Summer teaching as has been christened by His Holiness is one of the most valuable and productive annual events in TCV. His Holiness has very graciously consented to give introductory teachings of Buddhism to the youngsters since 2007. From basic introduction to Buddhist teaching he delves deeper into the actual crust of Buddhism. The number of participants is snowballing every year. This year we have not only students in plus two levels from all the schools in Himachal but also about 100 students from various Sambotha and CST schools totaling about 3500 school children and students from various colleges.

With the basic introductory to the Buddhist thought and philosophy for several years, this  year His Holiness explained on the text of Wisdom of Heart Sutra which is the foundation for Buddhist thoughts. In congruence with Quantum Theory and theory of relativity Heart Sutra delves  on inter dependency and no independent existence of matter and energy. Understanding of such a philosophical thoughts generates compassionate thoughts to rid of all our sufferings that encompass us because of wrong views and misconceptions. In order to have a clear understanding of such a rich philosophical thoughts His Holiness very kindly explained on the text of “Praise of Manjushri” which generates in us intelligence and perseverance to empower us.

His Holiness expressed his strong concern on the degeneration of youngsters that distance themselves from our traditional learning of our rich language and Buddhist thoughts. The treasure that we have should not be in the shrine and monasteries but be a part of our life.

We are indeed very fortunate to receive Avalokiteshwara initiation on the third day of the teaching. In order to accommodate more people, the initiation was arranged on our main basketball ground. It was such a delightful sight to have every inch of the space being thronged with students and public.

His Holiness gave time for the students to interact with them in the question answer session. In the afternoon his teaching was further clarified by learned Geshe Las.Honorable Sikhong Dr. Lobsang Sangey and the speaker of the House Mr. Penpa Tsering were invited to give talk to the assembly of youngsters on the current misunderstanding and problem with Dogyal propitiation. Department of Information and international relations chaired by Kalon Dicki Chhoyang along with Sikhong inaugurated the official web pertaining to Middle Way and abreast the participants on the theme of Middle Way Path.

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