67th Independence Day celebrated:

independence day

67th Independence Day celebrated:

The 67th Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp and show in Hermann Gmeiner auditorium. It was a fitting occasion to invite Prof. PN Sharma as the guest of honour. As a token of our gratitude to the Indian brothers and sisters we invited Tong-Len charitable organization children and staff for a special Independence Day celebration and requested the founding director of Tong-Len Rev. Jamyang for an outing for the children.  Children numbering about eighty came in their best attire and participated in the Independence program. Students showcase several patriotic songs, skit and poetry in Hindi as a mark of respect to our host country which is our second home since we lost our independence in 1959.  The chief guest while commenting on the Indian independence struggle reminded the students to prepare themselves to be of some service to Tibet and Tibetans. With his vast mine of knowledge on Tibetan issue he articulated the current Tibetan situation, our hopes and aspirations. All the children and staff in the hall were given special treat with tea, muffin and Indian sweet. Tong-children were served special lunch in the Girls’ hostel. The 67th Indian Independence Day was very special and dear to our hearts which reminded us of our sad plight.

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