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The 125th Birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru of our host country is celebrated as children’s day in India because of his immense love for the children every year on 14th November. Nehru is specially remembered for being the instrumental in setting  separate schools for Tibetan refugee children – Central Tibetan Schools Administration under the Ministry of Human Resource. Since early sixties these schools are very important components of our education and produced thousands of educated youngsters that take up entire the administrative responsibilities in our exile community.

TCV has a very well established tradition of celebrating Children’s day with immense splendor and grandeur. Our children await the day with much excitement for fun and frolic. This year senior school staff took the entire responsibility for the organization of program and decoration of the hall. The decoration of the auditorium was done with strong message to the children from the time they are conceived to the adult world. The principal Mr. Namdol Tashi elaborated on the theme of this year’s decoration with very interesting anecdote and made all of us in the hall connect with our own mother. After the formal function in the hall all the four sections under their able section head with their team of teachers distributed cakes, muffins and cold drinks to all the children while the Junior and Infant schools’ interesting party games were in full swing and progress. Special lunch was prepared by our Amala and children enjoyed the relishing lunch.

The children’s day in TCV is also marked as a changeover of school leadership. The former school captain and prefects pass on the reign of school council’s responsibilities to the newly elected school captains and prefects. Everyone agree that the present school council have done a wonderful job this year and we would expect the same kind of responses from the newly elected school council.

The crescendo of the children’s day program is the special variety show by all our staff. We had items from Bollywood to local Ghadi dance. Children enjoyed the show and watched their teachers, Amalas and other support staff take up the floor and made all of us in the packed hall roar with laughter and applauded with full appreciation.


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