Immediately after the summer holiday a rigorous training in the Tibetan opera dance was started on a war footing. The Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts spearheaded this unique performing dance sequence in congruence with the wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to have this century old performing arts spread far and wide and take a deeper roots amongst the community specially youngsters who are uprooted from our mother land. Involving about three hundred children a team of coaches from TIPA taught each house a unit of legendary tales of King Harishchandra “Demey Kunden” and beautifully choreographed to have the whole story in natural succession. The show was a depiction of our love and respect and a true tribute to His Holiness’s universal message to have a compassionate heart. We are very grateful to our Security Kalon – Dunchung Ngudup La to have accepted to be the guest of honour. With neck to neck competition in this unique performing arts and especially difficult lyrical notation finally TRIRAL HOUSE WAS DECLARED THE WINNER.

 This is one of the toughest jobs for the house masters. The quality of the show won our deepest appreciation for their involvement to have such kind of mega show with precision and professionalism. The children who participated in this event would surely have a memorable and rich learning experience to delve in our unique cultural heritage. The packed hall echoed with standing applause for the wonderful show. 

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