TCV Girls Basketball team visits Amritsar


6th7th8th&9th April 2012.
2012 TCV basketball Trip Amritsar

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This February and April the TCV has been on trips to Amritsar.In February the TCV boys football team played against Miri Piri Academy(MPA)an international Sikh dharma boarding school and in April the TCV girls basket ball team played two matches against the MPA team.We stayed at the Golden Temple niwas and did much free service(kar seva) including washing up,shelling chana dal and giving out cutlery in the huge free kitchen there.The Golden Temple feeds between 80,000 and 250,000 people each day depending on the time of year and volume of people.We all enjoyed the food there.We  visited the Waga border,which has a lively colorful ceremony every evening,marking the border between India and Pakistan.In February we went to the cinema together with MPA , by April Amritsar is hot so we all enjoyed the small makeshift MPA swimming pool.  The trips have given the chance for the two schools to interact on the common ground of the sports field.The students from both sides said it was refreshing to meet with students of different religions and culture and to experience life outside of their respective school walls,giving a broader world view.These trips are organised by Jiwan Kaur and Tsering Dorji.

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