Saturday the 25th March saw hassle and bustle of Dharamshala crowd in TCV.  Dharamshala’s short span of spring weather is a befitting and welcoming occasion to have a huge convergence of children, parents and friends in TCV. All our visitors came in their casual dress and in holiday mood to spend the day in festive mood. The school wore a look of a country side market fair with stalls set up on the main basketball ground. There are various stalls testing your skills as well as luck. It was fun seeing a huge crowd near the chains of stalls where they serve delicious fast food. Our neighboring villagers from Nadi, Totarani, Stoberi and as far as Kariri throng our wild elephant stall for a throw away price for items from clothing, kitchen accessories to electrical gadgets. There are smiles on the face of our visitors stuffing their shopping bags with things at a throw away price. Our tiny toddles were forming a chain of lines for their turn to have a jolly ride at the Mickey Mouse bumpy slide. This seems to be main attraction of our spring fair. In the evening we had Tambula and Dekyi Tsering Hall was packed with eager participants vying to get very high awards in cash in hundreds and thousands. Everyone was fully engrossed to strike off the call of the number on their tickets. Crescendo of the moment come when everyone hoped to get HOUSE FULL with over three thousand rupees for take way prize.

The day was very memorable as well as enjoyable. A lot of pain and long hours of preparation and organization went by unnoticed and we feel it is important to express our gratitude for the voluntary involvement of our staff and students for making the day not only enjoyable but also worthwhile to have sufficient fund for our activities pertaining to games, sports and cultural activities without having to pinch our coffer. We would like to express our gratitude to The Third Gorkha Rifle Battalion for sending the whole team of soldiers to pitch stall tents for us.




Winter holiday was extended until 6th March to facilitate our children to be with their family during Tibetan New Year. Staff reported back on the 5th and students on the 6th after almost two and half months of long winter holiday. In order to create a learning environment and to rid of holiday mood we organized orientation for staff on the 6th morning.

We are very fortunate to have been graced by ex-Katri Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche to give a very penetrating deliberation to all our staff on the very first day of our new academic year. His talk focused on the need of the hour to improve and incorporate secular ethics in our educational system. Based on his vast experience and learning he clarified of our misconception and misinterpretation of secular ethics. He built a very sound foundation of our understanding of very popular adage “Secular Ethics” and provided us a crystal clear framework and recommended readings of His Holiness Dalai Lama books that form the whole philosophy of secular ethics.

Our director Mr. Ngodup Wangdue briefed very lucidly the outcome of management meeting resolutions and laid ahead a very clear roadmap for the year round programs and activities. Special luncheon was arranged to welcome all our staff on the very first day of our academic year and we feel honoured being joined by our chief guest Prf. Samdhong Rinpoche for the welcome lunch on our main basketball ground. We then split into our four sections to make a master plan for the year round activities and had a very meaningful meeting.

The school opening function was organized the very next day on 7th. We are again fortunate to have Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche as the guest of honour. The function began by honouring our senior staff who served the organization with unstinting years of service for the children. Staffs serving over forty years, 30 years and twenty five years were honoured with citation and statue or thangka. TCV is striding forward year by year because of dedicated service of our workforce. Amongst the service recognition recipients we have Mr. Ngodup Wangdue – Village Director who served TCV for the last forty years mostly in the administrative post.

Introduction of the various committee members were also done and honoured with traditional scarves. The chief guest gave a very motivational speech emphasizing mostly on children’s opportunity in the school for their own growth and development. Principal Mr. Namdol Tashi announced the change of examination modality by CBSE and with very personal word of appreciation and vote of thanks the function ended and immediately after lunch the first day of the school began. We hope the new academic year be very productive with maximum participation by all our children and staff