June 23rd – SOS Day

June 23rd –  SOS Day

The birth day of the founding father of SOS International Kinderdorf  Dr. Hermann Gmeiner is celebrated as SOS DAY. June 23rd is therefore a very special Day for the children in the Tibetan Children’s Villages. This year we celebrated SOS DAY with gaiety and a lot of activities involving almost the entire students in the Village. One of the high lights of the day was final matches of Gmeiner Cake tournament Football final for Boys and Basketball final for Girls. Our bakery Unit has prepared very tasty cake with topping depicting the memory of Dr. Hermann Gmeiner.

SOS Day began with lighting butter lamp in memory of Dr. Hermann Gmeiner and the entire school saying the prayers with deep gratitude for his kindness and philanthropic works of SOS all over the globe. Infant school has arranged a special exhibition of children’s Arts which was followed by children’s drawing competition. Children were elated to receive birthday cake and muffin from our Bakery.

Entire Junior school students and staff echoed the valley with laughter and cheers when the interclass entertainment games began involving all the classes starting with sack race, spoon and marble race and finally tug-of war.

The final football match was between class XI and XII. It was a very tough and exciting match and when the referee blew the final whistle class XI Boys walked off with Gmeiner Cake.  Girls’ basketball tournament couldn’t be started at the right time because of heavy downpour of first monsoon rain. After heavy shower for about an hour the temperature cooled off and another exciting match began. When the final whistle blew it was draw match. Extra time had to be given to break the tie and sure enough it was neck to neck competition. Until the last minute of the extra time it was anybody game. Hermann Gmerneir Basketball cake was bagged by class XII girls.

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