Khagyur March

Khagyur March

 Ever since the situation inside Tibet is getting worse, around 39 Tibetans put themselves on fire with the hope of a better future for Tibetans. Their heroic acts touched our hearts and that gave birth to a new spark of unity and inspiration among Tibetans around the World. Their indomatitable courage is a beckon of light to stand against the discriminative rules of China. Our support and prayer for these Tibetan martyrs will remain forever.

This march is being organized by the Students’ Council of TCV Upper Dharamsala. There are 185 students from class XII participating in this very important March. They are carrying 113 volumes of Khagyur, the most sacred teachings of the Lord Buddha.

Taking Saka Dawa, the most sacred month in Tibetan calendar as an opportunity, we, the students of Upper TCV are staging this “Khagyur March”.

The main goals of our taking this sacred vigil are:

  1. To offer our prayers for all the martyrs and at the same time for the well being of all the sentient beings in this world.
  2. To show our solidarity to the whole Tibetans who underwent this critical situation under China.
  3. For the long and healthy life of the H. H the XIV Dalai Lama. May he will be able to return back to Tibet very soon.

*We strongly disagree with the china’s groundless accusation to H.H the Dalai Lama as the mastermind behind the series of self-immolations.


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