Lhadam Palden Choegyal Tulku‘s relics

Lhadam Palden Choegyal Tulku’s  reincarnation Pema Thinley Dodhul Roll no 111094 is enrolled in TCV through Namgyal Monastery. He is presently studying in class III and staying in  Home 32. In connection with June teaching Ganor Rinpoche from Tezu Monastery brought the relics of Lhadam Palden Choegyal Tulku. It was awesome to see the wonders of this mystic yogi who meditated many years in the same cave where the great yogi Milarepa meditated in Tsum in Nepal Tibet border. The relics of Lhadam Palden Choegyal Tulku’s speak it all against the challenges of critics  of religions. It is unexplainable to see with our naked eyes the formation of various statues on the remains and skull of Lhadam Palden Choegyal Tulku

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5 Responses to Lhadam Palden Choegyal Tulku‘s relics

  1. Truly remarkable display !
    Lovely images.
    E Ma Ho !


  2. Konchog Norbu says:

    Truly amazing, but is there somewhere online that has these images captioned so we know exactly what we’re looking at?


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  4. Lama Rangbar says:

    I have seen many relics throughout the himalayas on the occasion of many cremations of high Lamas. I am also pretty good at making statuary and working with a huge variety of substances. Not only that, I have been trained in sculpture and art since I was a little boy by my own father who was a professor of art. If you were to be so lucky as to see these kind of relics up close, any skepticism you may have harbored (perhaps justified) would vanish like the dew off your manicured lawns at the appearance of strong morning sun rays. They have character, grace and aliveness in the forms that is simply unattainable by the human hand of artifice. Also, I have seen such relics from different practitioners and the substances exude from the bone in a very graded and organic manner, an effect impossible to obtain by hand. Of course there will always be skeptics and those who just wish not to believe, so I don’t expect those types to be impressed. There is no need. For the rest of us, there are only a rain of intense blessings that pour down form seeing these. May it be utterly auspicious.
    Lama Rangbar


  5. Lama Norbu says:

    May all who see these great relics be blessed to generate genuine Bodhisattva motivation and meet Rinpoche in this very life as a result of that. Thank you for this opportunity


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