Winter holiday was extended until 6th March to facilitate our children to be with their family during Tibetan New Year. Staff reported back on the 5th and students on the 6th after almost two and half months of long winter holiday. In order to create a learning environment and to rid of holiday mood we organized orientation for staff on the 6th morning.

We are very fortunate to have been graced by ex-Katri Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche to give a very penetrating deliberation to all our staff on the very first day of our new academic year. His talk focused on the need of the hour to improve and incorporate secular ethics in our educational system. Based on his vast experience and learning he clarified of our misconception and misinterpretation of secular ethics. He built a very sound foundation of our understanding of very popular adage “Secular Ethics” and provided us a crystal clear framework and recommended readings of His Holiness Dalai Lama books that form the whole philosophy of secular ethics.

Our director Mr. Ngodup Wangdue briefed very lucidly the outcome of management meeting resolutions and laid ahead a very clear roadmap for the year round programs and activities. Special luncheon was arranged to welcome all our staff on the very first day of our academic year and we feel honoured being joined by our chief guest Prf. Samdhong Rinpoche for the welcome lunch on our main basketball ground. We then split into our four sections to make a master plan for the year round activities and had a very meaningful meeting.

The school opening function was organized the very next day on 7th. We are again fortunate to have Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche as the guest of honour. The function began by honouring our senior staff who served the organization with unstinting years of service for the children. Staffs serving over forty years, 30 years and twenty five years were honoured with citation and statue or thangka. TCV is striding forward year by year because of dedicated service of our workforce. Amongst the service recognition recipients we have Mr. Ngodup Wangdue – Village Director who served TCV for the last forty years mostly in the administrative post.

Introduction of the various committee members were also done and honoured with traditional scarves. The chief guest gave a very motivational speech emphasizing mostly on children’s opportunity in the school for their own growth and development. Principal Mr. Namdol Tashi announced the change of examination modality by CBSE and with very personal word of appreciation and vote of thanks the function ended and immediately after lunch the first day of the school began. We hope the new academic year be very productive with maximum participation by all our children and staff

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Children’s Day: 14th November, 2016

Children’s Day: 14th November, 2016


Children’s day program is one of the annual events that our children look forward with much excitement.  We celebrate Children’s day with the sole purpose of entertaining our children to bring about little laughter and fun in the midst of their serious academic pursuits. Children’s Day is celebrated throughout India to pay our deepest gratitude to the first prime minister of India – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who we owe tons of love and gratitude for being the main architect behind having separate schools for Tibetan refugee children. His farsighted vision of Tibetan children back in early sixties pays off today making our community vibrant and lively.

This kind of programs interconnects various departments under one slogan: Entertain, Entertain and entertain our children on children’s day. Each department met and spent several days preparing for the entertainment show for our children. The evening was a big treat for our children rolling them with lot of fun and laughter. Various shows from cultural dances, songs to glimpses of Bollywood items rocked the stage and made our children fully engrossed for about an hour and half.

This year Junior and Infant section did an excellent job of making a complete change of our stage and hall with beautiful decorations and life-size quotes from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Nehru. As the children were ushered in the hall for the morning function everyone was awestruck with the beautiful decoration making the whole atmosphere very festive and meaningful.

After the felicitation address by Mr. Dhondup Gyalpo and our President Mr. Thupten Dorjee, the stage was set for the oath taking ceremony for 2017 students council under new head boy and head girl.  Every one applauded with appreciation for the excellent job done by the outgoing students’ council and wished success to the newly appointed captains and prefects. Director Mr. Ngodup Wangdue concluded the morning function with his word of appreciation for the involvement of all our staff making the day memorable for our children.


The morning function was followed with several entertaining games for our students in Infant and Junior. We are grateful to Punjab Regiment 26 Battalion band for making their presence felt with their beautiful display of Army band. Special lunch was arranged in the respective homes and hostels. This year children’s day was very entertaining and a lot of fun for our children.





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TCV 56th Anniversary – October 23rd to 25th

TCV 56th Anniversary – October 23rd to 25th


 Come October and you see TCV students and staff fully engrossed in the preparation of our annual anniversary. The day marks our organization’s inception in early 1960 with just 51 children who were in desperate need of care and attention.  Owing to the farsightedness and personal involvement of His Holiness the Dalai Lama – Nursery for Tibetan Refugees evolved from a very small nursery to one of the largest educational institutions in exile. Over the past 56 years TCV progressed in leaps and bounds covering the area from Ladakh in the north to Bylakuppee in the south catering to the children’s physical and educational growth and development. In these 56 years of our existence over 47000 Tibetan youngsters have a lasting lifelong imprint of TCV and its philosophy “Others Before Self”. Educational programs and facilities are not only from K-12 but caters to post school programs for under-graduate studies in Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Studies in Bangalore and various professional and vocational training institutes in Selakui and Patlikuhl


This year we celebrated 56th founding anniversary on 23rd October. We are very fortunate to have Gyalwang Karmapa as our guest of honour. As TCV anniversary is one of the mega event in little Lhasa, we have all the distinguished dignitaries from our government in exile, general public from Mcleod and vicinity making the  main market square in McLeod  devoid of people. One of the highlights of the anniversary is conferment of recognition award to our staff completing twenty years of service and silver jubilee batch – the class 1991 as our special guest of the anniversary. We are happy that many of our friends and sponsors were able to join us for the celebration.


