Exhibition of Tibetan Calligraphy in art form- September 9th and 10th

Exhibition of Tibetan Calligraphy in art form

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We are very happy to have Mr. Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar visit us and exhibit his masterpiece artwork to students and staff in TCV for two days. His art work is very unique and has a touch of divinity. Unlike Thangka painting his artwork is based on Tibetan calligraphy and outline  and actual drawings are with mantras, prayers and philosophical texts. The image of Buddha is drawn with Heart Sutra text and so is Tara with Tara prayers. Unique Tibetan calligraphy blends with traditional as well as modern art form   is indeed  an innovative step in bringing Tibetan Calligraphy to an international standard. During his recent exhibition in New York, New Delhi and other metropolitan cities his art gallery was converged with many curators and intellectual personalities who commended with deep respect and appreciation.  Visitors to his exhibition revealed their true feeling with awestruck expression on their faces. One hour presentation with PowerPoint to the senior students made our students highly motivated and proud of our rich heritage. The high lights of his talk was based on Tibetan calligraphy in art form. Students were seen surrounding him with the request to have their name written by the artist with an artistic touch.

Besides being the first artist to use Tibetan calligraphy for artwork he also holds world record for producing the longest calligraphy scroll which is 163 meter long and weighs about 53 kg. He is a retired Joint Secretary to the Government of Sikkim and worked for several years in CTA in various capacities. His contribution in the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts as a director gave a new facelift to the institute. He is presently the coordinator for Trans Himalayan Arts and Culture which is based in Washington DC. Thank you Jamyang La for your valuable time  with us.

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