our host families where we spent one night. We were divided into pairs for different mini courses as mentioned below:

1.Rural Rajasthan- Khedup and Tenzin Tsangpa

It was all about learning about the rural livelihood of Rajasthan where they spent their nights in tents in the heart of state; Jaipur. They visited local villages and help Indian families to prepare meals, work in farms and also visited the local government school.

2.Camel Caravan- Pema Lhanzei and Tenzin Choetso

Camel caravan was mainly camel riding where 2 of our prefects went to Bikaner, Rajasthan. They also got the chance to learn about village livelihood. They also did some puppet making with other students of AES.

3. Adventure to the heart of India- Yungdrung Gyaltsen and Tashi Wangdue

Two prefects of our school went on this mini course which was planned in Jhansi, Madhya Pradesh. In this mini course our prefects visited old forts, cycled, made pots and went for rafting.

4.Birds, bears and crocodiles- Rinzin and Tenzin Choesang

In this mini course we went to Bharatpur, Rajasthan and visited the national bird sanctuary. After several days we went to the elephant and bear sanctuary on the way to Agra, Uttar Pradesh. We also got to go on a boat safari in the Chambal River where we saw crocodiles and several other birds.

The weeklong mini course was indeed a memorable one and a great opportunity to learn out of box for which we would like to thank the American Embassy School at large, ma’am Teresa Hjellming for being with us every time, our respective host families for the homely stay, mini course mentors, AES students and TCV administration for giving us this opportunity. This year’s mini course was a gift of new friends, wise supervisors and lots of memories and lessons.