Conclusion of the project: Tibet Our Country

 Conclusion of the project: Tibet Our Country


After a month long study duration on “Tibet Our Country” the program was concluded on 29th April with grand ceremony with participation from all our staff and children. Since the pioneering of this very important annual program focusing on very rich Tibetan content area it has been one of the most beneficial scheme of work to make our education meaningful to our children with strong feeling of bondage with our root. The program covers various Tibetan components according to the level of their standard from K-12 plus.


This year the main theme of our focus for all our activities is on ethical and moral enhancement.  The program Tibet Our Country also concentrated and addressed on moral development.  Each class did an extensive study on moral issues and came up with skits and dramas. There was drama competition among all the classes and the top drama presentation from each section was shown to all the students and staff in Hermann Gameinner auditorium on the concluding day of project “Tibet Our Country”.


The concluding program was organized on Saturday the 30th April on the main basketball ground with massive Sangsol prayers followed with traditional circular dances choreographed by our Amalas. The concluding formal function was organized in the hall with presentation of the dramas by Infant, Junior, Middle and Senior section.


As part of the program focusing on moral development our religious instructors were requested to organize teaching on the eight verses on the training of mind by Langri Tangpa. The interested teachers took active interactive discussion with our Geshe Las.




The Commerce stream of Class of 2016 gave their last paper on 31st March and on 1st April we arranged a very impressive graduation ceremony on the main basketball ground. All the students and staff members took part in the graduation ceremony. The main basketball was filled with our children and staff under the canopy. The graduating students in traditional dress and graduation cap were our main guests. This was their last school function after which they walk out to join colleges and training centers. As was customary we invite one of our former students as the guest speaker for the occasion. This year we are very happy to have Mr. Tenzin Tsepak who is the principal interpreter to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Mr. Tsepak graduated from TCV in 1983 and off tracked from the main course to take up studies in Buddhist philosophy in the Dialectic school under the tutorage of late Geshi Lobsang Gyatso. This kind of decision is very rare among our students. His self-motivated decision landed him to take up a very challenging task to be the interpreter for His Holiness on Buddhist teachings and philosophy.

TCV president – Mr. Tsewang Yeshi offered traditional scarves to the graduating students to wish them success. There were one hundred and seventy graduating students of class XII Commerce this year and we expect a very bright result which will be out by May end. Our principal Mr. Namdol Tashi offered his last words of caution to the graduating students to be in close alignment with the morality that we practice in the school. The graduating student representative and ex- head boy master Tenzin Dukda shared his experience of his school life and expressed gratitude to all the staff for their contribution in making a strong imprint in their life. The chief guest Mr. Tsepak shared his thoughts on the expectation of His Holiness and focused on the ethics as propounded by His Holiness. The function concluded with the parting word of farewell from the director.
A luncheon was arranged to all the outgoing students and all the staff joined to express our family ties and bondage with our students.images