ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

The shakeout earth quake drill is organized every year on the 4th April as a commemoration for the Great Earth Quake of 1905. On this very day in 1905 the earthquake on a rector scale 7.8 led to a loss of 20,000 lives and about 100000 building raised to the ground. This devastating event in Dharamshala left a very ugly mar on the beautiful scenic landscape of our town especially around St. John’s Church of Wilderness which stood as the testimony of that very fateful catastrophic natural calamity. The shakeout drill is an exercise to prepare ourselves in the event of such natural calamity where we have no control, nor any prediction to make ourselves prepared. Like the imminent death it could strike to anyone of us on any unfortunate day. It is therefore a very serious exercise for us to react when such thing strikes us. Being in the community of children it is our primary goal to ensure the safety of our children. This kind of drill calls for an active participation in all seriousness. Over the years participation with genuine interest and purpose is losing all its intended objectives.

When we first started this exercise there was serious participation from all – government office, municipal cooperation, zonal and civil hospital, police, fire brigade and press. Now it has lost all its intend purpose and is becoming a mock exercise with fun and laughter.

On 4th April earthquake drill was to be done in all the sections of Upper TCV, but due to an important occasion, the drill could not be carried on that day. Thus, on 6th April the day started with a presentation by Class X D students on the topic ‘Earthquake’, but due to bad weather the actual earth quake drill had to be postponed.

The drill was aimed to enhance our knowledge on earthquake and to prepare oneself mentally when such disaster occurs. So keeping this in mind, on 11th April a short presentation was also done in Dickey Tsering hall for the Junior Section students.

Earthquake drill was carried out in all the sections on 11th April at 11a.m. The students under the supervision of their respective teachers practiced ‘DROP, COVER, HOLD ON’ after which they quietly moved to the school ground which is the safest place. There, roll calls of the students were taken by the respective class teachers. The students who were missing were reported to the rescue team who went in search of the missing students and brought them to the ground. The Headmistress delivered a short speech on earth quake.

Around 1726 students and more than 120 staff members participated in the drill and all the participants gave their full support during the drill and gained knowledge. The drill ended well on a satisfactory note.  


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