Celebration of 68th Anniversary of Indian Independence Day:  August 15

The 68th Anniversary of Indian Independence day was celebrated in the school on August 15, 2014. The event started at 8:30 am. All the Staff members and the students of class XI –XII   gathered in the Hermann Gmeiner Hall. Mr.Namdol Tashi, Principal welcomed the chief guest and gave the introductory speech. Shr Shri Balbir Thakur, SDM of Dharamsala was invited as the chief guest who addressed the gathering about the importance of Tibetan and Indian friendship. This was followed by a speech from Mr. Tsewang Yeshi, President of TCV who extended deep gratitude to the government and people of India for their unwavering support to the Tibetans living in exile India. The students from all sections sang patriotic songs and recited patriotic poems to commemorate the joyous occasion. The students from Tonglen School also were also invited as guests and participated in the event.

DOE Tibetan Calligraphy contest:  August 20

The Department of Education (DOE) under the Central Tibetan Administration has organized Tibetan Calligraphy contest for all Tibetan schools in exile. The contest for our students was held on August 20 at 10 a.m. in the Principal office. Three students from each grade from Class IX to XII were selected and participated in the contest

DOE Tibetan Essay Contest:  Friday, August 22,

The Department of Education (DOE) under the Central Tibetan Administration has organized essay contest in Tibetan language for all Tibetan schools in exile. The contest for our students was held on August 22, at 9 a.m. in the Cultural Centre. Three students from each grade from Class IX to XII were selected and participated in the contest

Tibet Day:  August, 25

The Tibetan Department of the senior section organized “Tibet Day” on August,25 2014. They have selected two participants from each grade from class IX to XII and presented on the following topics

  1. Birthplace and Parentage of the Dalai lamas
  2. Various medals and awards honored to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
  3. Three main commitments of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
  4. Relation between Science and Buddhism
  5. Introduction and explanation of Tibetan proverbs.

The program started at 7 p.m.  Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la, the Village Director was the chief guest of the event and the event concluded with stimulating speech from Chief Guest at 8:45 pm. The Day proved to be meaningful to both students and teachers.

Tibetan Debate: August 28,  

The class IX-X  Inter class Tibetan debate was held on August 28 in Deckyi Tsering Hall. The debate was organized by the Tibetan department of the Senior Section.. The topic for the debate was ‘Is it beneficial to use cell phone in student’s Life.”  Mr. Namdol Tashi, the School Principal was the chief guest of the event, provided constructive feedback on improvement in holding a debate. Class IX   was declared the winner of the event. Master Rinzin Tsering of Class IX P was declared the best debater of the event.

TCV Creative writing Day: August 30, 2014

As per the EDC meeting resolution, the essay writing competition was held from 9:00 a.m to 10:30 a.m in Tibetan language and from 11:00 am to 21:30 pm, the essay writing completion was held in English.  All the students of the Senior Section participated in both contests. It was great to observe all students engaged in writing work.


Dal Lake Mela was held on 2nd September 2014.  The lake area became very filthy and tainted. We started our day with brief introduction to the students of class 10 about the importance of community service and maintaining the ecological balance through surrounding clean-up. At 10:00 am we have gathered at Dal Lake and observe the area widely and made arrangement for the cleaning by forming students into 6 different groups.

Under the supervision of the social science teacher; (Mrs. Phurbu Thackchoe and Mr. Tenzin Wangchuk), collaborated with the Dal Lake temple authority and districts Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), we cleaned the surrounding area of Dal  lake for several hours and brought its beauty back it its original state.

Report on class X Educational Tour: September 6

Class X D & S students along with two teachers left school early morning for the educational excursion on 6 September 2014. A day long trip began at the Kagra fort by exploring every corner of that magnificent lofty fort.

The students were then driven to Himachal Flour Mills located in Kangra and they were thoroughly explained about its functioning and production. Finally we landed up at Himachal Milk production centre and there too the students were explained about its process by viewing it step by step. The entire students had a great educational tour and learnt immensely by both watching and writing in their copies. We did not face any disciplinary problems with any of the students as they behaved well throughout the trip.


The aim of this program is to help the students in acquiring the skills in facing the real interview once they go out of school for college admission. It was held on 6thSeptember 2014 Saturday from 11.20am to 1.10 pm.  The 155 participating students were from class XII Commerce. They were grouped into smaller group consisting of 13 students and interviewed by teachers comprising of 24 teachers. I sincerely thank the Headmistress and teachers for the kind cooperation and making the program successful.

The students were given the common interview sample questions much ahead of time. This time it was given in the beginning of the August. These questions are also discussed in the class so that they can have a better preparation.

These questions are collected from various internet sites and discussed with the Middle Section Counselor and then compiled. And these are commonly asked during the interview at college level/for scholarship/job search.


“ It was very encouraging one. It was like a real interview with really good questions. I hope this mock interview will be very helpful in the upcoming college admission.”

