Saka Dawa the most holy month in the Tibetan calendar

Saka Dawa the most holy month in the Tibetan calendar

Saka Dawa is considered the most holy month in the Tibetan calendar as the month coincides with three important events of Buddha’s chronicle: Birth, Death and Enlightenment. Buddhist all over the world especially Tibetans make deliberate attempt to accumulate merit by doing good deeds: abstaining from eating meat, reading Holy Scriptures, visiting temples, prostrating and giving alms to the needy. It is believed that the merit thus accrued will be multiplied thousand times. In the light of this belief it is very moving to see our little children thread the path of compassionate acts and the whole atmosphere is very pious and positive.


During the entire month there were series of programs to enrich your life with the genuine concern to be of some help to others living literally and embracing our school MOTTO: “Others before self” to our heart and action.  The scripture reading by class VII and above was organized in the class room. Staff and hermits did Kagyur reading in the main Village temple.  Over two hundred volumes of Kagyur and Tangyur reading was completed within three days. Before we began opening the scripture, senior students made a complete round of the whole compound with the Holy Scriptures led by our religious instructors blessing the whole area.

IMG_1438Kagyur reading was concluded with thanks giving offering of Tsog with participation from our hermits numbering about thirty. Staff members and our senior students joined for the offering on the main square of our temple.



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