Saka Dawa – The Holy Month

Saka Dawa – The Holy Month

21st May coincided with the first day of our Holy Month- SAKA DAWA. The fourth month of the Tibetan Buddhist calendar is called “Saka Dawa.” “Dawa” means “month” in Tibetan. Of the 28 major stars tracked in Tibetan astrology, “Saka” is the name of the star which is closest to the earth and thus most prominent at that time. Saka Dawa Festival is an influential religious festival in Tibet and now one of the most influential religious festivals of the Tibetans in Exile. Saka Dawa is the special month in which the Buddha’s conception, birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana (Death) all occur. In particular, the full moon day, or 15th day, of the fourth month marks the holiest day in Tibetan Buddhism. It is the day of the Buddha’s Conception, Enlightenment, and parting into Nirvana. It is auspicious to perform meritorious activities on this specific day. The merit generated from these virtuous activities increases 100,000-fold on this day in Saka Dawa. This year, that day falls on Monday, 4th June, 2012. (Courtesy

TCV celebrates Saka Dawa with many religious festivities. This morning  our school compound was sanctified and censecrated by making a tour of the whole area by about 108 young students of class XI carrying these holy scriptures from our temple to Dekyi Tsering hall and made a complete round of the area. While they are on a tour we are touched to see many old, sick people line up and take blessing of the Holy Scripture by bowing and touching their forehead. Children follow the suit and rush to take the blessing of the scripture.

We are very happy to have 40 monks from Gutoe Tantric Monastery to lead the reading of the scripture text.  There are altogether 101 volumes of Kagyur scripture. The first day of Kagyur reading begun by class XI students and we will complete reading all the 101 volume by tomorrow by class XII students.

Cultural and the Staff Welfare Committee  organize this special Kagyur reading program. Being a very holy month, donations from the staff and students keep pouring in. By the end of the day we have received a donation of Rs. 60705 /-.We would like to thank all the donors for making this event a big success on the very first day of our Holy Month.

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