GeoHazards Society: Earthquake drill on 4th April




Name of the School: Tibetan Children’s Village School, Dharamsala  Cantt.

Current Contact Details

Contact Person: Principal

Tel No: 01892-221266                    Email

Address: Tibetan Chidren’s Village , Dharamsala Cantt. District Kangra H.P. India

Number of students who participated in the drill:             1899

Number of teachers who participated in the drill:              130

Time at which the drill was conducted:                                 11a.m.

Steps taken to execute the drill:

  1. The school Management Committee in its meeting set the agenda on the earthquake drill and unanimously decided to conduct the earthquake drill in class rooms. During the meeting, Mr. Ngodup Wangdu, Village Director and Mr. Namdol Tashi, School Principal gave strong directions to the section headmasters and headmistress to make this drill effective through necessary preparations. The school doctor was asked to depute a medical team for the drill.
  2. The section headmistress and headmasters assembled all the class IX and X monitors in the office for the preparation of Medical and rescue team.
  3. The teachers and students were informed about the procedures and their respective role in the drill.
  4. All the necessary arrangements were done such as making charts on precautionary measures during earthquake, making improvised stretchers, formation of rescue teams and first aid medical camp.
  5. On April 4,2014 at 11 a.m. a total of 1899 students and 130 staff members  of all sections: Senior, Middle, Junior and infant sections  took part in the drill
  6. The drill began with a drumbeat for about 2 minutes, all the students practiced Drop, Cover and Hold on under their  table in their respective class. After the drum stopped, all the students came out of their class rooms covering their heads.

Was a head count done after evacuation to safe assembly areas? Yes, they assembled in three locations: Basketball ground and football ground  where medical camps were set up by the school health Centre and the senior first aid club. Teachers and students assembled in these  locations depending upon proximity from their classroom. The class teacher incharge in eachclass  was asked to take the roll call to check if all the students had been evacuated safely.

 8 Were any other activities done after the drill? Students from each class volunteered to be a part of a rescue team and acted as injured students for the drill. The rescue team evacuated the injured persons to the medical camp where they were provided immediate basic treatment.

  1. Was debriefing done after the drill? The headmasters and headmistress thanked the teachers and students for their cooperation and also emphasized on the need to take this exercise more seriously in future for their own safety measures.
  2. Number of photographs being sent to Geohazards:
  3. Mention three things which can be improved in the drill: The entire drill was stimulating as students responded well to the drumbeat and this has helped in developing survival skills as students gained awareness about the basic survival skills.

i)                 The drill should  involve a precise plan for evacuation plan for each class inorder to avoid stampede.

ii)                Homes are more vulnerable and prone to earthquake especially at night and in the early morning. Hence creating awareness and organizing separate workshop for home mothers on earthquake Safety measures in required.

iii)                The drill should be conducted more then once particularly in the area prone to earthquake, old homes and class rooms.

DSC05118 DSC05128 DSC05133

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