Tenzin Lekshey Gyatso XII D

“Mock Interview was an awesome experience. I got knowledge about how interviews are taken, and I am sure most of the students have got some experience about it. It was an awesome way of student getting aware of future upcoming interview at college.”

Tenzin Youdon XII D

“though it was a mock interview but for me it was a place where I came to know more about myself  and what I have to improve. And I came to know how the real interview feels like. I think this kind of interview should be continued in the near future.”

Dolkar Tsetan XII C

“At first I was little nervous about the mock interview but after preparing the questions which our career madam gave us made me much easier to give the interview. And the questions asked by the interviewers were very much related with our life and career. It also helped me in building confidence and a little sense of giving interview. It s better to have more like this in a year and would like to thank our career madam for giving us this wonderful opportunity.”

Tenzin Dhondup Lama XII B

Science Day: September 8

Senior Section of Upper TCV School observed Science day on Monday, September 8, 2014. The students of class IX and X, three weeks prior to Science day were asked to prepare an activity based group project on their own and they were also notified that the best few would be selected for the final presentation. This was done with the aim to inculcate curiosity amongst the students and to promote the concept of learning by doing. The interested groups were called for audition a week before the actual Science day program. There were five to six groups who actively participated for the audition. The final selections of the projects were done by the Science department members. The students have chosen a wide range of topics from science. Some of the topics were Ebola, Maglev Train, Pressure and Fun with Chemistry.  The selected groups were then given the opportunity to present their projects during the morning assembly on Monday, September 8, 2014.

Math Day: September 9

Senior Section of Upper TCV School observed Mathematics day on Tuesday, September 9, 2014. Two students from each section of class XI who have volunteered are given the opportunity to participate in the program.The decision for the presentation has been made with the view to develop the interest amongst students for mathematics and to enlighten them with the relevance of Mathematics in the daily life and nature surrounding us. The chosen topic to be presented on Math day was “Nature by numbers”. The list of students who participated in the presentation are as follows: The presentation has been followed by the Rubik cube’s open competition in continuation with last year’s math day program where the students were taught how to solve the puzzle. This has been done to enliven the craze for Rubik cube’s puzzle.The winner of the competition was Tenzin Rabga of class XI Com D who completed the puzzle in 62 seconds.

 Inter class ( XI & XII) Tibetan Debate: September 11,

The Inter-class (XI & XII) Tibetan debate was held on September 11 in the New Hall at 7:00 p.m. There were three debaters from each grade. The topic for the debate was, ‘That Tibetan Language is more important than international language.’ Class XII won the debate. Ms. Deckyi Yangzom of class XII Commerce C was declared the best debater.  Ms. Youga  and Master lobsang Choezin of Class XI  were declared second and third best speaker respectively. Both staff and students had educative experience listening through the speakers who were all competent and well prepared.  Mr. Namdol Tashi, School Principal who was invited as the chief guest ended the debate with a stimulating speech by congratulating the participants and sharing the areas that need improvement.

Parent-Teacher Meeting: September 20

The Parent Teacher meeting was held on September 20, 2014. A formal function was held in Deckyi Tsering hall at 9 a.m. in the morning. Unlike the previous years, all four sections had the parent- teacher meeting on the same day. Mr. Namdol Tashi, the school principal gave thought-provoking introductory speech on the need and importance of parent- teacher meeting. Kasur Rinchen Khando la who had come to attend the meeting on personal ground was requested to give speech to the parents on proper upbringing of children. The speech was enlightening and experiential one.  Mr. Ngodup Wangdu, Village Director concluded the formal program with his invigorating speech and thanked the parents for their attendance to the function. After the formal meeting, one to one meeting was held between parents and teachers in the presence of the child. In the afternoon, home parents and hostel matron and wardens attended the meeting with teachers for those children who struggle in studies but do not have responsible adults around Dharamshala  for various reasons. The meeting ended at 6p.m. The meeting proved to be satisfactory to both parents and teachers.

PowerPoint Presentation By Mr. & Mrs. John Jancik: September 25

Mr. John Jancik has created a volunteer origination “50 for Tibet” through which he has climbed the highest points in each of the fifty US states as well as international high points and had raised over 250  thousand dollars for Rowell Fund in the last 10 year. Rowell Fund supports Tibetans-individuals and organizations through providing grants supporting work in the fields of visual arts and media, environmental, humanitarian an  women’s projects. Mr. and Mrs. John Jancik gave a PowerPoint presentation on incredible work that they have done to raise the fund. They shared some of the spectacular mountain peaks that they had climbed across United States as well as around the world. Mr & Mrs. John Jancik was accompanied by his son and Ms. Tencho Gyatso la.  Ms. Tencho  Gyatso la a former student of TCV and a daughter of our  most beloved Ama Jetsun Pema la and currently, she is the Associate Director for Chinese engagement and Tibetan Empowerment programme. It was very fortunate to have them introduce to our children in the school.

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