Anti-Bullying Month

Anti-Bullying Month


Bullying in schools and institutions are very common but unfortunately the victims dare hardly speak out for the fear of being bullied and ridiculed again. This silent trend is like a killer disease CANCER keeping the victims withdrawn and down affecting their studies and growth adversely. These incidents become very emotional when the victims share their experience with chocked throat and wet eyes. This happens only when everything is over and when they feel safe and secure.


In order to rid of these very serious trends in the school we have declared AUGUST as the month of Anti-Bully month. Management committee members visited homes to have family meeting over their dinner and shared experience where children were intimated or ridiculed by bully. Children were encouraged to open up and share their personal experience where they felt being bullied. This has no doubt created a very cordial atmosphere and all the children and grown-ups were made aware of menaces of such bad habits in the homes and schools.


The month long program created awareness though various activities like essay writing, poster contest and beautiful skits.  Our school counselors Mrs. Choezom Tsering and Mrs. Tsering Dolkar took lot of initiatives to comb the entire area where such incidents occur. Anti-Bully month was concluded with presentation by both the counselors and skits by senior, middle and junior schools. This campaign did make a difference and all the students signed a declaration pledging:

I will not bully

I will not let anyone bully me.

I will stand and speak up for the victims.