Lhamo Kyi joins TCV after being deported from Nepal

Lhamo Kyi joins TCV after being deported from Nepal

Lhamo Kyi was in the international news since March 10 this year. She with her mother Dubum Kyi and brother Tseten Dorjee was flagged off from Tsuglagkhang – the main temple  on 10th March this year to walk toTibet.  Braving through scorching heat and rough terrains of plain they walked over 1000 KM and took almost two and half months to reachNepal. As expected the Nepalese police stopped them and threatened to jail if they do not go back toIndia. They were forcefully deported from Nepalese border. There was no choice than to comply to the stick restriction imposed by the watchful eyes of Nepalese police. However her brother Tseten was determined and risked his life to have their dream fulfilled. As Lhamo Kyi could not realize her dream to walk to Tibet we do not want her to break her studies and was very happy to have her back to  Dharamshala under the protective arms and wings of TCV. She was formally from TCV Suja and would like to join us and start afresh and catch up for the lesson she missed while she was on a long walk for almost two and half months. Her first day in the school was participation in the women’s exhibition football match and was the captain of the first ever Tibetan Girls’ Football Team. We are happy to have her join us and wish her to have her dream realize.

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