28th May: Inter-House Cultural Night

Inter-House Cultural Night:

IMG_1660 (Small) IMG_1226 (Small) IMG_1232 (Small) IMG_1347 (Small) IMG_1371 (Small) IMG_1376 (Small) IMG_1657-Songtsen House Winner 2013 (Small)Inter-house cultural night is one of the mega programs that we have in our Village with massive participation from our students. It is no doubt a very rich program where many of the children get the rare opportunity to learn about our performing arts. This builds a very strong foundation for our children to keep abreast of our rich cultural heritage and is a very important part of learning experience in the school.

This year we switched over to traditional song and dance competition after several years of opera (lhamo) competition. Each house presented four items: Compulsory dance, optional dance, duet and solo. We are very fortunate to have been blessed by the guest of honour His Eminence Pal Gyalwang Karmapa Rinpoche who watched the entire show and gave away the prizes to the winners. He addressed the gathering with strong emphasis to take interest and learn about such events besides our normal and routine program in the schools. He donated Rs one lakh as seed money for cultural enhancement and programs. About two hundred and fifty children were involved in the Song and Dance competition. The competition was neck to neck and finally SONGTSEN HOUSE received the winning trophy from Galwang Karmapa.


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