End of the year activities:

December activities : 1st December

Tibetan Traditional dance and song evening.

This program is organised by our Tibetan music teacher, she takes 19 different classes and she has to teach 19 different  songs and dance to the children. She is allowed to teach only traditional songs and dance. This year we had a very successful evening and there were lots of entertaiment  and they really enjoyed the evening with lots of colourful clothes and beautiful make ups. We are in deed very happy to have many of our  parents for the evening gathering.

Jr sing a song sing a song (2)

sing a song


Every year we have two big exams, FIRST TERM EXAM IN JULY and SECOND TERM EXAM IN DECEMBER and all the chidren has to give these two exams.  According to their performace in these two exams we promote them to the next level but in primary section  from class 1 to 5 we have to promote every child to the next level and thats our policy. The children are writing beautifully even bit cold here in Dharamsala.

Exam time table :

23rd Dec               Monday              Science

24th Dec              Tuesday              English

25th Dec              wednesday       Math

26th Dec              Thursday             Social studies

27th Dec              Friday                 Tibetan

2nd exam (2) 2nd exam (3) 2nd exam

10th December

10Th December is a very special day for all the Tibetans.  On this day H.H the 14th Dalai Lama recieved the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. Every year we celebrate this day with lots of fun and entertaiments and we also participated in the official function.

This year a group of 16 TCV boys and girls performed a local folk dance called Milini during the official function and they really danced marvelously and the crowd cheered very loudly and its such a fantastic dance.

10th December (3) 10th December




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