12th Jan 2015 Lhabag Temple of  Mendoling monastery.

This wonderful tour was organized by our village director Mr. NgodupWangdu la.  He was accompanied by 3 staff members and 50 students of which 15 were girls and 35 were boys. The students come from class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. We started our tour on Sunday at 4.00 AM early morning with pack breakfast and lunch.

We are deeply thankful to our supporter friends and also to TCV Dharamsala Alumni for giving pocket money to the children. This beautiful journey wouldn’t have been possible without their kind support. Thank you once again to all of them.

 10th Jan 2015

Mr. LhakpaDhondup la, Director of VTC- Selakui and the staff members gave us a very warm welcome with traditional Tibetan scarf upon our arrival and then gave us a very delicious welcome dinner at 9.00 PM.

 11th Jan 2015 (Day one)


We began our first day of study tour by walking around TCV School, Selakui campus with the principal Mr. Duke Tsering la and headmaster Mr.TsultriumKalsang la from 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM. The tour was very educative and we particularly love the unique cow project and moreover those cows look very healthy and seem to provide plenty of milk.


Tour in VTC campus


The staff and students at VTC-Selakui gave us a hearty welcome and later the Director of the institution Mr. LhakpaDhondup la presented us with a wonderful power point presentation of TCV VTC campus and all the different trade of the center.  After that we split into four groups and got a very clear picture of the VTC.


We were amazed to find such a wonderful vocational centre where all those students were given good facilities and excellent training to progress in their respective chosen profession. Finally, the team of cookery and Food & Beverage students have prepared and organized a grand lunch for all of us. It was one of the most amazing team works which we have seen.




Mindroling monastery is one of the larger Buddhist monasteries in India and visiting this monastery filled us with strong devotion to the Buddha and his teachings. We were also lucky to get an audience with H E TaklungTsetrul Rinpoche and HE RigoTulku Rinpoche in the monastery.


The evening we spent at Clement Town was a wonderful one and there we circumambulated around the great LhababChorten (Lhabab Stupa). After the tour of the Mendrolling monastery ended, the directorgave the students one hour free time to explore the Tibetan colony on their own.


13th Jan 2015, Tuesday (Day 2)


Mussoorie Tour:


We were welcomed by THF general secretary Col PenpaTsering la and he gave a very inspiring message to the students in his office. They had arranged school campus tour and a sumptuous lunch for the visiting staff and students of Upper TCV School, Dharamsala. We also visited Central School for Tibetans Happy Valley. Mr.Ngodup la Rector briefed us about the school and shared us his experiences and advised students study hard and to serve for the community in future. After the visit to these institution two hours tour to Mussoorie town was given and children enjoyed every minute in the wonderful hill

station of Mussoorie. After that we returned to VTC Selakui and reached there at about 6.00 PM.


14th Jan 2015, Wednesday (Day 3)


Tour to Rajpur:


We visited Sakya Dolma Phodrang on the 14th Jan 2015 at 10.00.AM and we had a special audience with HE the SakyaTrizin and Rinpoche blessed us with special prayer. Thereafter we went to Jangchup lingand the holy gonpa and where we were served lunch in the gonpaby the monks.  In the afternoon a friendly football match was played between VTC students and UTCV students.


15th Jan 2015,Thursday ( Day 4)


Tour to Hardiwar and Swami Ramdev Ashram:


The ancient Hindu’s holy city of Haridwar is located 75 km away from Dehradun and the place isregarded as one of the seven holiest places for Hindus. Every year millions of devotees come here to take a holy dip into the river Ganga. We could visit the holy place and spent about two hours and enjoyed the Ganga which originated from Tibet.


After our two hours in Ganga River we left for Swami Ramdev’s Ashram which is 20 km far away from Haridwar and there we had our lunch in the Ashram and it was very clean and healthy. The cost of one thali is just Rs. 64/- only and it is served with different varieties of vegetables. We all enjoyed the lunchand then tour for about 30 minutes in his Ashram.


16th Jan 2015 (Day 5)


Toured to Forest Research Institute of India,(FIR) is different and very educative. We have seen six museums in FIR and spend two hours in that wonderful place. Those museums are all about forest and animals such as insects and wild mammals. FIR taught us how to preserve forest and how important role is being played by trees and the amazing animals in protecting our ecosystem. It reminded us on how each one of us can do our own bits in saving our mother earth from deforestation and climate change.


Mr.LhakpaDhondup and the students of Secretarial trade arranged us farewell party with bonfire. Children enjoyed the last evening in VTC -Selakui and many of our children sung different song till 10.30 pm


17th Jan 2015 (Day 6)


Back home to TCV Upper Dharamsala from VTC Selakui (Dehradun)


We got up early in the morning at 4 .00 AM, had our breakfast, packed our belongings and left on bus to our place. We left with many beautiful memories to cherish in the rest of our lives. We were very much thankful to the Director, principal, staffs and students of TCV Selakui for their generous hospitality. We had our pack lunch on the way at 12.30 PM and enjoyed the delicious chicken briyani with soup on a roadside field.


The way back…….Herbertpur, Pontashib, Nahan, via Simla road solan road, Hamirpur, Kangra ,Kangra,DharamsalaDallake , Upper TCV.


We reached here at around 11.00 PM and had a wonderful dream about the 2015 educational tour.



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