Through the kind assistance of Base-camp we are very happy to have two sets of solar panels for water heating. The system is based on the latest technology on solar energy. This is indeed much needed facility for the children. We were able to set the panels at two locations where we have the maximum number of children. Boys’ hostel at present has 125 students and New Girls hostel has a capacity of 100 girls. The installation of the solar panel took a while to make them functional as the parts and accessories of the solar panels were transported direct from the factory in South India –Bangalore. The technicians from the factory worked very hard to have them installed on the mountain top of TCV – Dharamshala where our average altitude is about 5500 ft. The undulating terrains and high rooftop were no deterrent to the technicians. We are able to connect one outlet to the kitchen and very happy to have streaming hot water which no doubt will save our expenses on gas fuel also.  We are able to set these solar panels when Dharamshala is experiencing the best sunshine of the year. Right now these machines work perfect,our only hope is have them functional when the temperature drops below 0 during winter months. If this works well then it would no doubt be a big help to us. The children of these two hostels feel very happy and express their gratitude to the kind donor: Basecamp.



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