We had our official function from 9 am and day rolled with full of exciting events filling our main play ground with our children performing cultural show from Infant and senior school. The crescendo of the event before lunch was the callisthenic PT display with various formations by about 500 children to depict the anniversary theme UNITY.

After hosting luncheon for our numerous guests, all the TCV schools in Himachal presented series of cultural shows with songs, dances and choirs. In the evening again five TCV schools had a presentation of talent shows with solo songs and duets with their respective performing arts teachers.


On the second day – 24th October we had the 6th INTER-TCV ATHLETICS MEET. All the TCV schools in HP participated in the athletics meet.  Mr. Choekong Wangchuk – minister for Health in CTA graced the occasion as the chief guest. We are grateful to him for being with us throughout the day declaring the meet open and close and also giving trophies to the winning team. The day was very exciting and saw many previous records in the various athletic events shattered. After a very eventful day the day concluded with distribution of certificate and trophies to the winning teams. TCV Suja stole the show as the 6th Inter-TC V Athletic winner followed by Upper TCV.  In the evening we had extempore deliberation among three plus two schools in Himachal. The host school was declared the winner for the extempore.


On the third day- the day started with mass Sangsol on the courtyard of our temple. The managerial staff of Head Office along with the Village director and principal had a daylong interaction with silver jubilee batch and staff completing twenty years of service. Dharamshala chapter of TCV Alumni organized a get-together of all the ex-TC V in and around Dharamshala for a social gathering discussing about their role as Ex-Student.

Our anniversary concluded with special dinner party for the staff and our honoured guest silver jubilee batch as well as twenty service awardees.  We are indeed very thankful to the class of 1991 for meeting all the expenses incurred for the dinner. They were adamant to have the expenses billed to them as an expression of gratitude to the staff.

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Teaching by Khensur Jhado Tulku Rinpoche – 17th October

Teaching by Khensur Jhado Tulku Rinpoche – 17th October


We are blessed with the visit of Khensur Jhado Tulku Rinpoche on 17th October. All the staff attended his teaching voluntarily. Dekyi Tsering auditorium was filled with our staff as well as all our retired staff and several nuns from Nepal. His teaching and initiation on medicinal Buddha lasted for about an hour and half.  His very penetrating deliberation and teachings kept all of us motionless with total engrossment.


His teaching is down to earth and made us realize the folly of reciting our prayers mindlessly without thinking about the meaning of the text. He emphasized that our actions should be in congruence with our beliefs and motivation which then can effortlessly turn these into meritorious actions. He made a beautiful connection between our day to day work and our ethical mindset to bring your life style to a higher level.

Presence of Jhaso Rinpoche was very empowering and motivational.

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Anti-Bullying Month

Anti-Bullying Month


Bullying in schools and institutions are very common but unfortunately the victims dare hardly speak out for the fear of being bullied and ridiculed again. This silent trend is like a killer disease CANCER keeping the victims withdrawn and down affecting their studies and growth adversely. These incidents become very emotional when the victims share their experience with chocked throat and wet eyes. This happens only when everything is over and when they feel safe and secure.


In order to rid of these very serious trends in the school we have declared AUGUST as the month of Anti-Bully month. Management committee members visited homes to have family meeting over their dinner and shared experience where children were intimated or ridiculed by bully. Children were encouraged to open up and share their personal experience where they felt being bullied. This has no doubt created a very cordial atmosphere and all the children and grown-ups were made aware of menaces of such bad habits in the homes and schools.


The month long program created awareness though various activities like essay writing, poster contest and beautiful skits.  Our school counselors Mrs. Choezom Tsering and Mrs. Tsering Dolkar took lot of initiatives to comb the entire area where such incidents occur. Anti-Bully month was concluded with presentation by both the counselors and skits by senior, middle and junior schools. This campaign did make a difference and all the students signed a declaration pledging:

I will not bully

I will not let anyone bully me.

I will stand and speak up for the victims.


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Indian Independence Day Celebration

Indian Independence Day CelebrationDSCN8283

The 70th Indian Independence Day was celebrated in TCV in Hermann Gmeiner Hall simultaneously when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing the nation from iconic Red Ford ramparts. To honour and express our gratitude to India we invited Assistant Commissioner of Block Development Officer Mr. Dharmesh to be the guest of honour. The program started in very simple yet fitting decoration of the hall done by the Middle school. Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal – Tibetan language teacher of middle school after welcoming the chief guest began series of programs depicting the national pride of India from Rio Olympic medal aspirants and national sport icons. Each section presented suitable cultural items and kept everyone in the hall fully occupied for about an hour and half.


Whenever we celebrate the Independence Day of our host country it instills in us a sense of urgency and hope for our situation. We wait for the day when His Holiness the Dalai Lama returns back to our country, when there is reunion of Tibetans in Tibet and outside and when His Holiness addresses from POTALA PALACE.


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