Conclusion of Dialectic Month

Conclusion of Dialectic Month

The logic and dialectic project was formally concluded on 28th September in the presence of the Abbot of Namgyal Monastary Thamtog Rinpoche. This very powerful and time tested mode of aligning our learning outcome through analytical deduction using logics and dialectic is a proven method to cement your learning activities. In tuning our learning pedagogy from rote method to analytical and systematic deduction is the call of the day and is gaining popularity after the reintroduction and revival of dialectical practice in the centers of learning.

This project has been going on very seriously and gained much momentum when we involve our children to engage in dialectic question answer session with various monks and nuns in the vicinity of TCV. Children visited nunneries and monasteries to have very meaningful interaction with several of them. When the department of Education organized Dialectic Week in TCV many of our students had the opportunity to participate.

In the midst of several academic demands we were able to devote the last period every day to engage our children in this century old powerful mode of learning. Three of our religious teachers have done a wonderful job in engaging our children seriously in dialectic and logic class. With the introduction of this method, we found our learning very meaningful in not accepting everything blindly but reinforced our learning with inquiry mind and dialectical practice.

Rev. Thamtog Tulku shared his experience of studying Buddhist philosophy for over 25 years with dialectic practice. This time tested century old mode of learning is spreading far and wide gaining popularity in the educational institutes. His Holiness wished all of us in the education line to use this method to reinforce our learning.

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