Graduation ceremony 2017 – April 18, 2017

Graduation ceremony 2017 – April 18, 2017

One hundred and eighty two students of Commerce stream after completing their last paper on the 17th joined for the last time for an impressive graduating ceremony on the 18th April on the main basketball ground. The class of 2017 Commerce is the last and final batch from our school as the plan is underway to move all plus two to the south in our branch Village – TCV Bylakuppe.

As customary in most of the well-established educational institutions normally invite one of the prominent former students to be back to Alma mater for the graduation function as the guest of honour. This year we are very happy to have Mr. Lobsang Tenzin – class of 1991 who works as civil servant as joint secretary of Planning Commission under CTA. He was very kind enough to congratulate each one of them with traditional scarves. Awards were also presented to the students who were involved in various services. The chief guest shared his personal experience with the assembly and emphasized them to be intelligently involved for their personal growth and academic excellence.

Master Shawo the representative of the graduating students expressed his gratitude to TCV and our staff for making a big difference in the life of children who now see the actual value of our reaction in different shades of our moods when things are not OK with them during their adolescence. He emphasized to his class mates to be the ambassador of TCV and live by our family philosophy wherever we are stationed in our life.

Both the director and school principal shared the dais to give the last parting words as they leave the fold of TCV and open a new chapter in their life to enter outside world with no cushion of protection like we are used to in TCV family. They are on their own to tread the path of adult world.

With about 10,65,179 students appearing in 2017 CBSE class XII examination we have 182 of our students. We confide in them and hope to get excellent result which would be out eventually in the beginning of June this year. As an expression of our good wishes, a special luncheon was arranged on the main basketball ground to bid our students adios. All our staff joined for the farewell lunch.

Among our 182 graduating students there are three of them who have been in TCV since their infancy. They have gone through our whole system from baby room to homes and to the hostels. Today it was very heartening to see them leave their sweet home. They are Sonam Lhawang, Tenzin Lhundup and Tashi Choephel. They leave TCV to be on their own. They were little babies in diaper and today with little whiskers they graduate with flying colors.


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