Change of administrative heads

Change of administrative heads (4th  April, 2017)

TCV today saw a very emotional ceremony of valediction to the outgoing director Mr. Ngudup Wangdue and Principal Mr. Namdol Tashi. Mr. Ngodup Wangdue is retiring from his forty years of dedicated service for the care and education of our children. He has been in the administrative post in the major part of his service in TCV. Way back in early seventies he began his job as a teacher in one of our most remote area in Ladakh during the formative years when TCV Ladakh was in the making. He started his job in TCV Ladakh as a teacher and then as Headmaster and finally as Village Director. Considering his maturity and inter-personal relationship traits he was posted to the areas where his forte could best be suited. He was posted as director in one of the largest Tibetan Settlement in south – Byllakuppe where TCV was blossoming as one of the top Tibetan schools in the south India. He was like a father figure in the Village. He was then requested to take over the directorship TCV Suja where we have all our senior students from Tibet and being in the midst of Tibetan settlements in Bir and Chauntra with several monasteries in the vicinity his involvement to make TCV the focal point was creditable. His final transfer was in Upper TCV where he worked until today with sincerity and dedication and considered TCV as just a part of his life. It is no doubt very sad to part with him physically but we are bound in heart and spirit. We wish him a very meaningful retired life.

We now have one of our former students Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee who will take the reign of responsibility as the director of the same Village where was groomed and educated. We are very happy to have several of our former students taking up very responsible posts. He has a wide range of administrative experience working as a teacher, boys’ hostel warden and senior school headmaster. He then worked as the Village director in TCV Gopalpur and when Mr. Ngodup Wangdue retired from directorship, TCV found a perfect replacement to be on the hot seat of UTCV. We wish him success in his endeavor.

We are also touched to part with our principal Mr. Namdol Tashi and with his final word to the assembly about our habitual lapses. He steered the school with very strict vigilance for the last five years. Owing to his commitment and dedication with well-focused deliberation he was promoted to the post of director of TCV Suja. We are very confident of his leadership and dedication.

We now have our senior school headmistress Mrs. Nawang Lhamo to take up the challenging task to head the academic responsibilities to work as our new principal. With her experience in the management of senior school for the last five years her new responsibility to steer the school in the right direction for academic excellence would be one of her main focus. We wish her success in her work. In place of Mrs. Nawang Lhamo we have one of our senior teachers Mrs. Tenzin Choekyi Drenang to work as our senior school headmistress. With her very high qualification we are confident that there would be visible improvement in our academic standard and children’s personality development.

In the evening staff hosted a farewell dinner to the outgoing director and welcomed our new director Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee. We are very happy to have McLeod Ganj Parents’ association president, TCV Day school Headmistress and our students’ council who offered traditional scarves to the out going directors and newly appointed TCV Heads.



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