TCV celebrates 52nd Founding Anniversary:

News in Bhod Kyi Dus Bab

TCV celebrates 52nd founding Anniversary in a befitting way to express our concern and sympathy for the current event that engulfs Tibet with continuous self –immolation. While we were in the process of our celebration concurrently there was the 58th martyr who self immolated. Our theme for this year is “SAVE TIBET”.

We were very fortunate to have the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogen Trinley Dorjee as the guest of honour. Based on the theme Save Tibet instead of usual callisthenic display this year we choreographed the events in Tibet. Middle section depicted the scene of Tibet before 1959 and was able to set the mood for the entire crowd. Senior school depicted Tibet of post 1959 era with the invasion and destruction of Tibetan environment . This was followed by the junior school depicting the present situation in Tibet with self –immolation. Infant school captured the hearts of the crowd with their group song based on the theme “SAVE TIBET”. After a very colourful display of the procession, the cultural committee showed the traditional opera dance “ Dowa Sangmo”.

Junior school arranged an exhibition of the martyrs of Tibet who self immolated. In the same way science department arranged to have a very comprehensive science exhibition and models from all our branch schools. The chief guest Gyalwang Karmapa inspected the exhibition and had discussion with the participants. In the evening we had the second TCV idol 2012. Eight participants from our braches vied for the most coveted title TCV IDOL.  Master Sonam Tashi fron Upper TCV had edge over others and was declared as the TCV IDOL 2012.

The second day of the anniversary was our 5th INTER-TCV Athletic Meet. About 320 athletes from all our eight branches competed on various track and field events. Upper TCV was declared the champion with very comfortable lead followed by TCV Gopalpur and TCV Chauntra.

Extempore debate in Tibetan was indeed a new program to test the sharpness of the brain and the oratory skill. Even for the grown-ups it would be very challenging to give talk on the topic where you have only about ten minutes to think over and prepare. Nonetheless all the representatives from our four Senior Secondary Schools  did very well. In the end TCV Bylakuppee was declared the winner with master Thinley from Upper TCV as the best individual speaker.

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