Falicitation to Amala.

Following the award of “Golden Scroll of Honour” at the `13th GR8! On 24th March 2014 in Hyderabad, TCV staff felicitated Amala with a simple tea reception in Dekyi Tsering Hall on the first of April. The director while introducing Amala mentioned about her selfless sacrifice in bringing TCV from a very simple beginning to one of the major educational and social centres in the exile. True to her dedication and selfless service for the education of the Tibetan children she is no doubt a dynamic guiding force and true mother to all the TCVians children and grown ups. Amala with proven track record of following and treading the path shown by His Holiness has received numerous credentials and international awards. We are indeed very happy to be in the presence of a very gracious lady who have been the beacon of light in the work of TCV.

After thanking all the staff for the reception Amala reiterated and rephrased the words of His Holiness to be of practical use in our day to day life and bringing a quality change in our life’s philosophy and perception. All the staff were delighted of have such a rare occasion listening to her practical advice to bring about a quality change in our work ethos.

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