Samdhong Rinpoche graces TCV:

Samdhong Rinpoche graces TCV:

Ex-Kalon Tripa Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche was very kind enough to take his time out to grace Upper TCV on 29th July and 30th July. This was in response to the request made by the director and principal for ethical empowerment about a month ago. Despite his very tight schedule he was kind enough to spend some quality time with the students and staff. To be in the presence of Rinpoche was like being in the circle of intellectuals empowering us with his highly motivational exposition deriving from his vast experience and studies. His explanation of Budhissatva’s Garland of Jewels by Atisha Dibhamkara to the staff was very deep and penetrating and awestruck us all. His explanation delved us deep into our cultural heritage, making us feel the proud descendants of such a rich heritage. We wish more of such an occasion in the near future to be in the presence of highly learned lamas to make TCV an ideal educational centre.

Rinpoche’s second day was reserved exclusively for the senior students. His talk focused mainly on the ways of self improvement based on Buddhist studies and text. Listening and reading is the foremost and primary mode of learning but unless you analyze and ponder, this kind of learning is very passive and whatever knowledge you gain through such passive mode of learning is like a borrowed knowledge and can not claim ownership. Unless you involve yourself by applying your analytical thoughts, such kind of learning produces only mediocre who are easily swayed where ever the wind blows. In order to stand firm with strong adherence to your belief one must examine and analyze whatever is exposed to you.  Rinpoche impressed the students to be more responsible as we pine high hope and rely on the youngsters for the future of Tibet. Young students are considered as the future seeds of Tibet. He stresses that the seed should not be a hybrid breed but suitable for the healthy growth of future Tibet based on serious studies of our rich cultural heritage.


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