July & August Report -Workshop on Conflict Resolution: July 22-24

Workshop on Conflict Resolution: July 22-24

A three- day workshop was organized by the NGO Tibetan Centre for Conflict Resolution or TCCR in Deckyi Tsering Hall from July 22-24.Thirty students were chosen to attend the workshop. These 30 students comprised the school prefects, prefects from the other sections and hostel prefects – all playing the role of leaders. The school principal Mr. Namdol Tashi gave students his full support and advised them to learn as much as they could from them.


Day 1

After the opening ceremony, the organisers explained the meaning of the word ‘conflict’. It was interesting to know that conflict can be both negative and positive and it is in people’s hands to make conflict become a positive or a negative force. The first session concluded with the understanding that conflict arises because of a disagreement between two people or two parties leading to tension. They were told that tension is composed of three things – negative, positive and ignorance. They felt that a good understanding of the different facets of conflict and tension would help them to tackle conflicts better. In the second session, they gathered at the Deckyi Tsering hall and they reviewed and recapitulated what they had done the day before. They started a new topic, Active Listening, which is very important but often ignored or overlooked because of ignorance. They were taught to avoid the method of the three vessels and instead become an active participant through body, speech and mind.


Day 2

Day 2 opened with a lesson on the language of conflict. The opening language speaks the ‘I’ language and the ‘You’ language which is a blocking language. It is very important how one uses these two languages because it influences the direction that conflict takes and the result can be rosy or bloody. They learnt how conflict can escalate and how it steadily goes uphill. The organisers also used drama to convey their message. They did some skits to show how conflict arises and how it can be deflated. They were then divided into different groups and each group had to do a little role play to show how conflict is created and how it can disappear. Perhaps the most significant part of this workshop was the part where they were taught how to solve small but relevant conflicts. They have to solve conflicts step by step. They must first be interested in understanding the needs of the opponents and basic human needs.


Day 3

They started the third and final day with an activity where students had to draw an outline of one hand and the five fingers had to represent five talents or five things that they were good at. They then shared what they felt about themselves. The organisers then continued to teach them the meaning and value of observation, i.e. observing feelings and needs. Students learnt that it is better to request and not demand. A request must always be made with good intentions

At the end, the participants were all given certificates and students expressed their gratitude to the organisers for giving them valuable knowledge in such a short period.


Resource Talk: July27

All the Students from class IX to XII gathered in Hermann Gmeiner Hall at 3 p.m. for a resource talk by Mr. Kalsang Yeshi. He is a present staff member of Department of Information and International (DIIR) in Central Tibetan Administration. He has served the government in various capacities since 1976.He spoke to the students about the need and importance of speaking honorarium Tibetan language in day to day life.  He quoted some words and phrases which are inappropriately used by most of the young Tibetan generation and introduced them with the correct usage of Tibetan formal language.


Mock Interview: August 1


The aim of this program is to help the students in acquiring the skills in facing interview when they go out of school for college admission. It was held on 1stAugust 2015, Saturday from 11.20am to 1.10 pm.  The 178 participating students were from class XII Commerce. They were grouped into smaller group consisting of 13 students and interviewed by teachers comprising of 30 teachers. I sincerely thank the Headmistress and teachers for the kind cooperation and making the program successful.

The students were given the common interview sample questions much ahead of time. This time it was given in the beginning of the July. These questions are also discussed in the class so that they can have a better preparation.

These questions are collected from various internet sites and discussed with the Middle Section Counselor and then compiled. And these are commonly asked question during the interview at college level/for scholarship/job search.


“When I enter the interview roomy face turn red but after I introduced myself I was at ease, felt comfortable and confident. I felt it as a real interview. It was really a good experience for me. I learnt a lot about the interview. I suggest the same for class X too.”        Namgyal   Gyaltsen  XII Com D

“Though it is not real interview but I found it very useful to the students with lot of practice. And it was a great experience for me.”                                                      Tenzin Wangdue XII Com B

“Since it is my first time being interview by a new teacher, I felt little nervous and could not express much. But as the interview moved on I was at ease with the questions on daily routines and my dreams. I learnt from the interview that one must be honest and never pretend. Students should have more like this during school years”.                                                            Youla Dolma XII Com B

“Everyone was very excited to face mock interview. I felt that it is very good opportunity as it helps us to improve the communication skill.  Such program is very useful to the students because we have to face such interview in the near future. I feel we need more program like this in the school”.

Sonam Topgay XII Com A

“on 1st August 2015 we had Mock interview, I find it very helpful and important in preparing ourselves for our real life interviews. We were made familiar with an environment of the interviews that we would be facing for college and while applying for jobs. I would appreciate if the mock interview continues.

Lobsang Choedon XII B


Commerce Department of senior section organized a panel discussion on the ‘opportunities and Challenges for the Tibetans in the Business World’ on the 5th August,2015 at New Hall at 6:30 pm. The program was held in presence School Principal , Mr. Namdol Tashi la, senior Headmistress, Mrs. Nawang Lhamo, staffs of senior section and  students form class IX to class XII.

The objective for organizing the program was to explore the opportunities available for Tibetans in the various fields of business and difficulties faced by Tibetans in terms of resources, skills, legal aspects and others.

Mr. Tenzin Norsang la, TED Coordinator under the Department of Finance of Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Mr. Tsewang Rigzin,  Research Fellow at Tibetan Policy Institute of CTA  and Mr. Tsering Phuntsok , Garment Business owner at Mcleod Gunj had graced the event as Panelist.

Panelists spoke on various range of topic such as availability of support structure for resources set up by the CTA and by the Government of India, importance of social enterprise and its relevance, generation of business ideas, opportunities and restrictions form the legal environment, and customer services.

Students were given the platform to share their views and ask questions to the panelists.

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