Annual Inter-house song and dance competition is designed and conceived back in early eighties to imbibe in our children our rich cultural performing arts.  This is one of the mega events involving a vast majority of students participating and getting such a rare opportunity to learn about our performing arts. Children participate in learning and practice not only performing arts but also traditional musical instruments. The preparation of colourful performance by all the houses builds in themselves many personal qualities and traits that would otherwise not be able to unfold. Teamwork involves in them participation and contribution based on your own latent talents. Through such activities we are able to discover and surface varied talents that many individual students have that would not be possible to surface and notice had we no such massive participation. For many of our students this activity gives them a lasting emotional and confidence in their life. We have several of our former students who are in the forefront in the Tibetan musical world and all give credit to such activities in the school. To name just a few artists in our society: Pemtse, Phurbu T. Namgyal, Lodelek, Tenzin Choegyal and many more. We hope many will follow suit.


We arrange to organize cultural mega program focusing either on our traditional opera or tradition Tibetan song and dances depending on the availability of resource person from Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. This year we focused on traditional dance and songs. Each House is required to present four items: Historical dance item, Duet, Solo with background track music and an optional dance.


The grand finale was organized on Friday the 30th May and we are very happy to have Mr. Lobsang Jinpa – the chief secretary of Gaden Phodrang Office, Secretaries of Education Department, directors and principals of all our branches as our esteemed guest. The presentation by all the four houses kept all of us in the hall spell bound for over two hours. The competition was neck to neck and it could have been any body’s show.  Finally when all the marks were tallied we have TRISONG HOUSE winning 2014 inter-house song and dance competition. The chief guest presented the trophies and in appreciation of team work and involvement by so many children he declared the next day holiday and everyone applauded merrily.



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