2014 Senior school activities since school opening ceremony


The orientation program for the teachers and staff were held on 8th March at Dekyi Tsering Hall. The program was held in two sessions. During morning session at the Dekyi Tsering Hall, Mr. Ngodup Wangdu, the Village Director , addressed the teachers and staff members and briefed  them about the matters relating to the 36th TCV MDC meeting outcomes. After a short tea break, Mr. Namdol Tashi , the School Principal, briefed the staff members on the 28th TCV Education Development Committee Meeting’s resolutions. A special welcome lunch was served for the staff members which was followed by school sections’ meeting. The section meeting was chaired by the respective section heads and discussed with the teachers about proper implementation of school rules and regulations and also on the execution of school programs stated in EDC resolutions.


The school opening function was held at Dekyi Tsering hall on 9th March. Students from senior section and all the staff members of the school attended the function. The function started with one minute silent in honour of the brave Tibetan self-immolators and martyrs. Mr. Namdol Tashi , the School Principal, gave the opening address which was followed by the introduction of new staff   and committee members for 2014. Special recognition award were given to Ama Dechen Dolma of home 20  for her 40 years of selfless service and dedication to the TCV.  The ceremony was graced by Mrs. Dolma Tsering, ho’ble member of the TPIE, as the Chief Guest.  Mrs. Dolma Tsering la underlined the importance of education and ethics in the daily life of the students. Mr. Ngodup Wangud, Village Director gave a stimulating concluding speech and thanked Mrs. Dolma Tsering la  for her kind consent to be the chief guest.

TIBETAN UPRISING DAY: 10th  MARCH                                                                     

55th Tibetan Uprising Day was observed at Tsuglakhang in presence of Dr. Lobsang Sangay, the Sikyong, Mr. Penpa Tsering, the speaker of Tibetan Parliament in Exile along with many other dignitaries and supporters of the Tibet cause. Upper TCV students of class IX,X and XII along with thousands of Tibetans gathered to commemorate the day. Dr. Lobsang Sangay and Mr. Penpa Tsering addressed  the gathering on the prevailing dire situation in Tibet because of the repressive policy of the Peoples’ Republic of China and on the importance of education and its relevance to the Tibet Cause. Later that day, students, lay persons, foreign supporters, nuns and monks took part in the protest march organized by Tibetan Non- Government Organisation from Tsuglakhang to Kacheri


The much awaited School’s annual spring fete was held amid much funfair and color at Basketball ground on the 22nd March. All staff members enthusiastically and actively performed their duty at the respective stalls assigned by the Games Committee. Students, parents, ex-students, staff, local Indians and Tibetans actively enjoyed at the stalls, games and restaurant set up the different house and sections.  Senior section teachers were assigned three stalls such as pyramid, open flash and try your luck.

IMG_8111 IMG_8132


  WORLD TB DAY: 24th March

Upper TCV ‘s Health committee organised a resources person talk on 24th March at Dekyi Tsering  Hall at 7:00 pm to observe WORLD TB DAY. Students of class IX, X and XII  along with staff members of senior section attended the enlightening   talk on TB by Miss Tenzin Tseyang  from Health Department of CTA. Miss. Tenzin Tseyang’s systematic power point presentation helped students to broaden their knowledge on TB. The question-answer session at the end proved very fruitful as students actively asked questions to the resources person. Mr. Namdol Tashi, the School Principal , offered a Tibetan Traditional white scraf to Miss.Tseyang as a token of thanks for her great effort to create awareness on TB.


As an outcome of 28th TCV EDC Meeting Resolution, yoga is to be introduced in  all the TCV Schools to develop a sound physical and mental health among the students. The yoga session for the senior section is scheduled on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was due to start on 24th March but because of the rain the actual yoga practice had to commence on the 26th March.  All the students from Class IX, X and XII and the respective class teachers assembled at the basket ball ground at 6:00 am. The senior Physical Education Teacher Mr. Kalsang Phuntsok taught surya -namaskar from 6:00 am to 7:00am.  The school principal, Mr. Namdol Tashi, supervised the yoga and gave a short talk on the importance of yoga to the students.

IMG_8548 IMG_8550 IMG_8553 IMG_8562


A group of artist from Tibet theatre presented different theatre programme  highlighting on the different prevailing issues in the Tibetan society particularly on the substance abuse. Students from class X and XII led by school principal, Mr. Namdol Tashi, assembled at the Dekyi Tsering Hall. The theatre programme is based on the ‘Don’t Trust, Modern Hell, Don’t Insult and Wrong Doing’.



His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave a sermon on the ‘ Medicine Buddha’ as requested by the Tibetan Doctors Association at the Tsuglakhang. Upper TCV  students accompanied by  the home mothers and  staff members along monks, nuns, local Tibetans , foreigners and many others made their presence  to receive the blessing. On seeing the large number of students, His Holiness spoke on the ‘Introduction to Bhuddhism’ and ‘Secular Ethics’.


30th Annual Upper TCV Graduation was held at Basketball Ground on 2nd April. Students and staff from all the sections assembled at the venue led by Mr. Namdol Tashi, the principal, Mr. Ngodup Wangdu, the village director along with the section head masters and head mistress.  Miss. Tsering Dolma, chief Officer of Bir Tibetan Settlement, graciously accepted as the Chief Guest for the ceremony. Miss. Tsering Dolma spoke to the out-going students on the importance of being a responsible Tibetan and education for one’s own life and for the society. Mr. Rinchen Wangyal, the school prefects, spoke on behalf of all the out-going students .

IMG_8311 IMG_8349

 EARTH QUAKE DRILL : 4th April    

Earth quake has brought lots of devastation but it is the lack of  knowledge on safety procedure  that has killed more people. Since Dharamshala is highly prone to  earthquake, therefore school management has decided organize the earthquake drill at Basketball and football ground on 4th April. Group of  Students  gave a demo   on “Drop, Hold  and Cover” during morning assembly.  Medical teams and rescue team from each class were formed along with the team of nurse from the village health center. At 11:00 am a drum was beat for 2 minutes after which all student came out in line from their classroom covering their head. After a roll call of  each class by their respective class teachers, section headmistress gave a debriefing to the students and teachers on the drill.

IMG_8443 IMG_8485


The orientation for the class XI was held at Dekyi Tsering Hall on 7th April at 6:30 pm along with the respective subject teachers, religious and career counselor, hostel matron, warden and home mothers. A total of around 215 students reported for the orientation. The section headmistress, Mrs. Nawang Lhamo  introduced the students to the actual functioning of schools, systems and procedures of school, rules and above all she spoke them about the good manners. Mr. Losang Tenzin, the chairman of the advisory chairman, familiarized the students on the different rules and regulation.  The school principal and the village director stressed in their speech regarding the importance of hardworking and proper usage of facilities available to them. The director also advised students on the substance abuse and its devastating effect on their life.

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