Graduation Function – 7th April 2015

Graduation Function – 7th April 2015


Class XII Commerce had their last paper on the 6th April. They had been appearing for their CBSE exams since 2nd March. Over the last several days they toiled hard enough and burnt mid night oil to come out with flying colours and we await their result with crossed fingers.

The very next day after their last paper we organized a grand graduation function and as customary we invited one of our prominent ex-student as the guest of honour Mr. Vinayak Narayan – advocate.

All the 135 graduating students attended the very last school activity – GRADUATION FUNCTION in traditional Tibetan dress. We are very happy to have Mr. Vinayak Narayan as the guest of honour. All the children were offered scarves  to bid them adieu from the school life and for a successful herald of new chapter in their life. Both the Principal and the Village director spoke very eloquently to be the representative of TCV wherever they are stationed in life.

The chief guest Mr. Vinayak Narayan – advocate, although a local from Dharamshala was under TCV umbrella for several years, spoke to the students in flawless Tibetan and elaborated on decency, honesty and perseverance to be part and parcel of your personality.

The school council along with the senior students of present class XII did a lion’s share of work in decorating the hall and arranging luncheon for the graduating students and staff.



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