Training to teach Chinese Language

Training for teaching Chinese language

TCV has pioneered to prepare for the future of Tibet in congruence with the Middle way path where we have we have no choice than to be in close contact with with our Chinese brothers and sisters. Han Chinese Language is therefore a strong medium to keep in touch with the Chinese to resolve our problems amicably. Our pioneering project is therefore a preparatory arrangement to have human resources to teach Chinese language in our projects. In view of this, prospective candidates with a flair in Chinese language whose minimum qualification would be post school degree were shortlisted. Under the tutorship of Ms. kalsang Kyi   ten selected students were given rigorous training and very heavy dosage to improve their  skills and competency level in the Chinese language. We were also able to arrange to have two qualified teachers from Taiwan to teach them for about three months in succession. After a very serious and long training a final certification ceremony was organized on Monday the 24th June. Four of them were selected to take up the teaching job at Bangalore Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Studies and remaining six would be placed in our main Village and branches and introduce Chinese Language program in our projects.

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