This Garden is located at the heart of other side of school campus. Children and staff walk by the garden several times in a day. Due to its central location and student’s intimacy with their surrounding, many felt the need to improve this garden with special concentration on improvement of fences around. Lise Hjorth, has worked very hard to raised money and donated Rs. 54, 000/- towards Gardening in school. Now theSchoolGardenhas new look and protection from animals. On the very first day of School Community Service Week observation, the Arts Department inaugurates the Community Service by hoisting Tibetan National flag and banners of Tibetan national heroes who sacrificed their lives for the cause ofTibet. On May 27, 104 students of Arts have worked on the garden and planted flowers, trees and collected garden soils from the forest under the supervision of Mrs. Tenzin Bhuti. We also have team of students from grade IX & X who form the Garden Club and looks after the garden time to time. As rainy season starts, we plan to plant more and intensify our service to the garden. We will update more photos as we make progress through seasons.

We take opportunity to thank our donor Lise Hjorth and also pray that may your grandson Thor enjoy happy and healthy life.

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