Inter House cultural nite

Inter House cultural nite


The cultural nite is one of the most looked forward and very important events in TCV calendar. In order to imbibe in our children the cultural components of our identity we make our children involve voluntarily in many of our programs that would make us unique in terms of our cultural identity. Performing arts teachers are very important resource in our schools in making our children aware of myriad aspects of Tibetan cultural and performing arts. Tibetan opera is very unique performing art depicting historical events with series of songs, dances and melodrama.  Cultural competition is a mega event with the involvement of over hundreds of children in learning various performing arts from singing, dancing and dialogues. Ache Lhamo is a very special form of melodrama with the combination of songs, dances and dialogue. This year as per the wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to pass on this unique performing arts to the youngsters we arranged to have Lhamo performance in place of song and dance competition involving about fifty children from each house. Without any disturbance to the routine study schedule we made use of the afternoon session after class in learning this unique performing art. The main theme of Lhamo this year is on the life of ascetic yoga Milarepa. All the four houses performed their part and the theme story was depicted without any notice of the transition of the houses. It just merged in perfect unison and flow.


We are very happy to have our Ex-Kalon Kongo Tenzin Geje La as the chief guest for the Lhamo competition among our Houses. The show went on for three consecutive hours without any sign of boredom.  The competition was tough and neck to neck. No one would guess who the obvious winner was until the last minute when Gyen Bhagdo La announced the winner for this year’s Inter-House cultural competition. TRIRAL HOUSE was declared winner for this year. Owing to the hard work put in by about two hundred children for about a month in making the performance a class of its own, the chief guest declared the next day a day of rest and the whole auditorium echoed with applause and jubilation.




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