TCV has remained lifeless and silent for over two months when the school was closed for winter holiday from December end to February. The winter has been drudgingly long and dry. As the staff and children returned back from holiday it has come once again to life with children’s giggle and vibrant air in the area. Even the surrounding area became lively with the onset of spring and blossom of rhododendron on the hill side of TCV.

Orientation for staff:

All the staff reported back for work on 28th to attend orientation chaired by the director and the principal. Staff were informed of the upcoming events for the entire year and deliberated on the outcome of administrative meetings: Education and development resource council (EDRC) and Management and development council (MDC). As resolved in these meetings the focus and the theme for this year’s academic session is on “Ethics” based on the book by His Holiness the Dalai Lama “Ethics in new millennium”. All our activities and programs will therefore be aligned with this year’s theme. A detailed schedule and work plan was deliberated during section meeting on the 29th.

School Opening function: 1st March:


We are very fortunate to have His Eminence Khabji Ling Choktrul Rinpoche as the guest of honour to bless the school during the school opening function. After a brief introduction by the director, students’ council members and committee members were introduced with traditional scarves. During the function long serving staff completing 40 years, 30 years and 25 years of service in TCV were honoured with citations and statues and thangka amidst load applause by everyone.

Khabji Ling Rinpoche spoke to the assembly focusing on the work culture of TCV that has produced visible and prominent result in the Tibetan community. In order to align our behavioral outcome with this year’s theme, it would be very apt to follow the school motto “Others Before Self” like a shadow. The school principal concluded the function with a vote of thanks and appeased the students to take responsibility for their academic and emotional development.


We are very grateful to Khabji Ling Choktrul Rinpoche for sparing his time with us and blessed several homes in the vicinity of Head Office. His blessing and visit to the school sow the seed for healthy and productive year ahead.



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