Soon after reopening of the school for a new academic year we organize Spring Fete every year in March. This is one of the most active events with full cooperation and involvement of students and staff. While we are in school it is not just the three R’s that we teach our children but our primary focus in our education is instilling in our children a sound and strong foundation in character development. Many of the desirable personality traits are not taught but caught when we have a right environment and amble opportunities for social interaction where your involvement comes with your heart with right motivation for cooperation, team work, planning strategies and operation. Organization of such a big event requires a lot of logistic planning and involvement for the actual execution. Our desirable objectives are to become self-reliant and self-sufficient to bear all our expenses for our sports and games event throughout the year. The practice of organizing Spring Fete has been in our must do list for many years since we first came up with idea of dividing all the children amongst four houses to have all sporting events in the school. Expenses incurred for equipment, uniform, costumes and activity costs are all raised through SPRING FETE.


The school wears a very festive look with plenty of stalls for various games, entertainment and food stalls. Depending on your own interest and peer pressure all our stalls are crowded with our children as well as many parents and friends. Many of our children are involved in running these stalls very efficiently by putting their heart and soul to generate income for their stalls.

Spring fete 2016 had to be rescheduled twice with the expectation to have a fine weather. We in fact chose the right day as the weather has been very favorable and the day has been full of fun and joy.


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