Tibet Our Country

Tibet Our Country


Tibet our country is a very rich educational program that has been started way back in early eighties in the junior school when Mr. Tsewang Migyur Khangsar was then the headmaster.  The program gained a lot of popularity because of the benefit the children get from such an innovation and project oriented field of studies. This month long program requires children to do serious research and project by class and study in depth one of the components of Tibetan culture, tradition and historical facts that is passed down from generation to generation. Tibet Our Country has spread far and wide and today it is implemented in all the TCV schools. It has picked up momentum and has become a very important part of our curriculum to align our instructional pedagogy with Educational policy.

This year we began our “Tibet Our Country” project in all our sections on the 1st of April. The theme for this year is expression of our gratitude to His Holiness.  All the classes have covered various components to make their learning experience fully personalized and have become very articulate and conversant on the topics that they have done detailed studies.


Tibet Our Country was concluded on 30th April with participation from all the children of  four sections. The chief guest for the occasion was Mrs. Sonam Dolkar Samkhar – education director. The president and all the managerial staff from the head office graced the occasion. Each section presented a brief summary report of the project and concluded with sangsol. Each section arranged exhibition of the project in their respective locations. We have senior school quiz this evening pertaining to Tibet Our Country project.

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