Summer teaching and Tenshug by TCV family

Summer teaching and Tenshug by TCV family



We are very fortunate to have His Holiness the Dalai Lama from May 27th to 29th forannual summer teaching for youngsters. Owing to the increased number of participants snowballing each successive year we had to make arrangement on the basketball ground to fit in all the aspirant participants coming from various locations in India and abroad under the canopy of tents in the heat of Dharamshala summer which was tenshug4undoubtedly like an air conditioned room for those coming from hot plains. The main teaching focused on the tenets of Buddhism imbibing in us the spirit of brotherhood and compassionate feeling and living a life with purpose and ultimate aim for leading a contended happy life. His Holiness expressed his concern for the education of youngsters and instilled in the minds of all the participants to take pride in our cultural background and root which springs from Buddhism. The morning session by His Holiness was further strengthened and consolidated with question answer session with learned Geshes La. We also had the opportunity to have interaction with Gaden Phodrang secretary Tsegyam la who presented his thoughts on Middle Way Approach and peaceful dialogue with Communist China. On the second day Mr. Tupten Lunrig – Ex- Kalon and standing Member of Parliament spoke on role and duties of youngsters.tenshug5

On the third day we had the rare opportunity to receive the initiation of Avalokiteskvara and Majushri empowerment. After the initiation we are fortunate to have got the opportunity to offer long life prayer to His Holiness the Dalai Lama exclusively by TCV family. Our former students and staff spread across the globe took a lot of initiative to make this event very fulfilling. We have many representatives from TCV Alumni Associations New York, New Jersey, Kathmandu, Pokhra, Ladakh and Switzerland and many others. We also had representatives from all our branches in India. Ten-shug ceremony concluded with songs and dances from all our branches in Himachal and finally everyone joined traditional Gorshey and Sangsol.


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