Dialogue with USIP Youth Leaders – Dharamsala, HP, India – May 3, 2016

Dialogue with USIP Youth Leaders – Dharamsala, HP, India – May 3, 2016


Through the courtesy of US Institute of Peace – the Youth leaders from thirteen countries after a very productive dialogue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama paid a brief visit to TCV. The youth leaders had a very meaningful discussion with our senior students forming small groups consisting of few of our students and youth leaders from various counties sharing and discussing on various topics. After a very insightful discussion, few of the senior youth leaders shared their experience gained through their discussion with our children to the entire team.  The visiting youth leaders were impressed with the depth of knowledge and personal experience our children shared about their arduous journey across the border leaving their family behind and living in exile with strong determination to prepare for the day we return back to free Tibet.


To give a brief glimpse of our rich aspect of our tradition and culture our children presented a group song and two dance items which the visitors liked and applauded with great appreciation. As these youth leaders are from various conflicting troublesome countries, the main idea of their visit was to train these youth in leadership at the time of calamities and troublesome. They were together only for a while and yet they were able to present a group song and dance in their own vernacular languages. A lady shared a beautiful song and made whole of the participants in the hall sing the choir which she led. After the formal cultural exchange the visit ended with friendly basketball match between the youth leaders and our students.



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