Joint assembly and change of students’ leadership:

Joint assembly and change of students’ leadership:

A joint assembly of all the students and staff was organized on the 12th morning to introduce the new captains and prefects for 2013. Our new captains and prefects took the oath of allegiance and commitment in the presence of the whole school. The outgoing captains and prefects handed over the charge with symbolic gesture of handing over the school flag. They will be under internship for the remaining months and take full charge from the new academic session. As part of orientation and intern they will be taking the charge as of October 2013. We look forward to their leadership. The selection of the candidates for captain and prefect by the entire staff, senior students as well as the present students’ council was done with very careful examination of their past and present record and finally based on the election result we are very happy to have the following students for the prestigious post for future CEO. We wish them the best of luck and may their leadership bring the school to higher stride.

• Thupten Dorjee -Captain
• Yeshi Dolma -Captain
• Kunga Namdak -Prefect
• Rinchen Wangyal – Prefect
• Lhundup Namgyal -Prefect
• Tenzin Yangdon – Prefect
• Decehn Khando – Prefect
• Jamyang Lhamo – Prefect

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