Tibetan Warrior – A film by Loten Namling Ex-TCV

Tibetan Warrior – A film by Loten Namling Ex-TCV


Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF) has chosen TIPA as the location for showcasing about 22 fiction and documentary films from the best of Indian and world cinemas. Amongst the entries selected by the panels is “Tibetan Warrior” by Doro Hunziker and the main cast of the film is Mr. Loten Namling – one of our former students. This is a true story of one man’s fight for freedom. Like many Tibetans outside everyone is disturbed emotionally by the deteriorating situation in Tibet resorting to all kind of violent expression of the anger and desperation. Loten a musician of repute gave up all his comforts of the life and resolved to bring the deteriorating situation of self-immolation to the attention of UN Human Right Wing in Geneva. His lone walk from Burn to Geneva with a coffin is very touching and is very innovative to represent the self-immolators with their coffin. The lone walk took him about 53 days in sunshine and rain as well as very challenging weather. His lone walk was no doubt very tedious but attempted to bring this to the notice of all those he met on his journey. His final journey ended with a fiesta of music right in front of the UN building.


In his desperation he travelled to India and met with several leaders and non-government organizations and was confused with the actual situation in Tibet and our reaction. Like many young blood there is a violent outburst and wanted to react to express ones pend up feelings of anger and desperation. But on reality on the ground we do not have any means and ways to resort to violent actions.

 loten 3

While he visited India he came to TCV to visit his Home where he grew up as a child. He also met with several old staff and students. The scene getting the remains of his late mother and dispersing in a spring is very moving and like any devoted son he performed the last rite with prayers and choked himself when he dispersed her remains.


Finally when he had an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama his desperate reaction to the deteriorating situation was highlighted and His Holiness brought Loten to senses and made him realize the practical solution to our situation. From then onward Loten was very sure and comfortable to react with doable and result oriented actions thereafter.


Loten made it sure to have his maiden premier show to TCV – his alma mater and touched the hearts of all those who watched his film in Dekyi Tsering Hall on 13th November. Thank you Loten La. TCV is proud of you.


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