Career Day: August 26

Career Day: August 26

The Senior Section observed Career Day on Monday, 26th August   in Hermann Gmeiner Hall. The purpose of the program was to create awareness about the importance of career planning and to enable students’ to get hands on information on different professionals.

In today’s rapidly changing world, new career paths are constantly unfolding, traditional ones are being changed and shifts are taking place in occupation skills and educational requirements. These changes are a result of new technology, changes in organizational design and the trend towards global business operations. With all these changes, you might ask “What is the point of planning ahead by developing a career plan?” The point is to develop a set of career goals, strategy and options based on your interests, personality, values and skills. Once you have a plan, you will be equipped to self-manage your career and take advantage of changes in the economy and job market rather than becoming a victim of change. Mrs. Choezom Tsering said, “Keep in mind, throughout your life, you are the one who must make all the decisions about your career and you must produce the results that support your goals. It’s up to you to control and navigate your own destiny.”

The program at a glance on the day was:

  1. Morning program: (assembly)

Skit on “importance of one’s career goal”

  1. Poster/chart making: (inter class competition)

Each class will submit a career chart or poster to the counselor. These charts will be displayed in and around senior section.

  1. Evening program: Meet the professionals

The professionals like senior Auditor, Lawyer, Journalist, and Doctor (out campus speakers) who expertise in their own field were invited and shared their experiences and few did the power point presentation. The talk was followed by the question- answer session.

Then the winners for the Inter-Class chart/poster making was also announced. The classes were IX S,  XS, XI C and XII Arts A

Overall the Career Day proved successful with all the support from administration and the students.

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