5 May 2012: 26th Inter-House Athletic Meets

We are very happy to organize Inter-House Athletics Meet after a gap of three years. A month long rigorous training by the Games Committee members and practice on track and field events have kept them on their toes and back to normalcy and familiarized our children to the events that were practiced and competed about three years ago. Normally we have this mega event in October but this year we  organize this in May to have sufficient time for the INTER-TCV MEET in October. With current wave of grim situation in Tibet, our theme for the Mega event was our expression of our solidarity for the martyrs who self-immolated for the cause of Tibet. The event started on a low profile with prayers and a minute’s silence.  We are however honoured to have our General Secretary Mr. Thupten Dorjee as our chief guest. We’re also very happy to have all the TIPA artists as our guest and happy to have all relay team from all our sister schools in Himachal. We were able to organize this in the midst of  abrupt change of weather from sun shine to rain and finally after the last exciting event of Invitational relay, the 26th  Inter-House Athletic Meet automatically was called off by heavy down pour.

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2 Responses to 5 May 2012: 26th Inter-House Athletic Meets

  1. Harold W Sherman says:

    Can you post the results ?


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