Tibetan book fair

Tibetan book fair



Our Tibetan teacher mentor Mr.Migyur La with the team of junior Tibetan teachers innovated a reading program in Tibetan.  October month was devoted for reading Tibetan books and children were encouraged to read various books in Tibetan. Reading materials are suitably selected according to their standard. By the end of the month children were encouraged to prepare a review of book that they liked with summary and illustrations. This is no doubt a very powerful way to instill in children the reading habit. Reading is the primary tool to learn and improve. It is the only through this powerful tool that you educate and empower yourself. Those with reading habit have better grasp of everything and are in better positions than those who hate books and never spend any time for self-improvement through reading.  Mark Twain rightly said, “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”

 DSCN6650 DSCN6653

The Tibetan book fair program was open to students and staff on 4th November. There are several stalls to visit, not to make purchase but to hear the abridged version of the book that are on display. Children were very confident and eloquent to explain about the book that they read with pride and pleasure. While listening to several students I came across Tsewang Lhakey – a nun student who explained me in minute details about the story of the book she read and am quite taken aback. Two years ago when she joined from Lahual Spiti she could hardly speak any Tibetan and was kept in accelerated learning program which we call (Opportunity Class). Starting from basic alphabets she progressed in leaps and bounds and was promoted to class four after about six month in the same year. This year she is in class five and has come to the standard where she could eloquently make a summary presentation of the book she has just read.


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