Introduction to Buddhism – June teaching by His Holiness the Dalai Lama:

Introduction to Buddhism – June teaching by His Holiness the Dalai Lama: The children and the staff of TCV are very fortunate to have been blessed by His Holiness that Dalai Lama with his annual teaching engagement in Upper TCV. Since 2007 this is one of the most looked forward events in TCV. This year in spite of monsoon we’re very fortunate to have His Holiness to teach the youngsters mainly college going students, senior students in class XI and XII, IMG_2325 (Large) students from Sherab Gasel ling, Tibetan medical college and Sarah Institute of Higher studies. With introduction to the basic philosophy of Buddhism by lying the background – the main teaching text was based on “Opening the eye of the new awareness” by His Holiness written in early sixties. The book focuses mainly to the introduction to Buddhism. His Holiness bestowed the initiation of Manjushri-the embodiment of the transcendental wisdom of all the Buddhas to the participants. Students got the golden opportunity to interact with His Holiness directly during question answer session. In the afternoon the learned Geshela further clarified the morning teaching with extra tutorial and discussion class. Along with such rare learning opportunity, participants further got the opportunity to be in direct interaction with the IMG_2296 (Large) Sikhong as well as with chairman of Tibetan Parliament in Exile. This was no doubt a very productive event covering the most coveted topics to be real and proud Tibetan by keeping ourselves abreast with our rudimentary root that spring from Buddhism and also keeping alive our struggle with current scenario of situation in and exile Tibetan community. This event was arranged by Dharamshala Introduction to Buddhism and co-sponsored by Tibetan Children’s Village. The event was live telecast world wide and simultaneously aired with English translation through radio Tashi Delek.

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