Munich to TCV Dharamshala on Cycle.

TCV has sentimental connection with cycling. In 1994 the present sanitation facilities were built with the fund collected by cycling from London to Dharamshala by Mrs. Marriet Beaumont and Ms Emily Dewhurst.

IMG_1114 IMG_1113

 In 2010 St. John’s Ambulance from Ireland donated about forty cycles for our winter program to get the feel of cycling by the children and also to learn as a life skill. Children peddled falling and rising and finally cycling very proudly with their hands free from handles and  thus giving them much need confidence to boost their latent talents.
 tibets-kinder-im-exil-400x314 IMG_1115
Today in 2013 September Mr. Simon Schedlhauer just completed his cycling tour from MunichGermany to TCV Dharamshala India covering a distance of 9000 KM and passed through 19 different countries. This cycling campaign was organized under the patronage of “KINDER IM EXIL”. He was able to raise a fund of 9000 Euro – one Euro for every KM cycled.  The fund collected by Simon was used for the purchase of a new ambulance for our Health Centre. We had a symbolic reception for Mr. Simon Schedlhauer on Saturday the 28th September. Children lined up near Hermann  Gmeiner auditorium. Children and staff gave a very warm reception by applauding while Simon was paddling up hill from Dal lake to the auditorium. The president of TCV Mr. Tsewang Yeshi and Village Director and the principal ushered him in the packed hall amidst loud applause by the children.
Simon shared some of his chilling experience trailing through rough terrain. He writes in his blog “For one, I do not sacrifice my time, I share it. Who has the time and desire is welcome to join me. Victims always sound as if it is something or nothing and gets nothing like that. So I totally do not see it though.  To say it with one of my favorite quotes: “It’s about keeping the passion alive and passing the torch to the next generation.” The association “Tibetan children in exile eV”, based in Munich, has set itself the goal of supporting Tibetan children.
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