Winter program 2016

Winter Tour to nearby schools and monasteries.

gurtoe gonpa

The purpose of having this tour is purely educational.  We start our tour on the 19th Jan 2016 at 9.00 AM from school to Gutoe monastery and the monastery head explain us about Gutoe school.  After that we had tea and snacks in the monastery which was sponsored by monastery.

lunch at Manchaa

We reached Gopalpur zoo at around 11.00 AM and children really enjoyed to see these wonderful animals and spend some time in the zoo park. It is a small zoo but these kids had wonderful time. Some of them had never seen a zoo.


At the bank of Mancha river we had our packed lunch and children are little bit tired in the bus so I asked them to take rest for an hour. The water is very cold so we asked them not to swim. The school prepared a very delicious pack lunch with sweets and fruits.

lunch at TCV gopalpur

At around 3.30 PM we reached Sherabling monastery and we planned to stay there overnight and the monastery prepared rooms for children and they served us dinner, tea and snacks and breakfast. Sherabling is a huge monastery and all the monks are preparing Cham for the coming occasion. We organized one hour religious talk by Geshi la. The kids asked lots of interesting questions and Geshi la was very pleased to hear these inquisitive questions. His talk was very down to earth and very real. The school gave them pocket money of 500 Rupees each during the local tour.

On the 20th Jan 2016 we tour to Bir Tibetan Settlement, Chuntra Tibetan settlement, Zongsar  monastery  and then to TCV Chuntra school.  We tour the school and they prepared tea and snacks after touring the school campus.

While coming back to school, we went to TCV Suja and then to TCV Gopalpur school.  TCV Gopalpur served us a very delicious and homely lunch. The Director Mr Tsultrim Dorjee welcomes all of us to his school and he came and had lunch with us.  We are very pleased to see TCV Gopalpur surrounded by beautiful tea gardens.

A day picnic for little kids in Strawberry Hills.


On the 25thJan 2016, the little kids went out for picnic at Strawberry Hills in our school bus. We were 109 little kids with five staff members. We really enjoyed the day with lots of games and fun activities.

The school prepared special breakfast, special lunch and special tea and snacks. They all had a great day.

Strawberry Hills is not far from our school, it’s a beautiful place to go for picnic. We stayed there till 4.30 PM. What a wonderful day we all had.

Closing ceremony of winter program.

On the 31st of Jan 2016, we organized the closing ceremony of winter program and on that day we request all the office staff to participate in the event and all of them came with love and concern. The Director thanked all the volunteers who participated in the winter program and at the end we organized a short culture show by those students who stayed here during winter holidays. The school arranged a special dinner for the children and it was really a special dinner. The closing ceremony was a grand success.

This year 185 students left back during winter holidays and all of them participated in our winter program.








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